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ACHPER QR Code Activity

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A Simple 10 Code

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ACHPER QR Code Activity

  1. 1. LocationWhat Kind of Roomhas no Windows orIf I was made into a 2man, Id make peopledream. I gather inmy millions byocean, sea andstream. What am I?The more you take 3the more you leavebehind. What Am I
  2. 2. LocationPlace the left ear on 4the left shoulder thenextending the leftarm like a trunk of anelephant, draw aninfinity sign. Switcharms aftercompleting 5 ofthese.Who Am I. I dig out 5tiny caves, and storegold and silver inthem. I also makebridges of silver andmake crowns of gold.Who Am I? If you 6give me food I willthrive. If you give mewater I will die.
  3. 3. LocationWatch the following video and 7replicate.http://youtu.be/61JVHiXUeRoHow did you go?Watch the following video and 8replicatehttp://youtu.be/6BPhMVTMq5UWhen completed move ontoWatch the following video and 9try them out.http://youtu.be/dp0sa7Z72R8
  4. 4. Hula Hoop active for 5 seconds. 10Good luck.