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Offline Interview Application 4 - ELP AMCAT

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A group of students made this presentation in a brainstorming session at Employability Leadership Program event at Pune on 9th October 2015 at Hotel Hyatt Pune.

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Offline Interview Application 4 - ELP AMCAT

  1. 1.  This presentation was made by the students at the Employability Leadership Program event at Pune on 9th October 2015.  Topic of the presentation – Offline interview Application
  3. 3. WHY? • Chances of applications to get misplaced. • Tedious job for the recruiters to sort the applications. • Time-taking. • Chances of human error, some excellent applications may be left out. • More man power.
  4. 4. SOLUTIONS 1. ONLINE WEB PORTAL/PLATFORM. The students can update their data and recruiter can filter the applications out according to their requirements. CONS: • Not accessible to all. • Just limited to the campus recruitments.
  5. 5. 2. RAIN DATA In this a central device is used in a seminar hall through which multiple PC’s and systems are connected and it has access to the application that is developed for an offline interview. BENEFITS: • Centralized process. • Reusable. • More efficient. • Eco-friendly. CONS: • Power supply.
  6. 6. ANDROID APP: A mobile app will be provided with the detailed questionnaire. The students are supposed to download the app, update their data and answer the questions. BENEFITS: • Globally available. • Easy to use. • User-friendly.