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Bringing Broadband to Rural Communities and Regions

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Bringing Broadband to Rural Communities and Regions

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Bringing Broadband to Rural Communities and Regions

  1. 1. Broadband: Regional Collaboration October 20, 2020 NADO ATC Conference
  2. 2. Mid-Columbia Region
  3. 3. CEDS: Broadband Broadband is essential to providing economic opportunities throughout the Mid-Columbia region….Enhancing broadband capacity for the region will enhance economic opportunities and support more resilient and networked communities
  4. 4. Challenges
  5. 5. Opportunities
  6. 6. Community Engagement Model • Form community work group—think broadly • Aggregate community demand • Explore assets, creative partnerships, funding opp. • Work with local stakeholders, ISPs to support investment
  7. 7. Case Study: Maupin Result: Fiber to the Home Network, publicly owned Key Takeaways: • Demand aggregation to tell a story • Collaborative approach with public/private partnership • Local champions are critical • Persistence pays off!
  8. 8. Case Study: Sherman County Result: Hybrid Wireless, Fiber to the Home Network Key Takeaways: • Leverage existing assets • Clear vision supports accessing funding
  9. 9. Case Study: Hotspots for Telemedicine Result: Cell based hotspots available for telehealth, education during harvest to support migrant and seasonal farm workers in response to COVID-19 Key Takeaways: • Think about partners who might not be traditional for economic development—this is on everyone’s mind right now! • Creative solutions Full disclosure: Bragging about work spearheaded by OSU Extension, Incident Command for Wasco County, and our migrant education provider!
  10. 10. Case Study: WebWorks: Anywhere! Result: Businesses learning from businesses Key Takeaways: • Not necessarily intuitive to our business owners • Opportunity for them to build networks through training engagement • Working with partners to leverage strengths is as important for training as for infrastructure!
  11. 11. Regional Coordination
  12. 12. Key Take Aways for Communities • Incorporate broadband into regional and local strategies for community and economic development • Think creatively—and broadly— about partnerships. • Be ready to take advantage of resources when they are available • Make space for a regional conversation!
  13. 13. Carrie Pipinich Senior Project Manager carrie@mcedd.org Questions?
  14. 14. REGIONAL BROADBAND INFRASTRUCTURE CEDS, Hotspots & Collaboration October 20, 2020 Jim Baldwin, Executive Director Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission
  16. 16. Questions Contact Information Email – jimbaldwin@bvu.net Phone – 276-889-1778