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Younger teacher self version 2.2

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Nov 2 Class
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Younger teacher self version 2.2

  1. 1. Dear Younger-Teacher-Self… What would veteran teachers say if they could meet their younger selves, as freshly minted teachers? ETAI Summer Conference July 2015
  2. 2. Inspired by a blogging project organized by Joanna Malefaki on her website, here: https://myeltrambles.wordpress.com/
  3. 3. Note: All entries and names are shown as submitted. Collected by Naomi Epstein
  4. 4. Greece It's OK to say, " I don't know.“ Joanna Malefaki Don't worry so much! The kids are waiting for ME to set the tone of the class! Margie Cohen-Jackel Israel
  5. 5. Italy /Israel When things go wrong, don't panic, just change... yourself and your approach! Everything begins and ends with the amount of energy you have. Gratzia Golan
  6. 6. U.S of A /Israel Adele 1. It's not all about you. 2. Don't assume your students know that you care about them: TELL them! Hey Mariana, Don`t worry! Every long journey begins with a small step! Mariana Manolova Bulgaria
  7. 7. Israel Don't follow the grammar books' material; too structured. Make your own worksheets to suit the needs of each class. Phyllis Oded
  8. 8. Don't worry about not being able to draw a straight line with a ruler - there will be computers!! Naomi Epstein Israel Be patient, don't expect much, some days will be unbearable but in the long run it will be worth the pain. Yael Goldstein
  9. 9. U.S.A / Israel Don't take the first job offered. Wait until there's an opening at a school where the students are competitive academically. Marlene Goldberg
  10. 10. Russia Don‘t take what happens in class and/or school TOO close to heart. Turn to the colleague you trust and talk it out. Anna
  11. 11. Don't forget your sense of humo Elaine Goldstein Israel Remember - never lose your sense of humor. Ultimately, the kids are ridiculous! Michele Ben
  12. 12. U.S.A / Israel Remember that no matter how old your students look, they're just kids and kids do stupid things sometimes. Bari Nirenberg
  13. 13. Israel The fact that you love grammar doesn't mean that your students love, understand or NEED it as much as you do! Leo Selivan (aka Lexical Leo)
  14. 14. Love yourself more, and then remember that every mother's child is beautiful, with unique needs. Judy Henn Israel Show your kids that you believe in them. Renee
  15. 15. Switzerland Everything will turn out fine, even when it doesn't look like it and you will love this job and your students! Vicky Loras
  16. 16. Israel Love your pupils as if they were your own children. Rachel ALWAYS love your pupils. Humor is a great teaching tool. Esther Hilf Revivo
  17. 17. U.S.A / Israel Hold in there! With time and experience you'll get the hang of it and will love your job! It's hard but worth it. Debby Zweibach
  18. 18. Czech Republic Don't be afraid to show positive, as well as negative, emotions. Be aware, though, that once emotions take control of you, the teacher, they become a hindrance. Work with emotions carefully and don't let them befog your thinking and your attitudes. Hana Tichá
  19. 19. Treat them as if they were your own children and they will pay you back with respect and gratitude! Meshulam Howitt Israel
  20. 20. What’s food got to do with it?
  21. 21. Israel Sleep 8 hours, eat breakfast, and remember your favorite song. D.S.
  22. 22. U.S.A / Israel The Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom Knowledge is knowing that the tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable. Wisdom is knowing that the tomato belongs in your vegetable salad and not your fruit salad. Israel A. Cohen
  23. 23. Do your best, enjoy your teaching, raise your prices, spend the money on professional development (and food). Helen Waldron U.K.
  24. 24. Food for the soul and mind
  25. 25. Israel Do at least one in-service training course every year. It's good for your soul and your salary! Denise Cohen
  26. 26. Israel Teaching is difficult, but with experience it becomes enjoyable. To increase your salary, engulf and devour 'hishtalmuyot'. Dorian Cohen
  27. 27. Greece Be genuinely interested in your profession. Be passionate about it because this is the only way you will be able to overcome obstacles but , most of all, enjoy every moment of it!! Vicky Papageorgiu
  28. 28. Every day is a good day to learn something new. Mona Arvinte Romania You're never teaching if you're not learning. Leo JC Brazil
  29. 29. Norway Make time to observe other teachers' lessons. You'll get inspired and get ideas. Maia Benkow
  30. 30. U.S.A -Austria Go to conferences and keep a journal of the good ideas you hear and try them out in your own classroom. Make notes on how they went so you can refer back to the journal for ideas when you need something new. Marjorie Rosenberg
  31. 31. Serbia Always be willing to learn from your students. Gordona Popovic Inspire through sharing, collaborating and creating. Dina Buzaglo Israel
  32. 32. Israel Engage in studies in which you are in grade 1, so to speak, to better understand your students' plight. Students can benefit from repeating a sentence 10 times. Dorit Renov
  33. 33. England Enjoy it and beware the mood hoovers! Fabenglishteacher
  34. 34. Israel Relax - you're doing great! You can't please everybody all the time... Elizabeth Simply ENJOY your job. Mona Saleh Yemen
  35. 35. Teaching math is fun, but teaching English is much more fun! (I started out as a math teacher). Sara G. israel Israel
  36. 36. Israel Go into every classroom with a smile on your face. Susan Bedein Sing your song and teach your true colors. Lauren Ornstein
  37. 37. Israel Relax in the classroom and remember to see each and every pupil. Enjoy the lesson and remember the kids want to learn, even the ones who pretend not to want to! Aviva
  38. 38. U.S.A Enjoy your students and be a role model. You may be the first smiling face of the day to greet them and wish them a 'good morning'. Arlene B.
  39. 39. England / Israel It'll take you at least 40 years to get the hang of it. Meanwhile enjoy the frequent changes !!! They'll keep you interested. Sharon Stern
  40. 40. England Keep everything organized from the start of your teaching career. Laura Green
  41. 41. Australia/Israel Learning a language is not easy and everybody learns at their own pace and in their own way, which means that ultimately all classes are heterogeneous. Accept this fact and plan accordingly, to ensure all learners' needs are met. Jane Cohen
  42. 42. U.K. Being thorough is better than being popular, so set and check more homework every time. Wiktor
  43. 43. Scotland It does get easier! Dace Praulins Be prepared for the unexpected! Sarah Dembinsky Israel
  44. 44. Israel "To thine own self be true!" Shakespeare You're doing great! (Older me to younger me) Francine Widerker
  45. 45. U.S.A / Israel Remember that the success of your teaching year is measured by the end of the year and not by the beginning. Tsippi Sandler
  46. 46. Israel Make your material interesting. Find subjects which appeal to your students such as popular songs. Tammy
  47. 47. Working in Italy Stop trying NOT to be a young learner teacher - embrace it early because it's your strength. Helen L.

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