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Rockstar Presenting, Virtual Classrooms and Real Estate Instructors

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The Real Estate Industry is filled with the voices of instructors who can carry a tune, but very few who have the ability to build a following, be sought after and to consistently deliver what their audiences are looking for. Now with the clear necessity of virtual classrooms, the instructors have a new set of skills they need to hone in order to deliver a kickass presentation.   The Rockstar Presenting session is designed to give you the skills and tools that highly successful speakers are using to prepare an unprepared industry for the changes that are coming, the demands the learners have today, and the ability to evolve with the world. For more information visit www.MatthewRathbun.com

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Rockstar Presenting, Virtual Classrooms and Real Estate Instructors

  1. 1. Rockstarpresenting
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Matthew! MatthewRathbun.com | @MattRathbun #Broker #Troublemaker #Storyteller #Fellowlearner #Geek
  3. 3. Anatomy of A RockStar Fans Performances Promotions Critics Marketing Roadies Backstory
  4. 4. Lets visit: bit.ly/raranatomy
  5. 5. The only reason to give a speech is to change the world…” ~ John F Kennedy
  6. 6. Leaving them without inspiration, knowledge and new tools is a CRIME
  7. 7. Creating Minions To spread your music
  8. 8. The RockStar
  9. 9. Cult of Personality
  10. 10. You Have One Job! Bring them the Show they cam
  11. 11. Rockstars know their instruments, and rarely play only one…
  12. 12. Invite Audience Involvement! Karaoke… The good kind… Ok, so there is no go
  13. 13. Technology is not a separate topic…
  14. 14. Be timeless; yet relevant
  15. 15. …whenever possible, do not play country music.
  16. 16. They’ll follow you if you’re relatable. You have to live the song you’re singing.
  17. 17. The Engaged
  18. 18. The DisinterestedeMails | Chatting | Reading | Flirting
  19. 19. The Skeptic | Googler | Disrupter
  20. 20. what else? TheConfusedLost | Dazed | Basic
  21. 21. Lecture 5% Reading 10% Audio Visual 20% Demonstration 30% discussion group 50% Practice doing 75% teaching others 90% The Learning Pyramid
  22. 22. benefits and challenges of virtual Classrooms
  23. 23. Let’s visit: bit.ly/rarswot
  24. 24. Group Work versus Crowdsourcing
  25. 25. Choosing Your Gear
  26. 26. Wacom Tablets wacom.com
  27. 27. groupmap.com
  28. 28. unsplash.com
  29. 29. Reflector 3
  30. 30. infogram.com
  31. 31. Eye Contact, engagement and energy
  32. 32. Selling The Tickets Pre-concert video invites Pitch your future sessions Send them to your hub Thank them for their fandom
  33. 33. Thanks for your time! That’s Jett Facebook: /mattrathbun Twitter: @mattrathbun hello@matthewrathbun.com MatthewRathbun.com