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Dynamic Survey by LE TERRAIN - English - 2016

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Developed by Le Terrain's teams, the “Dynamics Survey” platform allows to conduct surveys via SMS.

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Dynamic Survey by LE TERRAIN - English - 2016

  1. 1. Dynamics Survey
  2. 2. www.leterrain.fr In 2014, LE TERRAIN® services range gets a new survey platform. Developed by its teams, the “Dynamics Survey” platform allows to conduct surveys via SMS.
  3. 3. www.leterrain.fr Prerequisites
  4. 4. www.leterrain.fr 50.8 billions just for the first quarter of 2014! This is the number of interpersonal SMS exchanged in France. A telecom customer sends 252 SMS per month, on average (354 when they have a contract). (source: ARCEP – 2014)
  5. 5. www.leterrain.fr Usually included in the contract, sending a text does not cost anything more to respondents.
  6. 6. www.leterrain.fr The SMS is readable with every type of mobile phones (smartphone or not).
  7. 7. www.leterrain.fr The SMS allows to reach 100% of mobile users (so 95% of French population).
  8. 8. www.leterrain.fr People read a new SMS in 99% of the time.
  9. 9. www.leterrain.fr Services
  10. 10. www.leterrain.fr Services Reduction of the implementation lead-time Before, during and after an event. For instance, in case of emergency, it takes only 8 hours to set up the survey system. - Build the questionnaire. - Prepare the contacts files. - Send the invitation. 1
  11. 11. www.leterrain.fr Services ‘On the spot’ customer experience - Fresh information - Truthful answers - Instantaneous data collection 2
  12. 12. www.leterrain.fr Services Immediate results - Instantaneous data collection - A real-time data processing 3
  13. 13. www.leterrain.fr Technical device Platform of sending and receiving SMS Server of SMS reception NextSMS True Wrong Data base “consolidation” API AnalysisExclusion Data reception Data transmission Data preparation Questions responses Reception of responses Analysis of responses The SMS delivery is guaranteed by our Business Partner SFR Business team towards every telecoms operators
  14. 14. www.leterrain.fr Technical characteristics  Until 600 characters per question  SMS personalization from variables of the file  Management of the questionnaire tree-view (proceedings)  Responses interpretation and real-time codification  ”STOP” process implementation (according to the CNIL regulation)
  15. 15. www.leterrain.fr Special offers 3 questions* to choose eg: Net Promoter Score Included upstream invitation and thank-you text at the end of the questionnaire Basis: 1000 respondents per “customers” file Discover 1000 € 5 questions* to choose Included upstream invitation and thank-you text at the end of the questionnaire Basis: 1000 respondents per “customers” file Essential 2000 € 4 questions* to choose eg: 4x4 and crossover owners, carriers of disease x Target identification + proposition to continue with phone or online survey Basis : 10 000 SMS sent. Returns depending on the rare targets penetration. Looking for rare profiles 3000 € 4 questions* to choose eg: just after a store or agency visit - Validation, satisfaction grade - Open-ended question Basis: 1000 respondents per “customers” file Real-time poll 1500 € *Based on 160 characters per question *Except contacts file / Penetration > 95%
  16. 16. www.leterrain.fr Special offers Included within every offers: • Management of the SMS transmission • SMS cost And most importantly: • Returns management • Data file of gross results • Response processing: average, standard deviation, frequency table, cross tab Cost-added options: • Open-ended questions processing • Comparison with other customer data held by Le Terrain Included Optional
  17. 17. www.leterrain.fr And always… An online platform dedicated and a breeding ground of 1.5 million of internet users A national network of 600 interviewers A 100-positions platform of phone survey in Paris, France Social media listening in partnership with SCAN- RESEARCH
  18. 18. www.leterrain.fr Keep in touch! Mustapha SMAIL Owner & CEO +33 1 53 36 60 91 6 bis, Allée Verte 75011 Paris, France mustapha.smail@leterrain.fr