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Fat vs sugar An Experiment!

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Whenever I eat out lately it always involves more fat than I should be eating in one meal. At Pizza Hut I will have a large stuffed crust with Dominic and Kyle that will be full of fats that are really not good for you. We went a couple of weekends ago and it was our first trip there in about 4 months. I adore the pizza’s at Pizza Hut and they use a lot more olive oil here in Portugal so they are a lot nicer than England and we soon scoff our way through a big one!

Well it got me thinking.

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Fat vs sugar An Experiment!

  1. 1. Fatty foods taste
  2. 2. BUT…
  3. 3. Are they making you crave sugar?
  4. 4. Is there science behind the craving?
  5. 5. Or…
  6. 6. Is it something else?
  7. 7. Fat vs Sugar…
  8. 8. Who will be the winner?