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What pornography really is

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This is the presentation that I used during my interview with Eng. Fadel Soliman. It includes the main points that I tackled

دي النقاط الاساسية اللي انا ناقشتها في سياق حواري مع المهندس فاضل سليمان

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What pornography really is

  1. 1. What Pornography really isThe accumulative work of Muhammad Hazem Sherif‘’ Many people defend pornography on the groundsof freedom—the freedom of individuals to view anddo whatever they please. Ironically, those whoexercise that freedom end up in slavery. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  2. 2.  Table of contents:1st section:A. The origins of PornographyB. The emergence of contemporary pornographyC. Contemporary pornography industry facts: Adult film performers Statistics Pornographers and their beliefs http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  3. 3.  A: The origins of pornography ‘’ pornography existed since the dawn of time wherecavemen carved their drawings onto the walls ofcaves. In other words, pornography has been existentever since men learnt how to transform theirthoughts into depictions on walls, sands, or papers. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  4. 4. ‘’ ancient forms of pornographic expressions werenever a societal threat or a phenomenon debated andargued about consistently. Ancient forms ofpornographic materials included but were not limitedto wall paintings, sculptures, and statues, and morerecently postcards. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  5. 5.  B: The emergence of contemporary pornography: Hallmarks of Contemporary porn1. Fantasy (nature)2. Novelty (categories)3. Brutality (actors & actresses)4. Addictiveness (effect on consumer) http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  6. 6.  The breakthrough of contemporary porn1. Print Magazines (1950’s)2. VCR (1970’s)3. Internet-Triple A engine- (1990’s) http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  7. 7.  Contemporary porn as an industry:‘’ Contemporary pornography is a wholesome, U.S.A-based industry with tremendous yearly-generatedrevenues. It functions on portraying fantasy sexualacts for the viewers entertainment in exchange ofinstantaneous financial transactions or endorsedadvertisements for other pornography-producingcompanies. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  8. 8. ‘’ Pornography producers innovate new types offantasy sex regularly to address the psyche of allviewers possible and, in turn, receive more cash.These fantasies have no direct or indirect relationwith intimate sexual intercourse and leads to highlevels of beliefs distortion in the minds of the viewers,leading to an array of negative consequences. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  9. 9. ‘’ It is claimed that the pornography industry which ismainly located in the San Fernando Valley in SouthernCalifornia, contributed to the rise and fastdevelopment of many online streaming technologieswith the purpose of getting the product to thecustomer rather effectively. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  10. 10. ‘’ Some give credit to the porn industry for fully creatingthe ASACP which stands for the Association of SitesAdvocating Child Protection as well as the RTA label(Restricted to Adults) that helps internet filters such asNetNanny and K9 internet filter immediately recognizeand discontinue access to pornographic websites. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  11. 11.  Contemporary porn in the eyes of its consumers:1: ‘’ Many rely on contemporary pornography as asource of sex education in their adolescence; theyrefer to it to know what to do and how to do it.Unfortunately, it does not include scenarios ofintimacy and love; it offers naïve, fantasy-based plotsthat takes sex out of context and prostitutes it forthe viewers entertainment. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  12. 12. 2: ‘’ Many think of pornography as a guy’s thing; ahealthy release of sexual energy to avoid fornication. ‘’3: ‘’ Many men do not understand how women feelabout her husband consuming pornography. ‘’4: ‘’ Many men believe that the awesome sex is pornsex. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  13. 13. C: Contemporary pornography industry facts: Adult film performers:‘’ I never ever met a girl in the sex industry that liked whatshe does; we are all liars, we all are good actresses. Menabuse us and we abuse them back…they abuse us andwe abuse them back. ‘’ –Shelley Lubben/former adult filmperformer http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  14. 14. Prominent former adult film performers: Shelley Lubben Crissey Moran April Garris Monica Foster Jennifer Case http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  15. 15. Statistics http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  16. 16.  Pornographers and their beliefs: http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  17. 17. "Playboys become a voice for the new generationreflecting a new view of contemporary man and the worldin which he lives. Playboy is a sort of Bible." HughHefner/Playboy founder- http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  18. 18. ‘’ Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.‘’ –Aleister Crowley- (1875-1974)‘’ I was not content to believe in apersonal devil and serve him, in theordinary sense of the word. Iwanted to get hold of himpersonally and become his chief ofstaff. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  19. 19. ‘’ Once again the government is wasting tax dollars andotherwise invaluable law enforcement resources to try toforce a minority view of morality on all of America. Five ofmy movies have been targeted by the Federal prudepatrol. There is no indication of any crime to be allegedexcept obscenity. http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  20. 20. If indicted, I will fight to protect my liberty, as well as theliberty of the consenting adults to watch other adultsengage in lawful, consensual, and pleasurable sexual action.Shame on the Bush department of justice, I am proud ofthe movies I make and proud of those who buy and sellthose movies. ‘’ Paul F. Little/ a.k.a Max Hardcore http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  21. 21. 2nd section:The evil power of contemporary pornography consumption:A. Pornography as an addictionB. Pornography as a teacher of beliefsC. Pornography as a relationships destroyerD. Pornography as a source of individualistic problems http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  22. 22. A. Pornography as an addiction: What is an addiction in general?‘’ A persistent and escalating pattern of anactivity acted out regardless of negativeconsequences to self and others. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  23. 23.  Hallmarks of an addiction:o Feeling different (addiction proneness)o Loss of self-controlo Preoccupation with the behavioro Negative consequenceso Temporary satiation http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  24. 24. Other hallmarks of an addiction (4Cs):o Control inabilityo Compulsiono Cravingso Continuity http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  25. 25.  Important remarks:o Addictions are not habitso Addictions create strong brain changes that are responsible for the hallmarkso Addictions inevitably need intervention and help http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  26. 26.  TheBig Q: Why contemporary pornography is addictive? Because of:o Its supercharged natureo Masturbatory conditioningo The porn relationshipo Triple A engine: internet factors http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  27. 27.  Progression of Porn addiction: (Victor B. Cline/behavioral scientist)o Early exposureo Porn addictiono Escalationo Desensitizationo Acting out sexually http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  28. 28. B. Pornography as a teacher of beliefs:o Implicitlearning/incidental learningo Teachings/lies of contemporary pornographyo Adolescents’ high vulnerability to imitation http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  29. 29. C. Pornography as a relationships destroyer: Q: Can relational sex stop porn? http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  30. 30.  Partners in pain:o Being in the darko Shock of discoveryo Emotional woundso Trying to cope http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  31. 31. D. Pornography as a source of individualistic problems: Q: What are the consequences of contemporary porn addiction that fall on the individual? http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  32. 32. 1. Desensitization2. Sensitization3. Hyperfrontality4. Social anxiety5. Possible PE/erectile dysfunction6. Physical tiredness or fatigue7. Beliefs distortion8. Impaired life performance9. Spiritual impairment10. Relationships damage11. Financial loss http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  33. 33. 3rd section: Healing from pornography addiction:A. Facing the truthB. Starting with a fresh mindsetC. Creating a porn-free zoneD. Complete commitment and respect of limitsE. Keeping yourself motivatedF. Progressive learning from relapses http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  34. 34. A. Facing the truth Reality check:I am an addict and I need to reach out‘’ When beginning your healing the first thingyou need to know is that some battles have tobe surrendered in order for you to win thewar. ‘’ Zeyad Ramadan/Purify your gazeprogram http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  35. 35. ‘’ Thoughts of I am not that addicted, I havegot this under control or let me try again mighttry to fight to the surface. Just be aware ofthese thoughts coming to you and acceptthat this is how you have been accustomedto fighting through the chaos of addiction. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  36. 36. ‘’ Telling another person is a calculated risk.Choose carefully who you tell and choosewisely how you tell them. Telling someoneelse and breaking the isolation is anecessary, basic step. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  37. 37. ‘’ Surrender is not something you’ve doneonce and now you are free to moveforward. You will need to surrenderrepeatedly on every stage of your recoveryto remind yourself of your place of slave-hood before Allah. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  38. 38.  B: Starting with a fresh mindset Never beat yourself up Inevitability of relapses Positive affirmations Addiction is a brain disease Micro goal setting http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  39. 39.  Never beat yourself up/positive reframing:‘’ attitudes are more important than facts ‘’o How you deal with a relapse is importanto There is nothing positive about stifling shame and guilto The addiction cycle has to be broken http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  40. 40. http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  41. 41.  Inevitability of relapses‘’ Dont view the relapse as a failure.Relapses are inevitable. Rather, take anobjective look at what happened and why ithappened, then see what you can learnfrom it. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  42. 42.  Positive affirmationso The A-B-C-D-E model:- Activating event- Belief- Consequence- Dispute- Exercise http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  43. 43.  Addiction is a brain diseaseo Nora Volkow: Director of NIDA (National institute on drug abuse) http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  44. 44.  Micro goal setting‘’ Put micro goals that are challenging,specific and immediate. Break down amonth into 4 milestones, each a week.Thinking of your recovery as a one, wholegoal can be really overwhelming. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  45. 45.  C: Creating a porn-free zone Breaking up with porn/clearing it out Accountability programs and internet filters Identifying your triggers When the wave hits Cultivating distress tolerance Self-education and awareness Journaling/forums http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  46. 46.  Breaking up with porn/clearing it out‘’ Some might find it difficult to get rid oftheir porn stashes because of an emotionalconnection with pornography and themedication it provides. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  47. 47.  Accountability programs and internet filters http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  48. 48.  Identifying your triggersExamples of the most common triggers:1. Being home alone2. Vulnerable times (stress, anxiety, boredom, depression, insecurity)3. External factors (suggestive content in advertisements, movies or magazines) http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  49. 49.  When the wave hits Progression of a relapse Porn free zone Trigger territory Thinking about using porn Accessing porn Using porn as an outlet 5 4 3 1 2 Relapse zone Porn free Trigger Thinking Accessing Using porn zone territory about using porn as an outlet porn http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  50. 50. Reversing the relapse:o Stop immediatelyo Get away 5o Calm down immediateo Reach out stepso Reaffirm http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  51. 51.  Cultivate distress tolerance‘’ Pornography is an unhealthy copingmechanism. In the course of recovery, onemust experiment with healthy copingmechanisms to deal with stress such asexercising, spirituality, going out, reachingout for support, etc. ‘’ http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  52. 52.  Self-education and awareness http://about.me/muhammadhazem
  53. 53.  Journaling/forums http://about.me/muhammadhazem