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Crystals nyc

  1. In today's era many women are curious to wear crystal jewellery most of the times. Namaste bookshop is the perfect name for buying any kind of Crystals NYC. Crystals NYC
  2. Shop Charming Beads, Tektite Nugget at Namaste Bookshop. Most scientists believe that tektites were formed when the extreme pressure and temperature of meteors striking the earth millions of years ago created this natural glass. These beads are mostly in the 10 to 15mm range. Temporarily strung. TEKTITE NUGGET
  3. You will love the way an amethyst pendant makes you sparkle and shine. The simplicity and elegance of this particular gemstone makes it an ideal choice for everyone. Buy This From: Namaste AMETHYST PENDANT
  4. Herkimer diamond is also known as a double- terminated quartz crystal. You may also come into the store and pick out the piece if we still have more than 1 available. HERKIMER DIAMOND
  5. Amethyst Geode is a well known mineral and gemstone, if so then Namaste Bookshop is the right place for you-being professional in our work helps you to choose the right one from huge AMETHYST GEODE
  6. Buy Healing Citrine Crystal Point Pendant - Energy, joy, wealth From Namaste Bookshop CITRINE POINT PENDANTS
  7. 2 W 14th St New York NY 10011 corner of 14th Street and 5th Avenue Tel: (212) 645-0141 Store Hours : Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Sunday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm Email: customersupport@namastebookshop.c om CONTACT US
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