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Your ultimate owl blanket

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http://www.myanimalblankets.com/owl-blankets.html Add a touch of Artistic touch while keeping warm with this Owl Blankets. Great for camping or backpacking and out of town ride. It packs up smaller than a sleeping bag yet provides a great amount of warmth and comfort. Check us for more!

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Your ultimate owl blanket

  1. 1. To all Owl lovers out there, here’s one thing you shouldn’t miss having! Owl Blanket, specificallySwamp owl tapestry that is best for an outdoor setting and it is the theme for this tapestry afghan throw blanket.
  2. 2. Also perfect for gifts, for cabin décor and lodge. Have yourselfthis kind and surely you’ll enjoy it!
  3. 3. The Swamp Owl –sometimes called the Barred Owl –is amongthe most famous owl breeds in the world.
  4. 4. This handsome tapestry throw blanket expertly captures theamazing detail of his cowl across its 48" x 68" expanse.
  5. 5. The blanket’s made from a durable combination of 100% cotton threads, so its easy to care forand lasts long enough to become a family heirloom.
  6. 6. Maintenanceinclude machine wash cold water gentle cycle, and tumble dry low.
  7. 7. We care for our customers andhas so much to provide including all animal blankets throws and consistently receives highestbuyers ratings. Visit us for more!
  8. 8. Myanimalblankets.com