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A better you

Personal & Professional Skills improvment Highlights

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A better you

  1. 1. A BETTER YOU DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLSBY: Nahla El Banhawy Reference Rotar Act course for Personal & Professional skills by Dr. Beverly
  2. 2. WHY A BETTER YOUThis presentations’ goal is to inspire you towards  Change  Encourage you on your journey  Help you realize how to find the fulfillment and A BettER YOU excitement you have been seeking  live happy, healthy, successful, and free
  3. 3. Love yourselfTo create a better YOU A BettER YOUSome stuff affect you while you are too busy in life what we are trying here is to spot light and minimize them Before After
  4. 4. AGENDAI. Don’t Sweat the Small StuffII. Feel The Fear & Do it anywayIII. Think Strategically The 7 habits of highly proactive people A BettER YOUIV.
  6. 6. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF Keep from letting the little things in life drive you crazy A BettER YOU Small daily changes can make a better you Live in the present moment ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY
  7. 7. MANAGE YOUR TIME Set aside Quite time Everyday Allow yourself to be bored A BettER YOU
  8. 8. MANAGE YOUR TIME Life is happening while you are planning A BettER YOU
  9. 9. ADD LOVE TO YOUR LIFE Be the first one to act loving or reach out Spend a moment everyday thinking of someone to thank A BettER YOU
  10. 10. ADD LOVE TO YOUR LIFE Practice random acts of kindness Fill your life with love A BettER YOU In a cold, hard world some people are reaching out in unexpected ways.
  11. 11. PATIENCE Look beyond behaviour Create “A patience practice period” A BettER YOU
  12. 12. PATIENCE Seek first to understand then to be understood Become a better listener Resist the urge to criticize A BettER YOU
  14. 14. What is the most thing that you are afraid of? A BettER YOU DEATH Not Succeeding FLIGHT
  15. 15. I CAN’T HANDLE IT A BettER YOU At the bottom of every fear is simply the fear that you can’t handle whatever life may bring you
  16. 16. FROM PAIN TO POWER How to hold fear Pain Power Helplessness Choice A BettER YOU Depression Energy
  17. 17. PAIN TO POWER VOCABULARY Pain Power I Can’t I Won’t A BettER YOU It’s not my fault I am totally responsible If Only Next Time What will I do ? I know i can handle it
  19. 19. Interdependence Seek First toUnderstand …… Synergize Then to be Understood PUBLIC VICTORY Think Win/Win A BettER YOU Independence Put First Things First PRIVATE Be VICTORY Begin with Proactive End in mind Dependence
  20. 20. REMEMBER
  21. 21. WHAT YOU REACH Understand the statement “Where ever you go there you are” Be happy where you are A BettER YOU Stop blaming others
  22. 22. ....... REMEMBER Be grateful when you are feeling good and graceful when you are feeling bad Remember one hundred years from now, all new people. A BettER YOU Keep asking yourself “What’s really important?”
  23. 23. A BettER YOU