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The CIO's Guide to Digital Transformation

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This presentation outlines the problems CIOs are facing in planning and executing their digital transformation strategies and presents solutions to closing the IT delivery gap and achieving their goals.

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The CIO's Guide to Digital Transformation

  1. 1. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Ross Mason Founder and VP Product Strategy, MuleSoft Davinder Gautam Managing Director, Accenture The CIO’s Guide to Digital Transformation
  2. 2. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. A recording of this webinar will be distributed via email within 24 hours. Questions can be submitted at any time using the questions widget on the left hand side of the webinar portal. Join the conversation! Tweet @MuleSoft with the hashtag #MuleTalks to let us know what you think. Give us feedback! Rate this webinar by selecting the survey widget at any point during the webinar. Housekeeping Items
  3. 3. All contents © Deloitte Inc. Today’s Speakers Ross Mason Founder and VP Product Strategy MuleSoft Davinder Gautam Managing Director Accenture
  4. 4. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. IT is Under Pressure to Change 51% of IT decision makers couldn't complete all assigned projects last year. Common obstacles are time constraints, business and IT misalignment, and maintaining legacy systems 77% want to improve existing business processes from digital transformation, whereas only 62% want great customer outcomes 59% of ITDMs say there will be a negative effect on revenue if digital transformation goals aren’t met. What’s stopping digital transformation?
  5. 5. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. 5 There Needs to Be a Culture Shift
  6. 6. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. 6 Get good at change. Think about culture change at an organizational level. IT needs to deliver capabilities, not just projects. Develop habits of reuse rather than just producing Focus on consumption of your APIs across teams not just building APIs. Innovate at the core, not just the edge. Don’t silo innovation off into isolated teams. Position IT as a strategic partner. There needs to be a mindset change, not just technological change. Takeaways to Implement Digital Transformation
  7. 7. All contents © MuleSoft Inc. Q&A