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Sonic Theology

Sonic Theology is the field which studies the effect of sound and vibration in Spirituality and towards attaining God realization and gnosis of God.

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Sonic Theology

  1. 1. Sonic TheologyThe role of Sound and Vibration in Spiritual Domain Sadiq M. Alam 18 Jan 2013 a Sadaqayan Circle presentation S
  2. 2. What Sonic Theology is AboutS In this universe everything is a language, Chants, Sonic pointer to the Real Remembrance towards peace, harmony, tranquility ofS Sonic Theology is the field of the self, healing and overall study of vibration and sound to well-being. reach ma‟arifa or gnosis of God and reality S Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote: "Sound is the source of allS It is also the field which manifestation ... the knower of provides us better the mystery of sound knows understanding and guidance on the mystery of the whole the use of Sacred Scripture‟s universe.”
  3. 3. Since Ancient TimesS When science and mysticism were harmony of the spheres. still joined in the ancient S Johannes Kepler, the 16th-century world, the concept that the universe is astronomer responsible for musical, harmonious, and determining the laws of planetary interconnected was seen as self- motion, was convinced that the evident. relationship between the planets – indeed everything in theS Since the Greek philosopher universe – was harmonic in Pythagorus discovered the pure nature, vibrating in perfect mathematics of music in the 5th attunement by the Divine century BC, the greatest minds in Attuner. history have attempted to codify the
  4. 4. Modern Scientific PerspectiveS Modern scientific view of E=mc2 indicate that matter reality tells us that everything (m) is but an expression of – every atom and molecules energy (E). in every nook and corner of S Vibration is one of the most this universe is formed out of fundamental characteristics of energy vibration. the entire Universe.S Einsteins famous formula
  5. 5. Modern Scientific PerspectiveS Energy is vibration particles and so on, until the ultimate constitution ofS Matter comprises smaller units anything is of pure Energy known as molecules, and still vibrating at specific rates smaller units known as atoms. according to individualS Yet smaller still we find sub- characteristics. atomic particles which in turn are made up of still finer
  6. 6. Modern Scientific PerspectiveS In the macro world we S Electricity = 1 billion vib/sec discover that dense S Visible Color = 500 billion objects, sound, light, electrica vib/sec l waves are what they are because of their vibration. S Invisible spectrum even higherS Perceptible sound to human = 20 to 20,000 vibration/sec S X-ray = 2 trillion vib/sec
  7. 7. Visible Realm to Invisible Realm – all are vibrations of different frequencies S As we progress still higher, the or measured by science. scale of vibration we reach do not S Vibrating at speeds completely manifest any characteristics yet to beyond the comprehension and modern science and hence totally observation of science are the ignored inner dimensions of planes, part S It is erroneous to conclude that of alam al-Ghayb, the so called progressively higher levels of invisible or unseen Realms in vibration do not exist, simply contrast to the alam ash-Shahadah because they cannot be observed or observable /witnessing Realms
  8. 8. Modern Scientific PerspectiveS This is also now one of the consisting of vibration, pure basic accepted principles of Energy and units of probability quantum physics with the (quantum potentiality or discovery that sub-atomic Quanta) particles are ultimately not S Are we talking here a very subtle particles at all, but are rather configuration of Divine Will in progressively more subtle lucent manifestation? forms, until ultimately
  9. 9. Modern Scientific PerspectiveS Light and Energy are created, lives and has its interchangeable. Higher Energy Being, the Primordial Light of is also known as “Light”. This God ~ Nur e Elahi. is not the light commonly S As observed by quantum known in the physical Universe physicist David Bohm, the as for example emanating from physical Universe of matter The Sun, but rather the can be considered to be “frozen Primordial Light from which Light”. everything in the Universe was
  10. 10. In the beginning was Vibration & Secret of Divine Scripture S In the beginning was the Logos manifestation. (Word / Vibration / God is a Power The Power becomes light Light), and the Logos was with The light becomes vibration God. The vibration becomes sound The sound becomes word ~ New Testament, John 1:1 The word becomes language The language becomes scripture. S Om as the primordial Sound / Vibration / Adi Nad Like that return to the Source. S Kun! Fa Ya Kun! God said Be and all came into - Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
  11. 11. Theophany (Divine Disclosure) / Tajalli ~ Descent and Ascent Allah‟s Jaat (Essence) From Holy Scripture ~ Manifesting All-Pervading ~ Language Divine Power ~ Words ~ Power becomes pure Light or Nur ~ Sounds ~ Nur to Vibration ~ Vibration ~ Vibration to Sound ~ Nur ~ Sound to Word ~ Divine Power ~ Word to Language ~ Allah‟s Marifa ~ Language to Holy Scripture
  12. 12. Om the Primordial SoundS Ancient Vedic Science form of Parama Atma or transmits that Om is the Supreme Consciousness. primordial cosmic vibration S Om is the symbol of the at the point of beginning. underlying intelligence. It alsoS Adi Nada – Primordial Sound. symbolizes Reality.S It is the sound / vibration
  13. 13. Om / Aum / AmenS The Hebrew, Aramaic and S Similarly when we invoke any Arabic “Amen” or “Ameen” supplication, we intend to means “So be it” or “Let it harmonize with the Divine be.” Will by saying „Amen‟ – so be it by Your Will.S This corresponds to the first Divine Will, “Let there be Light.”
  14. 14. Just as the beginning, so shall be the endS The beginning is with the blow of Trumpet or Vibration. Big Bang. Om. Sound by Angel (God‟s Kun Fa Ya Kun. These all are agent) Isharat, or pointer to the S Again symbolizing that it is unseen reality. through a great Sound >S In Eastern religion we find Vibration that the end will the imagery that the end of come time will be accompanied by
  15. 15. Just as the beginning, so shall be the endS On the Day when the earth and violently… the Hearts that the mountains will be in violent day will shake. ~ 79:6 shake, and the mountains will S When the earth is shaken with be a heap of sand poured out her (violent) shaking. ~ 99:1 and flowing down. ~ 73:14S On that day the earth and the mountains will shake / quake
  16. 16. The practice of listening deeply In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Milarepa (born, Mila Thöpaga meaning a joy to hear), the most famous mysticsaint of Tibet, yogi, wanderer and much loved poet of 11th century is often famously depicted with one hand cupped behind his ear. In Buddhist iconography he is as someone who is always listening deeply, symbolizing Milarepas deep listening to the great voice of the cosmos, of the inner song of existence. On the value of listening The Tibetan Book of the Dead calls it Great Liberation through Hearing.
  17. 17. The practice of listening 360Once someone went to a sufi master who at that time was listening to a sufi sama(mystical music that connects to divine) in an absorbed state. Seeing the sufi masterin such a state made the visitor surprised. She knew at that moment that the masterwas not here, he was literally lost.Feeling the presence of the visitor, the master told her, sit here my daughter and listenthree sixty.What he meant was an invitation for listening with whole being. Listening 360 isnot merely listening but being absorbed, being totally immersed into the depth ofthe verses, in the tune, rhythms, vibrations. It triggers contemplative mood anddeep state of meditation.
  18. 18. The great listening / audition that lasted for 23 years When Prophet Muhammad, Allah‟s peace and blessings be upon his soul, started his long retreats and deep contemplation in Hira, the mountain cave near Mecca, he was also entering into the preparation what would become a 23 years of Great Audition / Listening of the Divine Voice, which ultimately became the revelations of The Quran. As they descended to his inner heart, he would spontaneously recite the holy revelations, hence the name Quran (which means the recitation). Often time, as he mentioned later that such revelation of Quran used to start with a sound which he had to listen with tremendous concentration and each time the experience was so intense that it would make him perspire even in cold desert night.
  19. 19. Realization and receiving grace through deep listeningOnly those become realized / respond / accept - who listen (truly)... ~ The Quran 6:36Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best in it: those are the ones whom God hasguided, and such are the gnostics. ~ The Quran 39:18I have chosen thee: listen, then, to the inspiration. (Allahs mystical conversation with Moseson the Holy Mountain) ~ The Quran 2:13When they listen to that which hath been revealed unto the messengers, thou seest their eyesoverflow with tears because of their recognition of the Truth. ~ The Quran 5:83Be not like those who say, "We hear," but hear not: ~ The Quran 8:21Wa-iza quria-al-qur-anu fastamiAAoolahu wa ansitoo laAAallakum turhamoon / When the Quranis recited, listen to it with deep listening, and pay attention: that you may receive grace. ~The Quran 7:204
  20. 20. Realization and receiving grace through deep listeningIn every cycle of ritual prayer (salat) practiced in Islam, as the devotee stand up frombowing position, reminds himself or herself by announcing "Sami Allah hu limanhamidah" - God ever listens to every spontaneous praise.It is then followed up by saying, "Rabbana, wa lakal hamd" - Our Lord, and to Theebelongs all praise.So “Ever listening” (Sami Allah) is a Sifat or Attribute of Allah and when we areengaged in deep listening, we are practicing a Sifat, a quality of Allah and with rightintention, this illuminates the inner being, the subtle centers / lataif.Takhalluk bi khalqiLlah – embody the qualities (akhlaq) of Allah ~ says our Prophet (s)
  21. 21. Realization and receiving grace through deep listening
  22. 22. Realization and receiving grace through deep listeningWa-iza sami’oo maaa unzila ila ar-rasooli tara a’yunahum tafeeduminaddami mimma AAarafoo mina al-haqq. Ya qooloona: ”Rabbanaamanna faktubna maAAa ashshahideen”When they hear (sami’oo) what was revealed to the messenger, you seetheir eyes flooding with tears as they recognize (ma’arafoo) the truth(al-haqq) therein, and they say, "Our Lord, we have believed, so countus among the witnesses (shahideen).”~ The Qur’an 5:83
  23. 23. Stay close to any soundS Stay close to any sounds "Be!". that make you glad you are alive. Hafiz, who will understand you if you do not explain that last line? Everything in this world is Well then, helplessly reeling. I will sing it this way: An invisible wake When God said to illusion, was created "Be!" when God said to His beautiful dead lover, - Mawlana Hafiz, the master sufi poet and saint of 14th century
  24. 24. Sound Psychology: The Human Voice in Energetic HealingS "The voice has all the magnetism your voice as a "sonic tool" to which an instrument lacks; for voice is vibrationally natures ideal instrument, upon which activate, heal, resonate/harmoniz all the other instruments of the world e body, mind and spirit. are modeled.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan S Human voice can change state ofS Our voice, the human voice, can consciousness almost be used as a tool for self- instantaneously. It balances awareness, which is the hemispheres of the brain, re-wires foundational mindset to heal neural nets, and changes the oneself. vibratory pattern of the etheric, emotional, mental, andS With proper training, you can use bioelectric bodies.
  25. 25. Sound Psychology: The Human Voice in Energetic HealingS Here is an elegant Secret: S Remember that in post-eternity the body will speak the truth and youS The way we use our voice is a clear will be witness, before that reality indicator of our self-esteem. comes, may we speak the truth to our body:S Changing our voice, its tone can change the whole way of expressing S Allah speaks: That Day, We will seal over ourselves in the world - and how their mouths, and their hands will speak the world sees us! to Us, and their feet will testify about what they used to earn. ~ 36:65S One‟s entire history is recorded in every cell of one‟s body: when you speak the truth to your body you can change your life.
  26. 26. Sound Psychology: The Human Voice in Energetic HealingS In "Healing Sounds," by Jonathan that utilizes vowel sounds to alter Goldman, he states: "From a vibrations in every molecule in physiological viewpoint, vocal the body.” harmonics creates changes in the heart beat, respiration and brainwaves of the reciter."S When we sigh, groan, hum or sing, we are toning.S Laeh Maggie Garfield, in her book "Sound Medicine," writes: "Toning is a system of healing
  27. 27. Physiology of Vibration & Human Voice / ChantingS The immune system which includes thymus gland is fairly large at the thymus gland, lymph birth and continues to grow until nodes, bone adolescence, when it begins to marrow, spleen, tonsils, adenoids, ap shrink. pendix, Peyers Patches are all connected and these system can be During the first few weeks of affected positive by sound and life, T-lymphocytes created in vibration. the thymus migrate to the blood stream and colonize lymphS For example the Thymus gland nodes through the body. These plays a key role in the later begin to manufacture immunological defense powerful antibodies vital for system, stimulating production immunity. of white blood cells that fight disease and infection. The
  28. 28. Physiology of Vibration & Human Voice / ChantingS Thymus being very adjacent to the lungs and also heart, the sound which are produced from within has direct vibratory effect and stimulates this very organ.S This possibly is one of the exoteric (zahiri) explanation of the mechanism of healing through boosting this vital organ responsible for immune system.
  29. 29. Stimulating bodily systems with VibrationS Example of useful sounds that are S Some researchers even believe particularly beneficial to the body that different infections and is a clean ”A” or “O” sound cancers in old people are closely which will make the linked to the decline in T chest, ster-num and neck vibrate. lymphocyte production.S Vibrations in the sternum will S Hence, if you were to stimulate stimulate the immune system the thymus in some way e.g. because the oscillations boost the through prayer or song, it is sure thymus which controls the to be advantageous. production of the body‟s key defence cells called T lymphocytes.
  30. 30. Stimulating bodily systems with VibrationS Vibrations in the throat will S Apart from the fact that you can stimulate another important stimulate this gland to some gland, the thyroid. This gland extent with vibrations, a produces hormones that regulate combination of generating sounds metabolism and thus the body‟s and movement of the neck (as energy consumption and body done sometime in Dhikr) can weight. increase blood flow to the neck and stimulating the benefit.S In addition, it also assists in strengthening heart function.
  31. 31. Stimulating bodily systems with VibrationS Another outcome of vibrations in therapeutic method. the throat and the resulting vagus nerve stimulation is the S Another interesting significance immediate reduction in blood of breathing while using your pressure and number of voice is simply that the breathing heartbeats. frequency is lowered and the natural breath becomes longer.S People with heart conditions or The same happens when you hum patients who have suffered a heart or sing or chat, which causes a attack can combine breathing feeling of happiness and well- exercises with sound generation being. as a simple preventive or
  32. 32. Stimulating bodily systems with VibrationS Making humming sounds while inflammatory function, which breathing through the nose has makes this exercise an obvious the beneficial effect of mixing air supplementary remedy in the from the nose with air from the treatment of diseases caused by sinuses which is rich on nitrogen inflammation in lung tissue. oxide (NO). S When we do dhikr which involvesS NO has the ability to increase the heavy breath-work, the unique bloods oxygen uptake properties associated with the significantly. small gas molecule nitric oxide can be utilize to boost function ofS In addition, NO has an anti- lungs. bacterial and thus anti-
  33. 33. Sound Psychology: ToningS Toning is the "nonverbal process of very tools high-tech scientists have using the voice to aid in the healing used to understand molecular of the human body." The practice biology are revealing that mind-body of toning incorporates using communication occurs on the various sounds -- specifically vowel deepest levels of cellular function... sounds, mantras, chanting, etc understanding mind-body unity is essential to recognizing how sound -S Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., a leading which has vibratory effects on oncologist and director of cells, organs, emotional effect on the integrative medicine at the Strang- brain, and which taps a spiritual Cornell Cancer Prevention dimension as yet undefined- is the Center, states in his book The next frontier in holistic healing." Healing Power of Sound, that "the
  34. 34. Sound Psychology: ToningS The power of "sacred sound" has "Toning is a system of healing been used by chanting and that utilizes vowel sounds to alter vocalizing sounds and vibrations in every molecule in vowels, and in mantras by ancient the body.” teachers for "spiritual realization," allowing a person to bypass the S Toning is an ancient method of mind, release obstacles, access healing creative and healing energy and awaken the self to a "higher consciousness.”S Laeh Maggie Garfield, in her book "Sound Medicine," writes:
  35. 35. Sound Psychology: ToningS The 3 basic sounds are the long S Toning is defined as to make basic vowel sounds of A, I and U. sound with an elongated vowel These are what the Sufis call the for an extended period.‟ universal harmonic constants and they are used in all mystic paths S Toning oxygenates the that utilise sound. Master these body, deepens breathing, relaxes sounds and you will ascend the musles and stimulates the whole stairway to heaven. ~ Shaykh body. Hakim Abu Abdullah Ghulam Moinuddin S Regular toning helps to restore health to the mind, body and spirit.
  36. 36. Sound Psychology: ToningS Toning together gives a send of of well being) in the brain. connection and help released stress and repressed emotions. S Toning has also been effective in relieving insomnia and other sleepS The muscles of the digestive disorders. system are massaged and stimulated by regular toning.S Research suggests that toning has a neurochemical effect on the body, boosting the immune system and causing the release of endorphins (stimulate the feeling
  37. 37. Quranic Recitation as the Most Powerful Tool for ToningS Yaa ayyuha an-naasu qad ja’atkum such things that have healing and maw`izhatun min rabbikum wa shifaun mercy for the faithfuls. ~17:82 limaa fee as-sudoori wa hudan wa rahmatun lil-mumineen S qul huwa lil-ladheena amanoo hudan wa shifaunS O Mankind! There has come to you a guidance from your Lord and a S And declare hat [the Quran] is a healing for (the diseases) in your guidance and healing for the hearts, and for those who believe a believers. ~ 41:44 guidance and a mercy. ~ 10:57 S Six Healing Verses:S Wa nunazzilu mina al-qurani ma huwa 9:14, 10:57, 16:69, 17:82, 26:80, 41: shifaun wa rahmatun lil-mumineen 44S And We sent down in the Quran
  38. 38. Quranic Recitation as the Most Powerful Tool for ToningS Effects of sound waves generated S Secondly, the sound waves during Qur‟anic recitation are especially at frequencies ranging possibly mediated by two exoteric from 50 – 800 db pass through the mechanisms: body and in the process they are transduced by the body tissues andS Firstly, through the ears sound cells leading to a change in the waves are converted into electrical vibratory frequency of the cells and stimuli that activate the Auditory generation of electrical stimuli. area of the brain that in turn stimulates release of chemicals and messengers that have healing properties.
  39. 39. Brain stimulated by Words and their corresponding Vibration /SoundsS While learning the Quran, the S It‟s also the brain region activated careful attention to listening and for processing of musical sounds pronunciation of verses stimulates such as the case when the Quran an area of the brain located in the is recited. temporal lobe.S The temporal lobe is also where the hippocampus is located, which is the memory consolidation center.
  40. 40. Great Effects with Tiny StimulationS Tongue touches the walls of the when even lightly pressed by the oral (mouth) cavity while we tongue. It has been documented speak. that this pressure at various points is responsible for initiating theS Recently scientists have found out swallowing reflex and other that there are very sensitive motor movements when we have receptors underneath the mucosal food in the mouth cavity. lining of the oral cavity specially the hard palate.S Theses receptors are stimulated
  41. 41. Great Effects with Tiny StimulationS For a moment say the word embedded in the mucosa covering “ALLAH” and notice your the hard palate. tongue.S The tip of the tongue gently presses against a spot on hard palate in the mid line just above the back of the gums of the upper front teeth (incisors). Pressure on this spot stimulates the release of signals from mechanoreceptors
  42. 42. Great Effects with Tiny StimulationS Scientific research has pointed out S Notice the tongue movement and towards existence of very touch on upper mouth when sensitive „Mechanoreceptors‟ in reciting the following sacred the oral cavity including the hard formula: palate. S La ilaha illallah (best dhikr and bestS Signals generated through tranquilizer of heart) pressure at this „magic spot‟ are transmitted to centers in the S Lahaula wala quwata illa Billahi-L- brain; what these signals do is not Aliyyil-Adhim (cure of 99 diseases) yet known / discovered. S Allahu Allah (elevator of ranks)
  43. 43. The Sound of the Qur‟anS Prophet (s) always stressed reading blood pressure, heart rate, and Qur‟an loudly and not silently by smooth muscle relaxation in saying: “The comparison between a Muslims as well as non-Muslims. silent reader and a recitor is like a bottle of perfume when it is closed S The Qur‟an itself recommend and when it is opened”. reciting it slowly (with pauses) for complete absorption of its effects.S In one of the few medical studies That means that if we recite very conducted on listening to the fast then the frequencies can overlap recitation of Holy Qur‟an Dr. and mingle up resulting in a Ahmed E. Kadi and Associates vibratory chaos thus rendering the (Cairo), have shown a reduction in beneficial effects useless.
  44. 44. The Sound of the Qur‟an:Organic & integrated healing effects Auditory center of brain Brain Mechano- Process receptors Tongue in motion Brain Vibration Stimulation to All body cells
  45. 45. Few ReferencesHow The Quran Shapes The Brain Vibration Therapyhttp://mohamedghilan.com/2012/01/12/ http://www.breatheology.com/services/arthow-the-quran-shapes-the-brain/ icles/health/vibration-therapyThe Healing Sound Sound Healinghttp://www.islamicwritings.org/quran/me http://www.sound-dical-miracles/the-healing-sound/ accord.com/sound_healingToning Power of Quranic Healinghttp://www.simonheather.co.uk/pages/cha http://kaheel7.com/eng/index.php/secretspters/thehealingoowerofsound_sample.pdf -of-quran-a-sunnah/69-the-power-of-quran- healing
  46. 46. Say: And leaveAllah! them in their tamasha (vain sports). ~ Qur‟an, 6:91
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Sonic Theology is the field which studies the effect of sound and vibration in Spirituality and towards attaining God realization and gnosis of God.


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