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Productivity Is Fun

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Presented at the conference The Internet As Playground And Factory, Eugene Lang College / The New School, New York, 13 November 2009.

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Productivity Is Fun

  1. 1. Productivity Is Fun: Instrumentalized Pleasure and Digital Lifestyles Martin Roberts The Internet as Playground and Factory: A Conference on Digital Labor Eugene Lang College The New School New York 13 November 2009
  2. 2. Ceci nʼest pas un papier.
  3. 3. (I know thatʼs not French.)
  4. 4. DIGITAL LIFESTYLES * Lifehacking * Lifecasting * Uncluttering * Micronapping * Productivity * Fun
  5. 5. Play = Fun Work = Play Work = Fun
  6. 6. Fun A Very Brief History
  7. 7. Ric Burns, Coney Island (PBS Home Video, 1991)
  8. 8. [For Adorno,] “fun” is not even pleasure but the simulacrum of pleasure, a temporary release which enables the enjoying subject to forget the forces of domination and unfreedom to which he or she is actually in thrall. [. . .] Moreover, for Adorno “fun” is in many cases not even the specious satisfaction of simuacra or an anticipation which provides a sparkling facade for political coercion; it is the coercion itself, a sadistic cultural mandate to enjoy. Fun in this case is a kind of commodity as such, the token of a pseudo-solidarity which is normative a priori. [. . . ] “Fun” is here no more and no less than Erica Weitzman, “No Fun: the agreement that one if “having fun,” a tautological Aporias of Pleasure in Adornoʼs Aesthetic Theory,” performance of pleasurability that only serves to The German Quarterly, 81.2 reinforce the status quo (186). (2008): 186.
  9. 9. The End of Fun?
  10. 10. Sex Pistols, Live at Winterland, San Francisco, 14 January 1978
  11. 11. May the Fun be with you. Martin Roberts robertsm@newschool.edu