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Dynamic work culture


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Dynamic work culture

  1. 1. Nanthitha Jayagopal Senior Executive -HR
  2. 2. An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve the job performance for the benefit of the organization Defined as the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards their organization and values Engagement is closely related to job involvement and flow
  4. 4. Value-based companies are more successful. Organizations featured in best company to work for or firms of endearment out-perform their competitors by 300-400%. As Richard Barrett puts it: “The difference between the best companies to work for and other companies is (that) they care about the needs of their employees – they care about what their employees value.” Value-based management, or VBM, focuses on better decision making on all levels within a company, This approach has the great advantage of ensuring a balance between short-term decisions and long-term decisions, aligning the company direction with its key value drivers.
  5. 5. Gallup sets a list of behaviors that Engaged employees display in a company: •Consistently high levels of performance •Natural innovation and a drive for efficiency •Intentional building of supportive efficiency •Clear understanding about the desired outcomes for their roles •Emotional commitment to what they do •High energy enthusiasm •Commitment to their organization, work group and job This commitment to the company makes it a natural behavior to offer their discretionary effort and time for the greater good of a project or team.
  6. 6. Employee engagement is an organizational effort that requires a long-term vision in a business strategy context, if it is to improve productivity and retention rates.
  7. 7. Engaged employees are 50% more productive than colleagues who are not engaged
  8. 8. Though usually not ranked the most important, compensation is an important factor in job satisfaction An employee who feels adequately compensated monetarily is more likely to stay with your organization
  9. 9. Find Analyze Implement Encourage with constant communication Will be there for them Celebrate their achievements Encourage them to bring new projects to the table
  10. 10. “Employee happiness is mainly controlled by the employee” and that “Employee engagement is largely controlled by the employee.”
  11. 11. Employee Engagement Ideas
  12. 12. Assign - company’s values to a certain employee, every month, based on a peer-voting process. The person who best represented that value can be set as an example and be publicly acknowledged for his actions.
  13. 13. Designing your own game rules makes playing a lot more fun. Team synergy is not an easy objective to attain, and it’s definitely not a rapid one. But it is essential to the end-game objective and To the overall performance of the project. Having teams to create a team culture, based on 2-3 commonly agreed values or ground rules can help nurture and speed up that process.
  14. 14. Having people from different departments connecting and bouncing ideas can help get a new perspective. Projects and initiatives can get new directions, encouraging a creativity and energy flow that would only benefit the rest of the working hours. Ever heard of the Blue Sky program?
  15. 15. An important part of the on boarding process is having someone answer some really important questions. Questions that someone would be hesitant to simply ask a manager. Building a trustworthy relationship with someone with more experience in that company can help guide the newcomer. This way he or she can better adapt and grow part of the team.
  16. 16. For the more open-minded companies, this initiative can bring a lot of fun and increase employee loyalty.
  17. 17. Have photos of your team on a wall, or frame them around the office. Group photos, funny photos, events photos or random photos snapped when people weren’t watching. It’s a cultural element that can encourage and foster work relationships and employee engagement.
  18. 18. I’m sure at least half of the people reading this article will have an eyebrow up at this point. Bear with me. In 2008, attrition among AT&T Mobility’s retail sales consultants cost millions annually and impacted the service experience. The company reduced costs, increased revenues and improved the customer experience by developing employees to be more inspired and engaged.
  19. 19. It’s important that you emphasize, once in a while, what your company stands for. People need to be reminded of : why they are doing ? : what they’re doing?
  20. 20. You might have heard some pretty inspiring ideas around the office. What about that project that came together so well and had some amazing improvements that no one initially thought of? Find out who came up with that idea. Give them a friendly “Good job!” or recognize them publicly for going the extra mile.
  21. 21. Big or small, they are the solid proof that the work people are putting in has meaning. No one can go through tasks and assignments for months, or even years without burning out. Refill their energy tanks with some recognition and celebrate their hard work. This is also a great way to glue together teams.
  22. 22. Birthdays, promotions, retirements, newcomers welcoming, there are plenty of important moments where people can be put at the front of the company. They make the company and it’s a great and relaxing way of showing them that they matter.
  23. 23. Yes, everyone knows that and everyone talks about it. But it’s really hard to implement. You’re dealing with peoples’ work, their position, their emotions and key success factors. It’s a dangerous mix that the wrong feedback can cause to explode. Keep it simple. Offer a framework or a system that employees can use with confidence and honesty. Let them know you value their opinion and, most importantly, act on that feedback. More thoughts on feedback.
  24. 24. It’s the small things that can sometime make a difference. Like having colored mugs at work or an awesome air freshener.
  25. 25. Go out, have fun, have team building and weekend competitions! It can be really overwhelming to work, work, work 8-12h a day and crave a weekend that passes in a blink of an eye. Join sports competitions and encourage team playing activities.
  26. 26. Performance management is an ongoing process where the manager/supervisor and employee work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives or goals and overall contribution to the organization Motivates employees to do their best Establishes clear communication between the manager and the employee about what s/he is expected to accomplish Provides on-going, constructive feedback on performance Establishes plans for improving performance, as necessary Identifies the skills and abilities of each employee so that work assignments build on and reflect an employee's strengths Identifies individual employees for more challenging work
  27. 27. Investing in training programs helps employees develop personally and professionally
  28. 28. When you develop and support effective teams, you enhance the power and feeling of satisfaction of individuals working on the team When a team works well, it means that staff trust one another and that leads to better sharing of knowledge and understanding
  29. 29. Developing an Innovative Culture
  30. 30.  Organization culture is one of the important parameters that affects us.  It is something that makes us come back to work each day with a purpose and a smile.  Our culture is a reflection of our beliefs and spirit.  Freedom of expression  Appreciation of excellence  Your opinion counts  Deep rooted beliefs  Your well being matters
  31. 31.  A Culture of Transparency  A Culture of Giving  Being an Employer of Choice We Succeed When Our Customers Succeed We Grow When Our People Grow Teams Work, Boundaries Don’t Energy and Focus Transform Challenges into Opportunities Outstanding Execution Delivers Impact Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve
  32. 32.  Encourage knowledge sharing in a creative way – Presentations on their Experience in weekends(Sales & marketing).  Showing them the money.  Create a knowledge sharing system - every individuals.  Involving employees in business planning process – Team Meets.
  33. 33.  Updating Knowledge by department wise,  HR Can Nominate according on calendar basis.  Accounts,CRM,HR,Sales, Marketing,Admin ,etc……
  34. 34.  Encourage and provide learning opportunities  Having a “HACK DAY”  Create their own on boarding experience  I am my own hero – Display the achievements of month.(employee).  Internal magazine  Extraordinary Managers  Excitement about upcoming opportunities  Give back  Best Employee of the Month.(Sales,attendence ,feedback,etc…)
  35. 35.  Talent Hunt  Motivational Mail (day basis).  Employee Bonding Event  Diversity Week  Wellness Week  Magazines for Employees achievements.  Career Growth  Advanced learning opportunities  Suggestion box  HR Manual or HR Policies Handbook.  Events Gift – (Marriage)  Color of month – (employees Wear unique color suit every 1st Sat of month)

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  • Candidatures must be analyzed – lack of knowledge in which Projection by team leader or HRD (suggestion box helps for this analysis) /Must be adequately trained and trainer must be evaluated on based of training given to candidatures.
  • Suggestion Box - helps