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OOH Business Strategy

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Outdoor Advertising

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OOH Business Strategy

  1. 1. Objective Setting Strategic Planning Basic Monthly, quarterly and Six monthly Strategy ExecutionSchedule/Cost & Time Periodic Reviews Lines
  2. 2. Assets Development  Business association with media owner in western region.  Cracking Municipal Corporation of tier -2 cities  Planning for acquiring media in up coming Malls on DBOT as per the company guidelines  Looking for untapped an venues by foray different form of media  Way finding Signages ,Wall wraps and Glass Facade in Mumbai.  Acquiring Media rights in Non Stop train Name Duronto (To create a basics platform all ATL & BTL activity inside the train)
  3. 3. Client Development  Shall be pitching to client those who are aware of out of home media.Feb-Mar-  All Mutual funds company & Insurance sectors(Tax benefit & ELSS Fund).• All OOH Client• Financial and tax  Regular follow- up with all broadcasting channels• Broadcaster• DTH  Targeting on IPL & it’s related branding company• Automobile  Aggressively working on Home Loan & Automobile• IPL client sector ( Pre Budget)• Home Loan segment  Tapping the DTH,LCD, Net book, Notebook & Plasma brand (Pre IPL & Budget)
  4. 4. Client Development  All Major tours and Travel company.  All Vertical Web-portals (ATL & BTL)  Entire Retail Segments, Apparels and BrandsMar-April  Targeting on IPL & it’s related branding Co.(follow-• Tours & Travel up)• Vertical Portal• Retail  Tapping all F.M.C.G Brands & Beverages.• Real-Estate  All Major Ari-condition Segments.• Apparels & Gems• FMCG Brands.• Air-condition
  5. 5. Client Development  All Cola and Beverages’ (ATL & BTL)  Entire Cement Segments and related Brands for C.I  Focusing on IPO, Real-estate, educational instituteMay-June and Overseas Education client(ATL & BTL)• Cola & Beverages• Cement  Tapping all F.M.C.G Brands• IPO  All trade and business exhibition.• Educational• New products  All foreign exchange brands• Exhibitions Fair• Forex
  6. 6. Relationship Development All AgencyAll major BTLAll Major ATL&CreativeAll Major P.RAg.
  7. 7. STEPS KEY CONCEPTS Mental mapsIdentify and Establish contacts & Competitive frame of referenceOffering Brand Positioning and Values Points-of-Competitor and points-of-difference Core enkon valuesPlan and Implement Strategy Mixing and matching of media elementsthat suits client’s requirement Integrating marketing activities Leveraging of enkon associationsCompetitive updated information Competition Movement in our area Competitor media auditsthrough Pin mailers Offering best option from that market Customized plan matrixGrow and Sustain Client Vacation Vouchers Barter
  8. 8. Advertiser buysnot time in TV or Radio airnot pages in Press Mediabutaudience of Mass MediaWhy OOH poor in India, just because of improper media measurement tool
  9. 9. 90% Awareness70%Knowledge
  10. 10. nRelated behavioral Movement toward Types of promotions andDimensions purchase advertising at each step Point of purchase Purchase Retail store ads, DealsCo nativeRealm of motives. “Last-chance” offers Price appeals, TestimonialsAds stimulate or direct Convictiondesires. PreferenceAffective Competitive adsRealm of emotions. Argumentative copyAds change attitudes Likingand feelings “Image” copy Status, glamour appeals KnowledgeCognitiveRealm of thoughts. AnnouncementsAds provide information Descriptive copy Awareness Classified adsand facts. Slogans, jingles, skywriting Teaser campaigns
  11. 11. Objectives Setting Budget DecisionsMessage Decisions Media Decisions Campaign Evaluation
  12. 12. Advertising Objectives • Specific Communication Task • Accomplished with a Specific Target Audience • During a Specific Period of TimeInformative Advertising Persuasive Advertising Build Primary Demand Build Selective DemandComparison Advertising Reminder AdvertisingCompares One Brand to Keeps Consumers Thinking Another About a Product.
  13. 13. Advertising Program Evaluation Communication Effects Sales EffectsIs the Ad Communicating Well? Is the Ad Increasing Sales?
  14. 14. Enhance corporation’s identityInstitutionalAdvertising Advocacy advertising Pioneering Product CompetitiveAdvertising Comparative
  15. 15. Top Management Sets theSpending LimitThe Promotion Budget Is Set to StayWithin the Spending Limit
  16. 16. Advertising Budget MethodsAffordable, Percentage of Sales, Competitive-Parity and Objective-and- Task Product Stage in the Product Differentiation Life Cycle Factors in Setting theAdvertising Advertising Market Frequency Budget Share Competition and Clutter
  17. 17. AppreciationAs anindividualscore bestthe same Recognition Mind Goodwilleffect will churncontribute totheemployer Sales Satisfaction & Self safety
  18. 18. 4. RELATIONSHIPS = RESONANCE What about you & me? 3. RESPONSE = JUDGMENTS FEELINGS What about you? 2. MEANING =PERFORMANCE IMAGERY What are you? 1. IDENTITY = SALIENCE Who are you?
  19. 19. In every complex sale, there are four types of buying influences. These people are not necessarily the same for different sales objectives even with the same company.  Economic Buying Influence: gives final approval to buy; one person or set of people. Find Economic Buying early and demonstrate the bottom line impact  User Buying Influences: make judgments about the potential impact of your product/service on their job performance; there may be several User Buying  Technical Buying Influences: screen out possible suppliers; make recommendations based on how well the product meets a variety of objective specifications; can’t give a final yes, buy they can (and often do) give a final no.
  20. 20. Marketers know strong brands are important but aren’t always sure how to build their owns brands, corporate Identity against competition. Competition V/S Our form of attack ….. Brand formation/Recall comprehensive cohesive well-grounded Media Price V/S Customer Point ROI of view up-to-date actionable Marketers