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Id-url double targeting URL

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Discover the ID-URL.
An indispensable tool for Internet of Things.

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Id-url double targeting URL

  1. 1. LINK EVERYTHING Object’s Identity CardThis document is the property of MyTagg SAS. It cannot be reproduced, even partially, without the written permission of MyTagg SAS.
  2. 2. What differences can you see between thesetwo bottles of milk, of industrial production?
  3. 3. Probably none.Because these two bottles are visually identical, clones, in a sense.Modern applications, based on visual recognition, would not see any either.Nevertheless numerous differences exist:- One is fresh, the other one is outdated- One was sold in a supermarket near your home, the other one on the Internet- One was in a special offer pack, the other one wasn’t- One is yours (you bought it), the other one isn’t- One is authentic, the other one a forgery …
  4. 4. To reflect these fundamental differences, each bottle should have been tagged with an identity card making each specific and unique.And what if this specific ID card, via a QRcode or a NFC chip, also allows to link to Internet in order to generate new services and applications, with high added values, destined to industrialists and their customers? Would this be the Internet of Things?
  5. 5. The Internet of things is an emerging technology for which it is necessary to identify, in an absolute manner, physical and spatial entities (objects and places) in order to link them to digital assets (information, medias and services) available on the Net and thus put it at the disposal of the different users categories via electronic terminals (smartphones, tablets, augmented reality glasses, …).
  6. 6. - The ID-Url concept:ID-Url is a double-target web address.It identifies both a digital resource available on the Web (“traditional” Internet) as well as aphysical or conceptual entity - object, objects batch, or places - (Internet of Things).ID-Urls examples:http://examples.com/milk_bottle_number_1http://examples.com/milk_bottle_number_2http://examples.com/milk_bottle_number_3http://examples.com/milk_bottle_number_4http://examples.com/milk_bottle_number_5Objects identities can contain many additional information such as batchnumber, manufacturing date, expiration date, … or even the cow’s name!
  7. 7. ID-Urls benefits are numerous:- Universality of the http protocol- Autonomy and independence in the creation/management of identifiers- Unlimited number of identifiers allowing a unitary absolute tracking- Control and updating of digital assets available in real time-Perfect complement for interconnection of literally connected objects.And so many marketing, tracking, interactive applications !
  8. 8. MyTAGG is a S.A.A.S. (Software As A Service).MyTAGG display Internet of Things in a simple and effective way. Based on an original idea, MyTAGG was created in Paris France in 2009. Our ambition is to trigger the new ideas of the Internet of Things era by providing all the necessary tools. Created for professionals and general public, MyTAGG tools are easily accessible and offer a high modularity degree.
  9. 9. Screenshots:- Dashboard
  10. 10. -ID-Url edition
  11. 11. -Widgets Page edition
  12. 12. -Qrcode customize & download
  13. 13. -ID-Url statistics
  14. 14. Flash-me ! Join us on mytagg.org !Create an account !This document is the property of MyTagg SAS. It cannot be reproduced, even partially, without the written permission of MyTagg SAS.