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Elements of Game Design

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Elements of Game Design

  1. 1. Game Design ElementsEvery game is built from the same five elements.
  2. 2. Elements•  Story•  Objective•  Challenge•  Interest•  Fun
  3. 3. StoryStory : who, what, when, where, and why.•  Who are your characters?•  What are they doing and why?•  When does the game take place?•  Where are they?Example: Pirates are searching for treasure in the 17th century in the middle of the ocean for the love of adventure.
  4. 4. ObjectivesObjective is how to win!Examples:• Beat all the bosses• Get to the final level• Collect all the coins/special items• Beat the other players to the finish line.
  5. 5. ChallengeChallenge is anything that makes your objectives difficult to accomplish.Examples:• Enemies• Obsticles• Time Limits• Keys/Locks• Puzzles• Mazes or Dead Ends
  6. 6. InterestInterest is any way you can add variety or immersion to your game.Where to add variety:•  environments•  items/weapons/armor•  vehicles•  charactersInterest can also be added through
  7. 7. FunFun is anything that makes your game entertaining, and enjoyable to play.Examples:• Special side missions/mini games• Hidden items or unlockables• Humor or jokes• Impressive graphics or effectsUsing the other elements effectively can also