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ETL to ML: Use Apache Spark as an end to end tool for Advanced Analytics

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ETL to ML: Use Apache Spark as an end to end tool for Advanced Analytics

  1. 1. ETL to ML: Use Apache Spark as an end to end tool for Advanced Analytics Miklos Christine Solutions Architect mwc@databricks.com, @Miklos_C
  2. 2. About Me: Miklos Christine Solutions Architect @ Databricks - Assist customers architect big data platforms - Help customers understand big data best practices Previously: - Systems Engineer @ Cloudera - Supported customers running a few of the largest clusters in the world - Software Engineer @ Cisco
  3. 3. We are Databricks, the company behind Spark Founded by the creators of Apache Spark in 2013 Share of Spark code contributed by Databricks in 2014 75% 3 Data Value Created Databricks on top of Spark to make big data simple.
  4. 4. … Apache Spark Engine Spark Core Spark Streaming Spark SQL MLlib GraphX Unified engine across diverse workloads & environments Scale out, fault tolerant Python, Java, Scala, and R APIs Standard libraries
  5. 5. Spark API Performance
  6. 6. History of Spark APIs RDD (2011) DataFrame (2013) Distribute collection of JVM objects Functional Operators (map, filter, etc.) Distribute collection of Row objects Expression-based operations and UDFs Logical plans and optimizer Fast/efficient internal representations DataSet (2015) Internally rows, externally JVM objects Almost the “Best of both worlds”: type safe + fast But slower than DF Not as good for interactive analysis, especially Python
  7. 7. Apache Spark 2.0 API DataSet (2016) • DataFrame = Dataset[Row] • Convenient for interactive analysis • Faster DataFrame DataSet Untyped API Typed API • Optimized for data engineering • Fast
  8. 8. Benefit of Logical Plan: Performance Parity Across Languages DataFram e RDD
  9. 9. Spark Community Growth • Spark Survey 2015 Highlights • End of Year Spark Highlights
  10. 10. Spark adoption is growing rapidly Spark use is growing beyond Hadoop Spark is increasing access to big data Spark Survey Report 2015 Highlights TOP 3 APACHE SPARK TAKEAWAYS
  11. 11. HOW RESPONDENTS ARE RUNNING SPARK 51% on a public cloud TOP ROLES USING SPARK of respondents identify themselves as Data Engineers 41% of respondents identify themselves as Data Scientists 22%
  12. 12. Spark User Highlights
  13. 13. NOTABLE USERS THAT PRESENTED AT SPARK SUMMIT 2015 SAN FRANCISCO Source: Slide 5 of Spark Community Update
  14. 14. Large-Scale Usage Largest cluster: 8000 Nodes (Tencent) Largest single job: 1 PB (Alibaba, Databricks) Top Streaming Intake: 1 TB/hour (HHMI Janelia Farm) 2014 On-Disk Sort Record Fastest Open Source Engine for sorting a PB
  15. 15. Source: How Spark is Making an Impact at Goldman Sachs • Started with Hadoop, RDBMS, Hive, HBASE, PIG, Java MR, etc. • Challenges: Java, Debugging PIG, Code-Compile-Deploy-Debug • Solution: Spark • Language Support: Scala, Java, Python, R • In-Memory: Faster than other solutions • SQL, Stream Processing, ML, Graph • Both Batch and stream processing
  16. 16. • Scale: • > 1000 nodes (20,000 cores, 100TB RAM) • Daily Jobs: 2000-3000 • Supports: Ads, Search, Map, Commerce, etc. • Cool project: Enabling Interactive Queries with Spark and Tachyon • >50X acceleration of Big Data Analytics workloads
  17. 17. ETL with Spark
  18. 18. ETL: Extract, Transform, Load ● Key factor for big data platforms ● Provides Speed Improvements in All Workloads ● Typically Executed by Data Engineers
  19. 19. File Formats ● Text File Formats ○ CSV ○ JSON ● Avro Row Format ● Parquet Columnar Format
  20. 20. File Formats + Compression ● File Formats ○ JSON ○ CSV ○ Avro ○ Parquet ● Compression Codecs ○ No compression ○ Snappy ○ Gzip ○ LZO
  21. 21. ● Industry Standard File Format: Parquet ○ Write to Parquet: df.write.format(“parquet”).save(“namesAndAges.parquet”) df.write.format(“parquet”).saveAsTable(“myTestTable”) ○ For compression: spark.sql.parquet.compression.codec = (gzip, snappy) Spark Parquet Properties
  22. 22. Small Files Problem ● Small files problem still exists ● Metadata loading ● APIs: df.coalesce(N) df.repartition(N) Ref: http://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/api/python/pyspark.sql.html#pyspark.sql.DataFrame
  23. 23. ● RDD / DataFrame Partitions df.rdd.getNumPartitions() ● SparkSQL Shuffle Partitions spark.sql.shuffle.partitions ● Table Level Partitions df.write.partitionBy(“year”). save(“data.parquet”) All About Partitions
  24. 24. Common ETL Problems ● Malformed JSON Records sqlContext.sql("SELECT _corrupt_record FROM jsonTable WHERE _corrupt_record IS NOT NULL") ● Mismatched DataFrame Schema ○ Null Representation vs Schema DataType ● Many Small Files / No Partition Strategy ○ Parquet Files: ~128MB - 256MB Compressed Ref: https://databricks.gitbooks.io/databricks-spark-knowledge- base/content/best_practices/dealing_with_bad_data.html
  25. 25. Debugging Spark Spark Driver Error: Caused by: org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job aborted due to stage failure: Task 1 in stage 362.0 failed 4 times, most recent failure: Lost task 1.3 in stage 362.0 (TID 275202, ip-10-111-225-98.ec2.internal): java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException Spark Executor Error: 16/04/13 20:02:16 ERROR DefaultWriterContainer: Aborting task. java.text.ParseException: Unparseable number: "N" at java.text.NumberFormat.parse(NumberFormat.java:385) at com.databricks.spark.csv.util.TypeCast$$anonfun$castTo$4.apply$mcD$sp(TypeCast.scala:58) at com.databricks.spark.csv.util.TypeCast$$anonfun$castTo$4.apply(TypeCast.scala:58) at com.databricks.spark.csv.util.TypeCast$$anonfun$castTo$4.apply(TypeCast.scala:58) at scala.util.Try.getOrElse(Try.scala:77) at com.databricks.spark.csv.util.TypeCast$.castTo(TypeCast.scala:58)
  26. 26. Debugging Spark
  27. 27. SQL with Spark
  28. 28. SparkSQL Best Practices ● DataFrames and SparkSQL are synonyms ● Use builtin functions instead of custom UDFs ○ import pyspark.sql.functions ○ import org.apache.spark.sql.functions ● Examples: ○ to_date() ○ get_json_object() ○ regexp_extract() ○ hour() / minute() Ref: http://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/api/python/pyspark.sql.html#module-pyspark.sql.functions
  29. 29. SparkSQL Best Practices ● Large Table Joins ○ Largest Table on LHS ○ Increase Spark Shuffle Partitions ○ Leverage “cluster by” API included in Spark 1.6 sqlCtx.sql("select * from large_table_1 cluster by num1") .registerTempTable("sorted_large_table_1"); sqlCtx.sql(“cache table sorted_large_table_1”);
  30. 30. ML with Spark
  31. 31. Machine Learning: What and Why? ML uses data to identify patterns and make decisions. Core value of ML is automated decision making • Especially important when dealing with TB or PB of data Many Use Cases including: • Marketing and advertising optimization • Security monitoring / fraud detection • Operational optimizations
  32. 32. Why Spark MLlib Provide general purpose ML algorithms on top of Spark • Let Spark handle the distribution of data and queries; scalability • Leverage its improvements (e.g. DataFrames, Datasets, Tungsten) Advantages of MLlib’s Design: • Simplicity • Scalability • Streamlined end-to-end • Compatibility
  33. 33. Spark ML Best Practices ● Spark MLLib vs SparkML ○ Understand the differences ● Don’t Pipeline Too Many Stages ○ Check Results Between Stages
  34. 34. Source: Toyota Customer 360 Insights on Apache Spark and MLlib • Performance • Original batch job: 160 hours • Same Job re-written using Apache Spark: 4 hours • Categorize • Prioritize incoming social media in real-time using Spark MLlib (differentiate campaign, feedback, product feedback, and noise) • ML life cycle: Extract features and train: • V1: 56% Accuracy -> V9: 82% Accuracy • Remove False Positives and Semantic Analysis (distance similarity between concepts)
  35. 35. Spark Demo
  36. 36. Thanks! Sign Up For Databricks Community Edition! http://go.databricks.com/databricks-community- edition-beta-waitlist