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Eagle Strike

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Eagle Strike

  1. 1. Eagle Strike By Anthony Horowitz Kevin Jay Pd.3
  2. 2. Cover Explanation I put the photo of the beach on the cover because Alex sees the person who killed his father while he is at the beach. The flash drive and the missile are tied together because the flash drive has the codes that allowed them to shoot the missiles. The reason why I put Air Force One, was Damian Cray took over Air Force One. I put the bullfighter there because Alex was put in a bull fight ring as a matador. Finally I put the bullet proof vest there because Alex was saved by one when he got shot.
  3. 3. Exposition • Alex Rider is a 13 year old spy for the spy agency MI6. • He took over for his uncle, Ian Rider, who was killed. • Ian worked with Alex's dad, John Rider. • Alex’s dad and uncle were both killed by an assassin with the name of Yassen Gregorovich. • Alex was at the beach with his friend Sabina in Nice, France. Memento: Alex riders MI6 badge.
  4. 4. Rising Action • While he is in France, Alex sees Yassen and thinks Yassen is after him. • Alex sneaks onto Yassen’s yacht but is caught. • Yassen was supposed to kill Alex but, he put him in a bull fight so Alex would have a chance to save himself. • When Alex escapes the fight, he calls a number he found in Yassen’s phone. • The phone number was Damain Cray’s. Memento: This is the cape Alex used in his bull fight
  5. 5. Rising Action (cont.) • Alex goes to Cray’s company and hears Damain and Yassen talking about a flash drive. • When he is about to leave, Damain Cray finds Alex and puts him in a video game called Game Slayer where Alex could feel pain from the game. • Alex eventually escapes with the flash drive. • In trying to get his flash drive back, Damain kidnapped Sabina and holds her for ransom. • Alex gets tricked into giving the flash drive to Damain. Momento: the flash drive Alex heard Yassen and Damian talking about. Game Slayer
  6. 6. Climax • Damian Cray reveals his plan “Eagle Strike”. • “Eagle Strike” was a plan to take over Air Force One then use the missile room to launch nuclear missiles to destroy drug trade. • They snuck on to Air Force One. • Damian plugged in the flash drive and activated the missiles. • He ordered Yassen to shoot Alex and Sabina. • Yassen refused, so Damain shot Alex and Yassen. • But Alex lived because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Memento: The button to destroy the nuclear missiles
  7. 7. Falling Action • Alex got up and pushed Damian, along with a food cart out of the plane. • Damian was shredded to pieces by the engine and the food cart made the engine fail. • The plane lost control and the pilot attempted to abort the take off but crashed. Memento: Jet engine which shredded Damian
  8. 8. Resolution • As Yassen is dying he tells Alex something that Alex could not believe. • Alex learned about his father’s death. • Alex is told if he didn’t believe him, to go to Venice and find something called Scorpia. (next book) Momento: Damian dropped the gun before her was pushed into the engine.
  9. 9. The End Kevin Jay Pd. 3 10/31/10 Sources: Google imagesSources: Google images
  10. 10. The End Kevin Jay Pd. 3 10/31/10 Sources: Google imagesSources: Google images