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Social Media Efficiency 5 31-12

My Dutch Uncle's social media czar, Spencer Doyle and social media coach Janet Fouts discuss tools and strategies to help you get more done in less time with social media.

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Social Media Efficiency 5 31-12

  1. 1. Social Media Efficiency#SMEfficiency@JFouts@MyDutchNephew
  2. 2. Who we are• Janet Fouts Social Media Coach at Tatu Digital Media• Spencer Doyle Social Media Czar at My Dutch Uncle 2
  3. 3. To be efficient you need a plan 4
  4. 4. AND a strategy for each network• What are your goals?• How much time do you have?• Who’s going to do the work?• Be diligent about time spent• Get the right tools• Track everything• janetfouts.com/listen
  5. 5. What are your goals?• Brand visibility• Fundraising• Volunteer management• Professional development• A listening tool and sounding board for constituency
  6. 6. Who’s doing the work?• Not the least experienced person on the team• Play off team strengths• What can be delegated?• Interns and volunteers need clear direction 7
  7. 7. How much time?• How urgent is your mission?• Create a plan around availability• “Chunk” tasks• Set time limits and stick to them! 8
  8. 8. Netvibes.com 9
  9. 9. 10http://scoop.it
  10. 10. Blogging Efficiency: Your Blog• Purpose • Frequency – What is your blog’s purpose? – Daily – What are you trying to achieve? – 2-3x per week minimum• Content-successful • Schedule your posts, blogs are: plan ahead – Engaging • CTAs • Relationship with other – Interactive social media • Comments section – Sharable • Pictures • Video • Lists
  11. 11. Blogging• Knowing your blog’s purpose will help you stay focused on what’s important so that you can spend less time posting and post more frequently• It will also guide you to develop a strategy that makes sense• With a strategy, you can plan ahead 12
  12. 12. Social Media Is Social • Snowball effect – A little can go a long way, but strategy is key • Content drives traffic – Do you have the right content? • Sharable • Stories • Advice, not ads
  13. 13. Editorial Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayBlog • Weekend event Info post re: upcoming events, Daily advice tip Top Ten list Checklist • Week-in-review Weekend event summary? programs, news • share Scoop.it piece? • Pictures? curations • Videos? • top reads from the week • WeekendFacebook • “Like” Share pictures Share videos Facebook Friday • Comment • Share • Post at least 4 posts per dayTwitter 8-24 tweets 8-24 tweets (including blog posts, RTs, • 8-24 8-24 tweets 8-24 tweets • 8-24 tweets 8-24 tweets etc.) tweets • #FF • #CharityT uesdayScoop.it
  14. 14. The Automation Devil• Auto Follow• Auto Direct Message• More trouble than it’s worth• It’s not all bad
  15. 15. HootSuite•Manage multiple accts•Delegate•Scheduling•Analytics•Rss Feed http://hootsuite.com
  16. 16. HootSuite
  17. 17. Delegate
  18. 18. Schedule your time• When are you most effective online?• When is your network online?• Managing content distribution
  19. 19. http://bufferapp.com
  20. 20. SocialBro.com http://socialbro.com 21
  21. 21. Twitter Alerts
  22. 22. http://gist.com/ 23 20
  23. 23. Join Us June 27th at 1 PM• Nonprofit 101: Starting a Nonprofit – Featuring John D. Golenski, CEO at My Dutch Uncle 24
  24. 24. Questions?•spencer@mydutchuncle.com•@MyDutchNephew•Facebook.com/MyDutchUncle•MyDutchUncle.com•415.625.2942 • janet@janetfouts.com @jfouts • JanetFouts.com • TatuDigital.com • 408.216.7423