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A presentation made by the 5th graders of Millennium National School for their friends in Norway. This is part of the information exchange program between the two countries.

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  1. 1. Sports Kabaddi 09/28/10 1Millennium National School Shreyas Kulkarni , Mihir Kulkarni, Shaunak Natuu, Shubham Kulkarni, Mihir Patkar
  2. 2. Introduction Hey friends. We hope you all play sports. We all are huge fans of sports. If some day we don’t get to play sports we think it is very unfair or all our fun has gone. Well there are many sports in India like malkhamb, kho kho, lagori, etc. We like all of them as they are very fantastic sports. But today we are going to tell you about a sport which we like the most. Have you ever heard the game kabaddi?09/28/10 2Millennium National School
  3. 3. Introduction Kabaddi is a fun game to play. When you play it you will come to know how fun it is!!! And you will always play it. But this is a different sport from others and the good news is you do not have to use any ball or something. The main thing you need to concentrate on, your eyes, legs, hands and mouth. 09/28/10 3Millennium National School
  4. 4. About Kabaddi Kabaddi is one of the popular game among the people of Asia. It is an Indian game but the reality is that no one really knows about the origin of this game. Some historians believe that it is about 4,000 years old game. This game involves skill and power of two teams and combines the characteristics of wrestling. 09/28/10 4Millennium National School
  5. 5. Ground of Kabaddi 09/28/10 5Millennium National School In the international team version of Kabaddi, two teams of seven members each occupy opposite halves of a field of 13m × 10m in case of men and 12m X 10m in case of women.
  6. 6. Ground of Kabaddi Each team has five substitute players. The game is played for 20 minutes in each half. Between the two halves both the teams take five minutes break to change the sides. 09/28/10 6Millennium National School
  7. 7. Kabaddi Kabaddi The side which wins the toss sends a 'raider', who enters the opponents' half of the court chanting, Kabaddi-Kabaddi. The raider's aim is to touch any players on the opposing side, and return to his court in one breath. The person, whom the raider touches, will then be out. 09/28/10 7Millennium National School
  8. 8. Kabaddi Kabaddi The aim of the opposing team, will be to hold the raider, and stop him from returning to his own court, until he takes another breath. If the raider cannot return to his court in the same breath he is out. 09/28/10 8Millennium National School
  9. 9. Rules • Each team alternates in sending a player into the opponents' court. If a player goes out of the boundary line during the course of the play, or if any part of his body touches the ground outside the boundary, he will be out, except during a struggle. 09/28/10 Millennium National School 9
  10. 10. Lona The team scores a lona ( a bonus of two points), if the entire opposition is declared out. 09/28/10 Millennium National School 10
  11. 11. Instructors Seven officials supervise a match - one referee, two umpires, two linesmen, a time keeper and a scorer. 09/28/10 11Millennium National School
  12. 12. Strategy The strategy is that we can make a chain and bring the raider in our court and grab the raider. 09/28/10 Millennium National School 12
  13. 13. Where is Kabaddi played? Kabaddi is played in soft soil and grass like a wrestling pitch. 09/28/10 Millennium National School 13
  14. 14. Photos Here are some more photos of your favorite game Kabaddi. 09/28/10 Millennium National School 14