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Kutcher vs Jobs

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Actor Ashton Kutcher is making waves online for something he said. A brief speech he gave at the Teen Choice Awards has plenty of people talking.

Kutcher’s message included three keys: build a life rather than living one, find your opportunities, and always be sexy. View this presentation — and see what he means by all of this. @empoweredpres

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Kutcher vs Jobs

  2. who is widely known for ‘That 70‘s Show’ and Punk’d," ASHTON (CHRIS)
  3. delivered an inspirational speech at the Teen Choice Awards 2013
  4. giving advice to teens about  knowing the value of hard work. believing in yourself and
  5. “Remarkable speech by @aplusk. Great message, esp for young people, about hard work & opportunity.” Ted Cruz, United States Senator Texas
  6. How’d Kutcher leave the media salivating over his every word?
  8. Kutcher captured Steve Job’s persona when researching on his roll in the movie “JOBS,”
  9. picking up his charisma, enthusiasm and passion when presenting.
  10. He learned how Steve executed brilliant presentations by building the structure, incorporating a powerful message and telling a memorable story. structure message story
  12. Structure Message Story
  14. A Steve Jobs presentation followed a very specific structure that left the audience with no choice but to focus on the message being conveyed.
  15. Each presentation began with a ROADMAP,
  16. breaking every segment into THREE PARTS,
  17. and never speaking on one topic longer than TEN MINUTES.
  18. Ashton outlined his speech before he started, and gave a recap at the end so the kids would remember it. outlined recap
  19. He told the audience there were three things he wanted to share that has helped him get to where he is today: three things
  20. Opportunity Being Sexy Living Life
  21. and his speech took no longer than SIX MINUTES.
  23. People left a Steve Jobs presentation knowing exactly why a product was built and how it solves the customers’ problem.
  24. He did this by creating a message with a higher sense of PURPOSE,
  25. focused his features on the PEOPLE, 11
  26. 4.87 inches 123.8 mm 2.31 inches 58.6 mm 0.30 inch 7.6 mm and made sure that all data and specs were TANGIBLE.
  27. Kutcher recognized the opportunity to enlighten a younger audience,
  28. using short sentences, simple vocabulary, and a good flow so everyone could relate. short sentences simple vocabulary good flow
  30. Every Steve Jobs presentation told a story.
  31. Jobs would first introduce the bad guy or the problem that the AUDIENCE FACED,
  32. Then he revealed his product as the hero and educated the audience as to why their lives would be BETTER,
  33. And finally, he told the audience how they can live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
  34. Ashton shared stories of the different jobs he had before his modeling career,
  35. “I’ve never had a job in my life explaining, I was always just lucky to that I was better than. have a job.”
  36. He revealed to the teens that the sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous. being really smart. being thoughtful. being generous.
  37. he told the audience how to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER. And finally,
  38. “ ” Life can be a lot broader than that when you realize one simple thing and that is that everything around us that we call life was made up by people that are no smarter than you. And you can build your own thing, you can build your own life that other people can live in.
  39. So build a life – don’t live one, build one – find your opportunity, and always be sexy.
  41. Created by: Kaili
  42. Want to learn more about how to present like Steve Jobs...
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  44. Click below and view more presentations: