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Sponsorship Request - Fun For Medicine, NPO

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Fun For Medicine is a newborn non-profit organization dedicated to promote and support the medical progress.

The scientific research and the development of new innovative technologies are mandatory for the progress of medicine, and therefore for the good of the human being.
At Fun For Medicine, our unique mission is to promote and support the medical progress.
We support revolutionary research & development projects in biotechnology, pharmaceutics (medicinal chemistry and drug delivery) and medical device technology. From the discovery stage to the proof-of-concept stage, it's where we act.

You want to make the Earth a better place, and you are interested by Fun For Medicine, let's join us as voluntary! Contact us, we will be very glad to hear from you. :)

We are also seeking companies as sponsors ; creative individuals such as fashion or consumer good designers, game or mobile app developers are also the very welcome. We propose a unique opportunity to leverage the marketing-communication of your products/brands with a win-win partnership.

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Sponsorship Request - Fun For Medicine, NPO

  1. 1.     1   Sponsorship/Partnership Request for the Crowdfunding Campaign:           We Raise Funds to Support   Revolutionary and Innovative Medical R&D Projects!      We Reward our Benefactors with      Amazing Branded Products and Goodies!                     
  2. 2.     2  The Fun For The Good of The Human Being       Dear Sir/Madam,    I am writing you to request the sponsorship/partnership of your Company.    Presentation:  My name is Ari Massoudi, based in France, I am a former Academic researcher in biomedical sciences                                  turned consultant for biotechnology, pharmaceutical or medical technology research institutes or                      companies developing innovative therapies for healthcare.  I am also the co­founder­President of the Non­Profit Organization Fun For Medicine, dedicated to                            support the medical progress.    The problem:  Startup companies in biotech, pharma or med­tech need to raise funds to finance their research &                                development, but the capital is limited and R&D in healthcare is very very expensive due to cutting­edge                                  technologies, devices and reagents needed for the experimentations, and also due to the regulatory                            pressure on this industry (ex. to bring a new molecule from an academic lab to the pharmacy/patient's bed,                                    it takes 10 years and it costs billions US dollars!).    Therefore, inventions in healthcare take much more time to spread in the society compared to tech and                                  inventions in consumer electronics, IT­web and other fast­moving tech fields.    The regular manner for tech startup to raise funds is to ask investors (Angels investors ­ wealthy persons­,                                    or Venture Capital investment firms) used to deal with tech­based companies, and for healthcare startups                              the way is to address to investors used with the healthcare industry, therefore this reduces the capital offer                                    to a tiny pocket with numerous startups in demand.     
  3. 3.     3  A solution:  Why not finding another way to finance innovation in medicine? A way totally unrelated to medicine and                                  healthcare.  The idea is to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to ask the Indiegogo's crowd to fund our                                    Non­Profit Oganization, Fun For Medicine, dedicated to support revolutionary Research & Development                        projects in healthcare.     Indiegogo is one of the world's largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects  https://www.indiegogo.com/     To stimulate the generosity of the Indiegogo’s crowd toward our cause, we would like to offer them                                  amazing rewards!   Indeed, it is impossible to reward our donators with the end products from the medical R&D projects                                  because:  1) it takes 10 years to bring a new therapy in the market!   2) it is not conceivable from an ethical point of view, to reward our benefactors with end products from                                      medical R&D … we cannot and will not offer an anti­malaria or anti­cancer drug to our benefactors!      And that’s why we need your help. Would you accept to join us as Official Sponsor?     We would love to reward our donators with your branded products or services.      Based on the massive audience of Indiegogo and the nature of this audience (young creative                              people, tech­lovers concerned by making the Earth a better place), your partnership with Fun For                              Medicine will be an awesome opprotunity of promotional communication for your products and services,                            your brands and your Company. Our sponsors can of course use this Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign                              for their own communication as they want.     "Our product will contribute to save the life of million people from cancer, infectious diseases,                              brain diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson …), traumatic pathologies ... !"    We will also thank and cite your company name/logo and your products in our Indiegogo’s page, website,                                  Facebook page, Twitter account … .     And when Fun For Medicine chooses to reward with a grant, a medical R&D project with a big check,                                      we will thank and show all our sponsors in press conference.    We are open to any discussion to imagine together the best partnerhip that will serve your Company and                                    your brands. 
  4. 4.     4      Our goal is to have a continuous source of funding for medical research & development. Indeed, the worst                                    thing that happens to medical R&D is a gap in the funding.  For an early­stage pharmaceutical drug development project (ex. an Academic lab has designed and                            synthesized a new molecule to target cancer cells), if we could offer to the lab $US 100,000­500,000, they                                    can already launch what we call pre­clinical tests (testing the molecule for its capacity to kill cancer cells                                    cultured in dishes out of the body, and also see if the molecule is or is not toxic for normal cells also                                            cultured out of the body).  If pre­clinical tests give a green light, then we could ask bigger source of funding (from governments, big                                    philanthropy foundations, global pharmaceutical companies and venture capital investment firms). The                      bigger money will be used to test the molecule in clinical tests (on healthy volunteers first, then on on sick                                        volunteers).  If the clinical tests are OK, then we have to manufacture the drug (pills, sirup, intravenous injection...) and                                    then we have to distribute the drug to the patients.  All the process from the academic lab to the pharmacy cost around a billion dollar. The early­stage R&D                                    (from the Academic Lab to pre­clinical tests) is the less expensive, but unfortunately, the funding is very                                  very rare for the early­stage projects.    The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to leverage the seed­funding and therefore, to allow                              many many more early­stage medical R&D projects to born and survive.    It's what we call Micro­Philanthropy. The union of many small willingness can move mountains! :)        If you are interested to offer your help for our crowdfunding campaign, we will be very glad to                                    count your Company as Official Supporter.   
  5. 5.     5  Thanks for your time, and I remain at your disposal to discuss further.     Kind regards,    Ari Massoudi      Dr. Ari Massoudi President at Fun For Medicine Skype: a-massoudi Mobile: +33 627 645 783 / Email: a-massoudi@hotmail.fr   http://www.linkedin.com/in/arimassoudi Follow Fun For Medicine on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/funformedicine    Follow Fun For Medicine on Twitter  http://twitter.com/FunForMedicine   The Fun For The Good of The Human Being