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Flyer global solutions pay it forward

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Flyer global solutions pay it forward

  1. 1. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK !! OUR VISION Making a Difference Through Helping Vulnerable Sections of Society. OUR MISSION Inclusion and not exclusion is what we want to achieve. Taking baby steps – starting with spending two hours a week with either an Orphanage or Old Age Home or Animal Shelter and then adding more sections of society as we go. Bringing like minded people together. HISTORY Global Solutions – Pay it Forward was started with a group of students and their friends from various colleges in January 2012 (Bandra, Mumbai). The Indian group is now called “Volunteer in India – Pay it Forward”. The concept was/is simple – Just two hours a week to be spent at an orphanage or old age home (Rest Home) or animal shelter which was closest to their home. Now that the concept is tried and tested. We are looking further afield and want to include anyone/everyone who is willing to help make a difference in their community !! GBT WHO WE – God Blesses Those Who Help Others Without Expectations. WE DON’T TAKE OR ASK FOR DONATIONS OF ANY KIND. WE JUST ASK YOU FOR A LITTLE BIT OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME !! Send us your contact details: Whatsapp/Line/Viber: 0064274045336 Email: gspayitforward@live.com Email: reachadrian@hotmail.com The concept is really very simple and does not need a formal set up. One can either do it on their own or get a group going with your friends or colleagues or relatives or.... Volunteering can be fun & rewarding as there is a social side as you meet like minds !! Whatsapp / Viber / Line (free using wifi): 0064274045336 Emergency : 0091 9167489984 Email: gspayitforward@live.com reachadrian@hotmail.com
  2. 2. THE THREE BASIC NEEDS ?? The three basic needs are not really what we have been told or taught for generations. The three basic needs are really: To Be Loved/Cared For; To Be Listened To; AND To Have a Sense of Belonging to a Family or Community or Group etc. If each one of us had those three basic needs met / fulfilled. The rest would follow suit i.e. Food, Clothing & Shelter !! None of us would go wanting for anything. So, why not STOP, THINK, PONDER if you MUST.... Most importantly, make a bit of time to make a difference in your community !! We are here to support you if you need us: Whatsapp / Viber : 0064274045336 Email: gspayitforward@live.com Email: reachadrian@hotmail.com Go Well On Your Journey !! HOW CAN YOU HELP !! By spending a couple of hours a week, fortnight or month at an:  Old Age Home: Spend some time listening to them OR read to them OR play some music for them OR take them on a short stroll OR better still – do what you feel is right at the time.  Animal Shelter: You will be surprised to notice that they are like humans – they need tender loving care too !! Spend some time playing with them, feeding them and a loving pat every now and then wouldn’t go astray !!  Food Distribution Centre: Nearly every city has an organisation which caters for the homeless. Make sure you take the time to say “Hello” to your neighbours so, you know that they are fine as abuse of all kinds happens in our neighbourhoods!! We are all unique individuals and our passion to see change lies in different areas of the community we live in. So, LET’S TALK !! BOYS WILL BE BOYS !! For centuries people have been researching the best ways to manage / handle boys AND it really isn’t that difficult !!  When it comes to boys, it is their feet that need to run – whilst for girls it is their ......  Boys will scream whilst waiting to be passed the ball – whilst the girls like to shout at the ..... So, come holiday time if you keep boys locked / couped up at home OR expect them to sit quietly and play house-house; then expect to have all sorts of trouble !! The boys in the neighbourhood are no different so, if communities pulled together to organise sport at the playgrounds and let them run (wild), kick the football around hit the ball (cricket) around and SCREAM as much as they want whilst doing just that !! Wouldn’t that be just fantastic !! Yes, there will always be exceptions as some boys do prefer to sit and paint or read/study or dance etc. But Generally Boys Will Be Boys !!