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Impact of AI on Business Intelligence

  1. Impact of AI on Business Intelligence
  2. Introduction With the advent of AI, businesses have become dynamic, customized, & personalized. In this dynamic corporate environment, data has also taken centerstage. Businesses are increasingly being data dependent to enhance customer engagement. DATA A.I Shaping A Successful Business
  3. Evolution of Business Intelligence Proactive Analysis - Enables businesses to realize the full potential of their operational data when it’s actionable. Descriptive analysis Offers a summary of data and informs analysts of what happened. Focus is on past behaviours to learn and how it can impact future outcomes. Predictive analysis Offers companies a glimpse of the future insights. Based on ‘Best guesses philosophy’ and probabilities. Prescriptive analysis Allows users to suggest possible actions and advise on workable solutions that can be implemented. Predicts events and also explains why they’ll occur.
  4. Rapid rise of AI through the analysis via algorithms allows companies to gain deeper insights into: At present businesses are using: Introduction of new big data sources - mobiles, tablets, and other connected devices makes today’s audiences mobile-centric. User behaviour User engagement patterns Actionable insights Real-time data reporting Current Scenario
  5. AI Revolution in Business A look at how AI is creating a revolution in today’s business environment: Transforming industries Enabling better decision making Allowing business process automation Creating an AI-driven workplace
  6. Dependency of AI on business intelligence Here’s why AI should be at the heart of business intelligence: Dashboards aren’t enough: A constant influx of data can be digested by BI tools and actionable insights can be delivered. Avoid a big data overload: AI-enabled business intelligence can break down big data coming in from different sources to prevent an unprecedented overload. Get real-time insights: With rapid AI advancements, business intelligence tools are now well equipped with powerful dashboards to alert marketers and give them actionable insights to make critical decisions.
  7. Ever since AI-based intelligence software stepped in, corporate world has changed immensely. It’s time to realize that these tools ensure success and keep companies ahead in a cut-throat competitive business landscape. Conclusion
  8. Reference Read More: ntelligence/ This presentation is compiled by Team Marketing @ Iqlect Pvt. Ltd.