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  1. 1. Executive Recruitment for Clean Energy Markets
  2. 2. You could try to find a clean energy professional the traditional way. But why should you? EnergeiaWorks is North America’s most specialized executive recruiting firm focused on the clean energy sector. Clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including hardware manufacturers, construction companies, engineering consulting firms, energy utilities, software developers, service providers, and government organizations. EnergeiaWorks gives you exclusive access to the smartest, most in demand clean energy experts, consultants, and executive level candidates; even those who are not actively job searching. EnergeiaWorks is your best option to quickly find the top talent in the clean energy market.
  3. 3. What makes us different? We actively seek out the best “passive” candidates by cold-calling top performers who may be working for your competitors. We stay in front of trends and develop strategic contacts by participating in the industry’s most prominent conferences including: SPI, PV America, InterSolar, WindPower and Renewable Energy World. We use a combination of advertising and customized searches to generate a selection of talent unmatched by any online service or in-house recruiting team. Our proprietary database of 30,000 contacts at the major players in solar, wind, sustainability, smart grid, and more. Access to high-demand“off market”candidates that are not listed on the job boards.
  4. 4. Expertise Matters “It’s no secret that renewable energy is one of the most important and fastest growing industries in our economy. Because the knowledge and expertise required to work in renewable energy is so specialized, many firms struggle to find the top talent to fill key positions. EnergeiaWorks focuses exclusively on staffing and executive recruitment for the renewable energy market. Our unique focus on the technologies, industry trends, and market players that matter allows us to find you the best talent.” William V. Liuzza Founder, EnergeiaWorks
  5. 5. Sector Based Focus EnergeiaWorks’ exclusive focus on clean energy markets gives us an unparalleled advantage in locating the most highly specialized talent in any sector including: WIND Our clients include some of the largest turbine manufacturers and wind energy companies in the world and we participate in the annual American Wind Energy Association conferences to find the industry’s best talent. SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability consulting firms and software developers rely on our expertise to source the world’s leading experts on climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental regulations and green technologies. SMART GRID We work with many national utility companies and the equipment vendors who engineer, construct, and secure the latest electrical grids and micro-grids across the country. SOLAR We help clients from small integrators and distributors of residential systems to the largest EPCs and manufacturers of utility-grade solar farms locate the talent they need to run the world’s most advanced PV systems.
  6. 6. About the Founder: William V. Liuzza With more than 15 years of recruiting experience William V. Liuzza has a track record as one of the most successful and effective recruiters in the renewable energy sector. William began his recruiting career in 1994 while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and later joined J. Patrick & Associates in New York as a managing partner (focused on the telecommunications and information security business sectors). He founded EnergeiaWorks in 2010 to meet the growing demand for highly-specialized experts in the fast growing clean tech and renewable energy markets. William holds a Bachelor of Science degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College, City University of New York.
  7. 7. Want to Learn More? Contact us to discuss your staffing needs - we work on retainer, exclusive, or contingency basis and consultations are FREE.
  8. 8. A Specialized Focus EnergeiaWorks focuses on recruiting top experts in the clean energy sectors including: Photovoltaic Sustainability Wind Smart GridGeothermal Hydro power
  9. 9. What Do Clients Say? “EnergeiaWorks has their finger on the pulse of the renewable energy and photovoltaic industry. They quickly helped me land a great position with the leader in my space.” Fred Reardon, DPW Solar “William always makes sure each candidate’s skills fit with the role. He is the high-performance recruiting partner you need if you want to find the top experts in the renewable energy arena.” Erik Plesset, Bechtel Power Corporation “EnergeiaWorks consistently provides us with excellent candidates, many of whom we have hired. If you want fast, effective results, I highly recommend working with them.” Joseph Scarci, SolarBridge Technologies “William is a well-connected recruiter with an outstanding sense of which candidates will be successful for the role. Expertise in the recruitment of renewable energy professionals should be left to EnergeiaWorks.” Justin Traiteur, The Weather Channel
  10. 10. Your Access to Clean Energy Experts EnergeiaWorks has direct access to the industry's top engineers, scientists, consultants, contractors, business developers, marketers, and executive managers. Our proprietary database of 30,000 contacts allows us to find the industry’s best talent, many of whom are not actively job searching. If you are looking to hire a clean energy specialist or expert in the field, then EnergeiaWorks is the partner you need.