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Microservices Best Practices

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Microservices is one of the hottest technology trends this year. In this presentation you'll see what microservices mean for your business, and learn about microservices best practices and implementation using Anypoint Platform.

This presentation will include:
-What is the microservices approach and how to achieve business agility with it
-How continuous delivery/continuous integration principles tie in with microservices
-How to implement microservices using Anypoint Platform

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Microservices Best Practices

  1. 1. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Best Practices for Microservices
  2. 2. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Microservices are a top tech trend for 2016 2 Business model transformation Enhancing customer experiences New products and services
  3. 3. All contents © MuleSoft Inc.All contents © MuleSoft Inc. 3 1. What are Microservices and why are they good for business? 2. Continuous delivery of Microservices 3. Self-service of Microservice consumption 4. Best practices for Microservices using Anypoint Platform Agenda
  4. 4. All contents © MuleSoft Inc.Why Microservices are good for Business
  5. 5. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. What the Business wants from IT 5 Customer Experience Composable Enterprise Valuable Assets
  6. 6. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Interoperability Benefits to the Business 6 Business and IT Alignment LOB Enablement
  7. 7. All contents © MuleSoft Inc.What are Microservices?
  8. 8. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Basics 8 Fundamental Building Block Core Business Capability Participant in Customer transaction
  9. 9. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Consumption Modes 9 REST API Event-driven Composition
  10. 10. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. API-led Connectivity 10 System APIs (Core Business Capabilities) Process APIs (Composition of APIs through Orchestration and Choreography) Experience APIs (Adaptations to deliver tailored APIs to apps) Mainframe FTP, Files Databases Legacy SystemsSaaS apps ApplicationsWeb services Central IT LoB Dev/IT App Dev Accessibility & Ownership
  11. 11. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. What is ‘micro’ in Microservices? 11 Discrete Responsibility Team Organization Ease of Deployment
  12. 12. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Design Characteristics 12 • Business oriented • Adaptable • Autonomous • Loosely coupled • Discoverable • Composable
  13. 13. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Business Domain Orientation 13 •Focus on Business domains •Cross-domain integration through Experience APIs •Avoids the Monolith
  14. 14. All contents © MuleSoft Inc.Continuous Delivery of Microservices
  15. 15. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Continuous Delivery of Microservices 15 • A business ideal only realizable through small artifacts • Software Development Lifecycle • From Continuous Integration to continuous release
  16. 16. All contents © MuleSoft Inc.Self-service of Microservice Consumption
  17. 17. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Self-service of Microservice Consumption 17 • Decentralization of Microservice access requires API Management • Publication of APIs across LOBs • Reutilize and / or adapt Microservices with auto-generated Proxies • Apply policies in order to tailor Microservices for specfic usage
  18. 18. All contents © MuleSoft Inc.Microservices on Anypoint Platform
  19. 19. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Anypoint Platform 19 Mule Anypoint Connectors Hybrid Cloud Runti Anypoint Design Center Anypoint Management Center Anypoint ExchangeStudio API Designer Connector DevKit Runtime Manager API Manager Analytics
  20. 20. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Build Engage Test Model Simulate Validate Solicit Feedback Design Manage End-to-End Microservice Development Lifecycle
  21. 21. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Build Engage Test Model Simulate Validate Solicit Feedback Design Manage API Designer Mocking Services Anypoint Studio MUnit API Console API Portal Analytics API Notebook MuleSoft Tools mapped to the Microservice life-cycle Anypoint Exchange Anypoint Exchange Anypoint Exchange
  22. 22. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Build Engage Test Model Simulate Validate Solicit Feedback Design Manage Discover, Contribute, Collaborate, Innovate Anypoint Exchange Anypoint Exchange Anypoint Exchange
  23. 23. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Release Package MuleSoft SDLC tools for Microservices CI/CD Development Production Anypoint Studio Developer Run Mocked TestsRun Unit Tests Run TestsRun Build Process DEVELOPMENT UAT PRODUCTION Create Mocked TestsCreate Unit Tests Functional Tests Test Driven Design Mule Microservice Mule Microservice Mule Microservice
  24. 24. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Anatomy of a Mule microservice RAML specification • Traits • ResourceTypes • SecuritySchemes • Re-usable properties • …. Mule deployable archive (.zip) Mule Runtime Logic Connectivity API Contract Connectivity • MQ, Database, SOAP, HTTP, SaaS, OTS software • Protocol implementation • Connections/resources management • Pooling … Business Logic flows • Routing • Enrichment • Transformation • Aggregation • Parallel execution • Splitting • ….
  25. 25. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. VM OS Java Virtual Machine Mule Runtime Mule microservice on-prem runtime Logic Connectivity API Contract
  26. 26. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. VM OS Container Java Virtual Machine Mule Runtime Mule microservice on private PaaS Logic Connectivity API Contract PaaS
  27. 27. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. 3rd Party Tools Buil d Runtime Platform Deploy, Manage, Scale CI/C D Studi o JUnit De v Tes t Stag e Pro d Anypoint Platform (on-premises) Runtime Manager API Manager Exchange Commit Ship Image Developmen t Operation s Mgmt Agent
  28. 28. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. CloudHub Mule microservice on CloudHub Mule Runtime Logic Connectivity API Contract • Fully hosted and managed • Secure, scalable, HA, DR • Self-serve • Global • No Microservice Premium
  29. 29. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Unified Platform for Microservices
  30. 30. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Legacy ESB Mainframe FTP SaaS apps LOB 1 Global System / Backend System API’s Process API’s Experience API’s LOB 2 System API’s Process API’s Experience API’s Global Frontend Decentralized Platform for Microservices Biz Apps Business Groups
  31. 31. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Questions