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Now & Next: Future of Engagement

This report highlights the ten most important frontiers that will define the future of engagement for marketers, entrepreneurs and changemakers: Crowdfunding, Behavior Change Games, Collaborative Social Innovation, Grassroots Change Movements, Co-Creation Communities, Social Curation, Transmedia Storytelling, Collective Intelligence, Social Live Experiences and Collaborative Consumption.

In our individual chapters on the ten frontiers, we start by describing why they are important and how they work; we then examine web platforms and brand programs that point to the future (that is already here); then finish by identifying some of the most important features of that future, with our recommendations on how to benefit from them.

Now & Next: Future of Engagement is also available as a Kindle eBook and will soon be available as an interactive iPad app. Do subscribe to our email newsletter to receive an invite to download a free copy of the iPad app.

Find out more: http://peopleslab.mslgroup.com/peoplesinsights/future-of-engagement/
Get the Kindle eBook: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D8ZZMDY

If you cannot view the above document, please view it here: http://bit.ly/19lHjvd
MSLGROUP colleagues can download the report at NooVoo - http://noovoo.mslgroup.com/display/PLII/People's+Lab:+Insights+and+Innovations+Home