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Infographic: POTUS India Visit Implications

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US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to India predictably created a lot of buzz. On the radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’, co-hosted with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he even said: “We are making a lot of history in a very short time.” Laced with symbolism, the landmark three-day visit also helped the two countries cover a lot of ground on some crucial policy issues. MSLGROUP in India’s latest infographic, ‘Breakthrough Moment’, highlights the implications of the visit, analysing the substance behind the symbolism.

Key Highlights:

• The decks are cleared for civilian nuclear cooperation. Besides opening up opportunities for India to acquire nuclear technology, it would also mean significant opportunities for US companies to supply equipment and build reactors.
• Renewal of the decade-long defence cooperation pact for another 10 years will enable joint manufacturing of four pathfinder projects and also strengthen indigenous defence manufacturing.
• Obama’s announcement of $4 billion worth of investments is set to boost trade, investment and jobs in India.
• A joint strategic vision for Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean will help safeguard maritime security.

We hope you enjoy reading it. For more information or feedback connect with our India team @MSLGROUP_India or reach out to us on Twitter @msl_group.

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Infographic: POTUS India Visit Implications

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