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Staff at vc firms

If you want to understand how decisions are made at a VC firm it is important to understand the staff who work there. Here is a guide but you can also read more at this blog post: https://bothsidesofthetable.com/how-to-improve-your-odds-of-getting-to-yes-with-a-vc-land-and-expand-b46a0a102a07

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Staff at vc firms

  1. Active Partners Less Active Partners Venture Partners Analysts, Associates, Principals • At most larger VCs, active partners typically do 1-3 deals / year • Newer partners are on fewer boards and likely more new deals • Senior partners often willing to let others do deals - have more firm management responsibilities Staff at a VC Investment Partners Others Partners Operating & Board Partners Other Investment Roles Non-Investment Staff Platform Teams Executive Assistants • Sometimes nearing retirement age • Sometimes made too much money / has other interests • Sometimes not senior but in processes of leaving firm (your job is to find out which partners are active & which aren’t) • Varies firm-to- firm so enquire • Can often lead deals but do fewer • Often has other non-firm activities (boards, operating roles) • Sometimes part- time • Many firms - particularly larger ones have partners with huge operating experience who will take board seats for the firm. • Sometimes these partners can lead an investment but typically don’t • Analysts & associates typically younger, principals typically post-MBA and/or enough experience they are promoted • Some firms let principals lead deals in others they take some board seats • In every firm associates & principals are much more influential than outsiders might perceive (they are classic “influencers”) • Finance, legal, marketing, talent, software, analytics, business development • Often platform teams help portfolio post investment • Platform members can also be influencers during the investment process (talent, marketing, tech all input into partners) • If you think EAs don’t have influence you’re kidding yourself • EAs often have the most communications with active partners who will definitely hear if the EA is mistreated • EAs also can be your positive gate- keeper to get key meetings if they like / respect you