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UF Office of Technology Licensing

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A brief slideshow that explains what our office does with intellectual property from UF inventors.

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UF Office of Technology Licensing

  2. 2. ANATIONALLEADERINSTARTUPS UF Office of Technology Licensing: • 193 startups created since 2000 • Ranked #3 in licenses and options granted • Ranked #10 in startup launches (15) • Ranked #14 in invention disclosures • Ranked #16 in US patents filed • Ranked #10 in US patents issued *FY 2014-15, compared to all universities included in AUTM statistics (released 11/2016)
  3. 3. OTLSTATISTICS Research Awards Invention Disclosures Issued U.S. Patents Licenses/ Options Executed 2015/16 $724 M 331 115 122 2014/15 $707 M 337 117 85 2013/14 $702 M 296 112 87 2012/13 $641 M 294 106 84 2011/12 $644 M 324 60 79 2010/11 $619 M 298 86 78 2009/10 $678 M 279 59 67 2008/09 $574 M 271 73 72 2007/08 $562 M 299 52 75 2006/07 $583 M 327 77 74 2005/06 $519 M 260 78 73 UF Patents & Licenses
  5. 5. WHAT,WHEN&WHERETODISCLOSE What: • Disclose novel ideas, discoveries, inventions that are timely & useful When: • Before you publicly disclose or submit your idea for publication Where: • http://research.ufl.edu/otl/for-uf- inventors/report-a-new-discovery.html Don’t know? • Call OTL at (352) 392-8929
  6. 6. TYPESOFINTELLECTUALPROPERTY Know-How Includes expertise required to reproduce a patent, licensed in conjunction with the patent Copyrights Grant you the right to exclude others from reproducing your work without permission Patents Enable you to exclude others from using your ideas for a limited period of time Trade Secrets Are valuable, confidential business IP subject to protection Trademarks Prevent unauthorized use of the mark in relation to products or services like yours
  7. 7. PUBLICDISCLOSURE&PATENTABILITY Public disclosure prior to filing a patent application will negatively impact the ability to pursue patent rights Public disclosure can include: • Publication in scientific or trade journals • Online articles • Poster sessions, oral presentations and meeting abstracts • Student thesis published online by library team (can be embargoed) • Unprotected sharing of information or materials
  8. 8. PROTECTYOURINTELLECTUALPROPERTY Tips for Protecting Your IP • Keep accurate lab notebooks and records • Ask OTL about using a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) when transferring materials • Always complete a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) prior to discussing enabling aspects of your research with an outside entity • Talk to OTL about protecting your intellectual property before publicizing your discovery in any way
  9. 9. WHENYOUAPPLYFORGRANTS On the Grant Application: Check “Yes” for “Is proprietary/ privileged information included in the application?”
  10. 10. Before OTL Exerts Is your invention novel, non-obvious, and useful? PATENTABILITY&MARKETABILITY Market. Would your invention attract commercial interest? Patent.
  11. 11. Collaborate with OTL OTL has 120 days to waive, exert or determine a technology is pre-mature. INVENTOR’SRELATIONSHIPWITHOTL • If your idea is “early stage,” call OTL before you disclose. It may be better to gather more data before starting the clock. • If you disclose: 1. Generate more data 2. Give feedback on marketing materials 3. Suggest companies to contact 4. Support licensing efforts
  12. 12. THEPATENTPROCESSTIMELINE Invention Disclosure File Provisional Application File ‘Regular” Application USPTO &/or PCT Publication of Patent Application 0 months 12 24 36 Patent Expiration National Phase Deadline 240 Patent Claims Issue $100K $300K US only US & Foreign Timeline for a Patent $200K
  13. 13. MARKETINGTOOLS website Facebook PDF Twitter email analytics
  14. 14. SUPPORTFORSTARTUPS Support for Startups: • Match faculty inventors with potential management • Assist in business plan creation and market feasibility studies • Provide training and mentoring for “wanna be” entrepreneurs • Introduce funding opportunities through VC & angel network introductions
  15. 15. CRITICALELEMENTSFORSUPPORT Business Incubators • The Innovation Hub at UF • 48,000 square feet of labs and offices • Phase II construction under way (building to double in size) • Blocks from campus and downtown Gainesville • Home of OTL office & numerous startups • Sid Martin Biotech Incubator • Winner of three international awards • 40,000 square feet of labs and offices • Core equipment, vivariums, greenhouses • Located in Progress Park, Alachua
  16. 16. STARTUPSUPPORT Capital • Funding follows opportunity • Startups are appropriately matched with an experienced entrepreneur • Sources of funding are increasing • Venture capital • Angel groups • Grants • Matching funds
  17. 17. ELEMENTSFORSTARTUPSUPPORT Management • Focuses on serial entrepreneurs and Gator alums • Works closely with the UF Foundation • Taps VCs and angel contacts for referrals • UF OTL funds proof-of-principle experiments to make technologies attractive • Pays entrepreneurs to write business plans • Hosts series of meetings
  18. 18. SUPPORTFORRESEARCH IP Support for Corporate Research: • Support faculty when negotiating IP terms in Sponsored Research Agreements • Standard terms include first option to license to sponsor • Will do non-exclusive, royalty-free license if sponsor asks and PI consents • Have several master research agreements in place with large corporations with highly customized and business-friendly terms
  19. 19. ALIGNWITHUNIVERSITY’SMISSION OTL Aligns with UF Mission • Economic development added to our mission of teaching, research and service • Innovation Academy weds innovation to UF education • Innovation Square joins UF and downtown Gainesville, embodying town-gown emphasis • Issued patents, numbers of licenses & options, and number of startups are part of UF Board of Governors performance metrics
  20. 20. CONTACTYOURLICENSINGOFFICER 352.392-8929 www.otl.ufl.edu