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Mapping North East Denver Change

NACIS 2016 Prsentation
Rachel Stevenson, UC Denver
Emily Anderson, UC Denver
Bryan West, UC Denver
Cody Peterson, UC Denver
Isaac Rivera, UC Denver
Dr. Jordan Hill, UC Denver
In the Spring of 2016, various students from multiple disciplines at the University of Colorado Denver, came together to research and map the current and future redevelopment happening in North/East Denver. The city's mayor has imagined a corridor of opportunity that consists of six main development projects aimed at improving the image of Denver. These projects however, have given rise to serious questions regrading social and environmental justice for the communities residing at the intersection of these projects. These students have developed an informational resource aimed at shedding light on the adverse impacts these projects are having and will have on the primarily Hispanic and low income populations of greater North/East Denver. This informational resource took the form of a website that showcased a series of maps visualizing development project areas and the demographics of the local population and various impacts of those development projects.

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Mapping North East Denver Change

  1. 1. Mapping North East Denver Change Rachel Stevenson - University of Colorado Denver
  2. 2. Outline Background ♣ The Class ♣ The Process ♣ The Project ♣ Conclusion
  3. 3. Background: Corridor Of Opportunity
  4. 4. The Class Spring 2016 The class consisted of a series of different disciplines • Planning • Humanities • GIS/Cartography Students look on tasks that pushed their comfort zone as well as tasks that played to their strengths. Main focus being: We wanted to help fill the gap of lack of information
  5. 5. The Process:  Week 1-4: Research and Community Meetings  Learn about the community  Understand what work has already been done.  Understand what gaps are missing.  Create a plan for the implantation  Week 5-8: Develop Resources  Media  Drawings  Maps  Interviews  Glossary  Week 12-16: Implementation and FinalTouches  Build the website  Wrap up and Next Steps
  6. 6. The Project • The website was the vehicle by which the class posted all of the resources we collected over a four month period. • The website has: – Maps of the areas in question – Videos of the affected communities – And other resources for community engagement
  7. 7. Conclusion www.northeastdenverChange.o