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R&D Search 081013 Search Solutions Conference

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Presentation given by Nick Brown (AstraZeneca) on 8th October 2013 at the Search Solutions 2013 conference.

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R&D Search 081013 Search Solutions Conference

  1. 1. Rapid Delivery Of Business Intelligence Applications Through R&D Search Experience Search Solutions 2013 Tuesday October 8th Nick Brown, Susan Donohoe, Rob Hernandez, Youssef Belghali, Nasko Radev, Steve Woodward & Akshay Tankhiwale
  2. 2. AstraZeneca Health Connect Us All AstraZeneca is a biopharmaceutical company with Research and Development at its core. Our business is providing innovative, effective medicines that make a real difference to patients. We focus on six important areas of healthcare. In R&D, we invest over $4 billion every year and with over 15,000 professionals in 8 countries, on 3 continents, accessing and leveraging information is key.
  3. 3. Distributed R&D Leads to Information Silos Photo Credit: http://cdn-wac.emirates247.com/polopoly_fs/1.509718.1370831315!/image/256556252.jpg
  4. 4. Existing Semantic Search Architecture 5. Business Applications 4. Insight & Analytics Auto-Tagging Auto-Class NLP Rules Match 2. Ontology Enrich Text Mining Normalization Entity Extraction 3. Search Index Cluster Publications Trials Patents Conferences Grants News RDF data CRM SharePoint PKT LDMS Yammer Wiki File shares 1. ETL Unstructured External Oracle Data Marts structured Internal Unstructured Internal
  5. 5. Strategic Approach Technology Stack 1 Connectors to any unstructured and structured sources 2 1 Accurate semantic mark-up with text-mining capabilities 3 1 Intelligent, intuitive search that hides the advanced features 4 1 Generate insight & analytics across information types 5 1 Rapidly deliver mobile business intelligence applications 3 months ago, we licensed Sinequa for our R&D search platform.
  6. 6. Advanced Widgets Built To Be Put Together Easily In Different Ways Photo Credit: http://media2.ph.88db.com/DB88UploadFiles_med2/2010/05/08/1909CD39-2608-4333-B7D5-16F79E0FA1D4.JPG
  7. 7. Virtual Team Connected By Passion To build our applications rapidly, we supplement our team with external experts, including running competitions on open innovation platform like TopCoder.
  8. 8. External Data Sources Easily Connected 25M 80M Publications 60M Patents Clinical Trial Registries Grants Conferences In R&D, we have over 200 million documents in publications, patents and conference abstracts. Having a historical perspective can help when designing business intelligence applications like breaking science or target selection
  9. 9. Internal Data Sources Security & Access Control Department Fileshares R&D Wiki The richest, most valuable content is our internal data sources. Our systems adheres to our security controls – you only find what you have access to…
  10. 10. R&D Search Screenshot We automatically search other synonyms like Vandetanib and internal identifiers such as ZD6474 Top hits are now key relevant scientific documents R&D vocabs are dispayed, from brand, disease, scientists & mechanisms such as EGFR and VEGFR R&D Search can handle a number of languages
  11. 11. R&D Vocabularies Screenshot Focused on vocabularies that are important to scientists :Drugs People Cell types Diseases Companies Technology Genes Organisms Skills MicroRNA Cell-lines Safety Mechanisms Developed new approaches within Sinequa to allow easy vocabulary curation. -Tagging scores allow us to identify documents with no tags or too many tags Hiearchical synonym trees help to rapidly identify problem terms like ‘when’ Individual documents display number of synonym occurrences.
  12. 12. R&D Department Screenshot Teams can search across this rich internal content and find not just relevant documents but also other drugs, mechanisms and even people to help.
  13. 13. R&D Journal Screenshot Developed to look like an external scientific journal, R&D Journal provides a mechanism within AstraZeneca where our scientists can publish articles and experimental reports that can be shared and pushed out to other members of the department Other users can add ratings and comments, as well as sign up for alerts and search across this content
  14. 14. R&D Labs Mobile Access To Apps Currently piloting Amazon web-services with Ping Federate (authentication) and Data Power (access), to enabled mobile applications to query against our search index: drug repositioning conference capture life cycle management breaking science external KOL identification chemical search
  15. 15. R&D Experts Find & Connect within AZ & MedImmune Experts allows R&D to find and connect to the key experts on any scientific topic.       Minimise duplication Increase cross R&D collaboration Automatically updated Recommend new contacts Curate & advertise yourself Social network analysis & visual connectivity
  16. 16. Next Steps More R&D Indexing Photo credit: http://chamorrobible.org/images/photos/gpw-200904-NASA-ISS016-E-37922-The-World-Dubai-United-Arab-Emirates-20080403-large.jpg
  17. 17. Next Steps More Business Applications Deliver applications that use analytics across the entire document index such as drug repositioning and external KOL identification, made mobile.
  18. 18. Next Steps More Search Widgets Further collaborate with Sinequa to implement other features around visualisation, feedback & commenting and new search relevancy algorithms
  19. 19. Thank You Acknowledgements & Questions Delivering this in the past 12 weeks wouldn’t have been possible without an enormous amount of support from many people, not all listed here today. Sinequa: Christian Sestier, Tim Bell, Xavier Pornain, Ariane Cavet, Frédéric Lardé, Olivier Gaunet & Alex Bilger Pebble Code: John Mildinhall, Tak Tran, Mark Durrant & Toby Hunt AstraZeneca: Youssef Belghali, Tim McCoy, David Rafferty, Nick Barlow, Tania Hide, Lisa Taylor, Hari Radhakrishnan, Adel Kassim & Pete Dudek. Finally many thanks to Sebastian Lefebvre, Jason Swift & Paul Fitzpatrick for sponsoring and helping us to get this project launched.