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Business Model v6

Business Model PPT

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Business Model v6

  1. 1. MIS Project – Working Business Model – Consulting Services Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  2. 2. MNNP ORIGIN MNNP was formed in the year 2004 in field of providing Engineering, Risk & advisory Services, IT & Marketing consultancy to a range of customers varying from big industries to medium business enterprise. It is a joint venture of 4 members who are experts in their own fields. The founders provided an initial investment towards start-up costs. From the beginning, the company was founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance lives through enterprise solutions. For over a decade, we have been a company focused on bringing to life great ideas and enterprise solutions that drive progress for our clients. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  3. 3. Vision – To be the Standard of Excellence The vision is realized by: Being highly respected by a broad community of stakeholders. Being the first choice of the world’s most sought after talent, drawn by the organization's eminence, culture and diversity. Being the first choice of the world’s most sought after clients, attracted by the breadth and depth of MNNP firms’ world-class service in each market segment. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  4. 4. Management Team
  5. 5. Vertical Team Heads - Background CA. Narinder Jit Singh Risk and Advisory Services CA Narinder Jit Singh is CEO and Heads Risk and Advisory services of MNNP. He has around 12 years of Industry experience. He has worked with reputed organisations like Berger Paints, Tata Chemicals, Ceat Tyres, Spencers, Dalmia Bharat & presently working with Ashok Leyland. His experience in Risk Advisory services ranges from different industries such as Paint, Tyre, Retail, Power, Cement, Sugar & Commercial Vehicle etc. He is Chartered Accountant and Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. In addition to above, he has done MBA, DISA, CIA (IIA –USA),Certificate course in Valuations and IFRS from ICAI New Delhi. Presently he is pursuing EPGPM from IIM Kashipur.
  6. 6. Vertical Team Heads - Background Neha Agrawal Operation & Maintenance Services Neha Agrawal is the head of Operations & Maintenance Services of MNNP. She has around 7 years of industry experience in profiles such as Plant Maintenance, Handling Operations, Working in Turnkey Projects, Assisting the Engineering Service & Procurement in top notch companies. Graduated in Instrumentation degree she bears a keen interest in handling the entire operations of MNNP. She bears a dynamic personality & is a key person in making important decisions in technical areas of MNNP.
  7. 7. Vertical Team Heads - Background Pravin Chandra Singh Mehra IT Advisory Services Pravin Mehra is CTO and Heads IT Advisory services of MNNP. He has around 13 years of Industry experience. He has worked with reputed organizations like Honda Cars, Videocon and Enexco Technologies India Ltd. He is presently working with The Hindustan Group as Corp IT Head. His experience in IT Advisory services is multidimensional and diversified. He is Graduate in Computer Science and presently he is pursuing EPGPM from IIM Kashipur.
  8. 8. Vertical Team Heads - Background Mohd Kazim Abbas Marketing Management Services Mohd Kazim Abbas is heading Marketing Management services vertical for MNNP. He has around 6 years of diverse marketing experience. He has worked with reputed organizations like Mahindra & Mahindra Limited & Bajaj Auto Limited. He is B.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering) from Govind Ballabh Pant Univ. Of Agriculture & Technology Pantnagar, Uttrakhand. Presently he is pursuing Executive Post Graduate Program in Management from IIM Kashipur.
  9. 9. Specialized Services
  10. 10. Risk And Advisory Services Corporate Governance Advisory Our professionals have the experience of working with small to mid-cap companies in improving corporate governance practices and structures. We also have the experience of working with corporate boards to undertake meaningful self assessments and improve their oversight processes. Internal Audit Services MNNP has global approach to providing internal audit outsourcing and co- sourcing services. It has a risk-based approach that focuses on our clients’ objectives and impediments to achieving those objectives. Our practice at MNNP has been developed for consistent execution in every internal audit deliverables around the country. We help corporate houses in : 1. Setting up of Internal Audit function 2. Undertaking internal audit risk assessments 3. Developing risk-based assurance plans 4. Identifying and monitoring Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and Red flags 5. Data analytics 6. Forensic audits and investigations 7. Recommending & helping implementation of IT systems to support IA delivery 8. Imparting training to internal audit personnel. Enterprise Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an organization-wide approach to the identification, assessment, communication, and management of risk in a cost- effective manner – a holistic approach to managing risk. Revenue Assurance Revenue leakage is a risk in any industry which handles high volumes. We assist such organizations in identifying and plugging gaps in the revenue cycle and providing assurance to management that there is minimal opportunity for leakage.
  11. 11. Risk and advisory services Model Business Process Our approach involves a structured analysis of business processes and the planning and roll-out of improved procedures. It dissects business processes keeping in mind the objectives, vital signs and controls, policy requirements, and people and technology linkages. It integrates this with internal and external interdependencies. Continuous Auditing / Continuous Monitoring As organizations aim to address the rapidly evolving and often complex risk environment and meet ever-changing regulatory, business, and industry requirements, leaders are searching for innovative ways to efficiently meet corporate objectives. Many have begun to advance their efforts by implementing continuous auditing (CA) and continuous monitoring (CM) solutions to monitor their organizational processes, transactions, systems, and controls. Leveraging proactive, technology-based applications to manage performance and key areas of risk and control has become a practical and necessary alternative to meet the growing needs of the organization. Together, CA and CM offer a broad range of benefits that can help organizations add value and improve business performance. CA/CM can deliver regular insight into the status of controls and transactions across the global enterprise, enhancing risk and control oversight capability through monitoring and detection. Control Self Assessment Control Self assessments (CSA) are a mechanism to drive accountability across the organization and seek positive assurance from line management on internal controls. Self Assessments are a key tool to support a robust CEO, CFO certification process.
  12. 12. Operation & Maintenance Services In a global economy where budgets are carefully crafted and expenses closely monitored, our clients depend on us to provide total maintenance services projects of any scale that align with their business goals and our professional commitment to excellence and safety. We offer updated, state-of-the-art O & M solutions which are customized and plant- specific and developed in consultation with the owner and plant developer. Our comprehensive and progressive O & M services enhance plant reliability, efficiency and safety; reduce operations and maintenance costs and increase profits; mitigate risk and improve equipment longevity and performance. Our performance leadership in O & M Services derives from its rich expertise and experience, resource base, use of latest technology, multi – OEM service capabilities and an innovative culture of continuous process improvements. Consequently, our O & M services offer a win-win mix of most cost-effective practices and optimal plant performance. Our services includes: Attending breakdown of equipment as & when required. Providing Engineering and technical support. Loop checking Alarm checking Interlock checking. Providing the customer with detailed reports. CREDENTIALS
  13. 13. Operation & Maintenance Services Daily operation and routine maintenance of the Plant We provides fully integrated third party plant operations and maintenance services with the highest standards of quality, reliability and availability of service. We provide a variety of O & M services ranging from simple O&M staffing programs, trouble- shooting, consulting services to the provision of total O & M. Our services in this sector includes: Routine maintenance & health checks of all the instruments/machinery in the plant.  Proper logging & filling calibration sheets. Recommendations for deviated results. Rectifying the existing problems if any. Recommendations on Maintenance plans-Scheduled , preventive, predictive Procurement Through longstanding global alliances and networks, MNNP is able to efficiently source anything our clients require - anywhere - from highly trusted sources. Our partnerships allow us to achieve the ideal purchase: targeting value, product quality, and an optimal logistics solution to save time and money. Our procurement clients expect and receive enhanced support for virtually all project requirements, reduced cost of labour, material delivery and a focused, low-risk acquisition process and systems. Our services include: Maintaining Bill Of Material for each equipment. Listing the equipment with complete specifications according to plant safety standards. Procurement from authorized vendors.
  14. 14. Operation & Maintenance Services Process Improvement With time and budgets at the center of most projects, clients need the depth of experience and knowledge offered through the process improvement solutions from MNNP. The unique and highly-skilled group of professionals from our team provide clients the first-rate optimization of plant performance and utilization of production equipment through a multi-phased approach that draws from industry best practices and seasoned professionals. We extend our services to help the client in following areas: •Equipment inspection programs, daily, monthly, annual and overhaul •Local and remote monitoring and diagnostics •Reliability Testing for enhancements •Recommendations from Industries Best Manufacturing Practices. •Loop checking, •Alarm checking & •interlock checking of compressors condition monitoring system. Turnaround assistance/Breakdown maintenance Whether for emergency repairs, capital project tie-ins, or major shutdowns requiring several hundred craft workers, MNNP has management the staffing expertise to safely and successfully execute these time-critical events. MNNP ‘s turnaround teams follow a disciplined, multi-phase approach to plan, schedule, staff, and execute turnarounds of all sizes. MNNP works closely with clients to develop a progressive series of implementation plans, beginning well in advance of the turnaround start date and concluding with post-project performance reviews.
  15. 15. IT Advisory Services IT Consulting With a team of professionals, MNNP has the business acumen, technical expertise and consulting experience to support your business and supplement its IT resources IT Project Management Resource allocation is becoming increasingly more complicated and less predictable for companies that must respond quickly to a volatile and changing environment. Added to this challenge is the ever-widening gap between available funding and project needs. A project management office (PMO) centralizes management and control of projects to ensure that they successfully achieve an organization’s strategic business objectives. Project portfolio management (PPM) identifies and analyzes all projects and prioritizes them for effectiveness and return on investment. IT Project management is essential to any technology business endeavor. From simple installations to major overhauls, strong project skills ensure work is completed on time, within budget and to meet specific business needs. Infrastructure Our IT Infrastructure services helps clients in multiple industries select, design and implement the most appropriate technology for their business environments and then assists to customize these selected technologies to specific client needs. Our client focused approach helps you drive maximum results from your investments and enhance the productivity of your business while reducing capital requirements and operating costs.
  16. 16. IT Advisory Services IT Infrastructure Solutions • Technology guidance and selection • IT optimization and virtualization solution • Network Design and implementation • Network Security Transforming Business with IT Managed Services Acquisition and merging of business units, new regulatory requirements, shorter product lifecycle, increasing competitiveness are some challenges that your IT department faces. However, the ability to act is often limited by the technical workload, subject expertise and budget-related restrictions. These challenges can have a very significant growth impact on the business. The Evolution of IT Managed Services Originally, managed services was a way to provide cost savings for the client by simply doing what the customer did themselves. Now, the value of the managed services relationship lies in driving innovation and transformation for the IT team. As a managed services provider, MNNP works with clients to address not only their current challenges, but more importantly, the challenges coming down the road. The best preparation for the future is to optimize current business processes.
  17. 17. Marketing Management Services Advertising & Media Planning MNNP Marketing Consultants will guide your advertising efforts through every stage of the process, from budgeting the project to developing the concept, from targeting the audience to selecting the medium, and from brokering the ads to handling the creative. We will manage your advertising efforts through every stage of the process, from defining the goals to budgeting the project, from developing the concept and identifying the target audience to media buying. We handle both traditional advertising media planning and digital media planning. Marketing Strategy We define opportunities and create effective marketing strategies. Utilizing integrated campaigns and shaping unique and effective marketing, we bring your business to the forefront of its industry. And to the eyes, ears, and hearts of your clients and customers. Our motto is far more than a slogan. It’s what we do for you, everyday. Public Relations – “PR” MNNP Consultants is a team of public relations specialists that provides comprehensive communications and strategy for companies that need to reach their audiences with compelling stories that engage and motivate. With more than 70 years of combined experience, we have the passion to promote your business, and the track record to confirm our success. Negative Press or Emergency Situations When damage control is required, we know what public relations is, and what it can and cannot do. We assess a company’s press coverage and take the action necessary, employing multiple strategies of reputation management, in a public relations campaign to minimize the impact. Our goal is to build and preserve your company’s positive image.
  18. 18. Marketing Management Services Corporate event planning and marketing Corporate event planning and marketing is key to any successful experiential consumer marketing campaign. Creating and implementing the most effective special events is one of our full-service promises. Special events are what put us on the map, and we’ve been sailing on it ever since, picking up a lot of speed along the way. From restaurant debuts and store grand openings, to company gatherings and corporate milestones, to ribbon cutting ceremonies and employee celebrations, to fundraisers and award dinners, we do the job right. Our event planning consultants complete the perfect event from start to finish. Corporate Events Corporate and non-profit clients depend upon our company to produce extraordinary events within their budgets. Our success in planning corporate events is because of our commitment to listening to our clients and then helping them achieve their event objectives. Company meetings, gatherings and corporate milestones, ribbon cutting ceremonies and employee celebrations, fundraisers and award dinners, are a few examples of corporate events we have planned and executed successfully. Experiential Marketing A grand opening or promotional event can help you get a head start on your business and let your customers know who you are and what you are all about. These special events allow consumers to view or use your product or service in a way that makes them feel special, leading to extreme brand loyalty and a high return on investment. We develop a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives. We then bring this message and vision to an event with impact, and a message that is clear and unforgettable.
  19. 19. Network
  20. 20. EMPLYOEES– Our Assets Starting from 2004 in a small office at Delhi MNNP has now expanded to nine cities covering Lucknow, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai & Ahmadabad. We have a growing presence at PAN India level with more than 51 employees. The employees segregation at various offices are as follows: Delhi: 15 Hyderabad:3 Mumbai :13 Chennai:5 Lucknow:2 Bangalore:4 Kolkatta:5 Ahmadabad:3 Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  21. 21. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh Our Network
  22. 22. Existing Clients
  23. 23. Existing Clients: Berger Paints India Limited Tata Chemicals Limited Ceat Limited Spencers Limited Greater Noida Power Distribution Limited Saregama India Ltd KEC International Limited International Management Institute (IMI) Delhi Dalmia Bharat Enterprises Limited Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited Dalmia Bharat Sugar Limited Ashok Leyland Limited Reliance Industries Limited Mahindra & Mahindra Limited Bajaj Auto Limited Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  24. 24. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh Adding Value to Customer
  25. 25. Human Resources
  26. 26. Our Culture MNNP continuously invest in the development of the people, resulting in improved retention and consistent recognition in many countries as a “best place to work”. We are committed to corporate responsibility, including programs that engage the local communities in which we live and work. We maintain the objectivity and public trust that are the hallmark of the MNNP brand. Our Shared values include: Integrity Outstanding value to markets and clients Commitment to each other Strength from cultural diversity Organization before self Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  27. 27. Our Policies Quality Management System Quality management is practiced company wide and comprises of two distinct yet closely related initiatives of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement, through which the company strives to fully understand and successfully meet the customers agreed requirements. Both are fundamental to building long term relationships. Safety, Health & Environment Policy Provide work place free of hazards to our Employees, Customers & other interested parties. Comply with Statutory Regulations related to Safety, Health & Environment at work place. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  28. 28. Join MNNP We’ve spent a lot of time with candidates—from undergraduates to MBAs, MCAs, M.Techs, and CAs, ICWAs & CSs —and they describe what they want in their ideal job and career in similar ways: to work with smart, interesting people with diverse backgrounds to solve the biggest challenges across private, public and social sectors a community of people they enjoy and teams that work well together meaningful work where their skills have impact and make a difference in the world to constantly learn and grow and to view the world as their classroom Taken together, this describes a career at MNNP. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  29. 29. Acting professionally. Doing business with integrity. Upholding our clients’ reputations as well as our own. Treating people and the environment with respect. Acting in a socially responsible manner. Working together and thinking about the way we work. Considering the ethical dimensions of our actions. These are our values, our code of conduct. We call it The MNNP Experience. And today, more than ever, we believe it is important to remind all our stakeholders of where we stand - and what we stand for. Download a copy of the Code of Conduct applicable to MNNP India: Doing the right thing - the MNNP way All third parties engaged by MNNP India should ensure compliance with the Third Party Code of Conduct and Third Party Anti Corruption Policy. These documents/guidelines convey MNNP India's expectations and help third parties understand their obligations towards complying with prescribed laws and regulations, particularly on anti corruption. To report any concerns, please contact the MNNP India Ethics and Compliance toll-free helpline: 1-800-999-9999 or email us atethics@MNNP.com. Code of Conduct Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh
  30. 30. Knowledge Management
  31. 31. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh For Explicit Knowledge: Enterprise Knowledge Portal has been created with a name of SAGAR MANTHAN. It is used for the purpose of accessing already accumulated knowledge from the different fields where MNNP specializes. It can be accessed from anywhere if an employee can access internet. It can be accessed via Laptop or even through smart phone mobile application for Android and Apple. Driving process for updation of this knowledge is responsibility of respective functional head. Detailed processes have been formulated for capturing this information. For Tacit Knowledge: Tacit knowledge which can't be digitized and resides in the mind of the specialist, Specialists have been identified and listed in each area. The Specialists can be approached any time through web conferencing, Video conferencing, messaging system, video calling etc. for discussion and guidance.
  32. 32. Financials
  33. 33. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh Mar '14 Mar '13 12 mths 12 mths Total Share Capital 2.86 2.87 Equity Share Capital 2.86 2.87 Share Application Money 0 0 Preference Share Capital 0 0 Reserves 418.06 357.72 Revaluation Reserves 0 0 Networth 420.92 360.59 Secured Loans 0 0 Unsecured Loans 0 0 Total Debt 0 0 Total Liabilities 420.92 360.59 Mar '14 Mar '13 12 mths 12 mths Gross Block 103.74 80.29 Less: Accum. Depreciation 46.42 35.76 Net Block 57.32 44.53 Capital Work in Progress 9.54 11.35 Investments 67.17 43.44 Inventories 0 0 Sundry Debtors 73.36 63.65 Cash and Bank Balance 241 204.01 Total Current Assets 314.36 267.66 Loans and Advances 78.73 63.3 Fixed Deposits 0 0 Total CA, Loans & Advances 393.09 330.96 Deffered Credit 0 0 Current Liabilities 45.03 31.81 Provisions 61.17 37.88 Total CL & Provisions 106.2 69.69 Net Current Assets 286.89 261.27 Miscellaneous Expenses 0 0 Total Assets 420.92 360.59 Figures in Lakhs Application Of Funds Sources Of Funds Balance Sheet of MNNP Pvt. Ltd.
  34. 34. Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh Mar '14 Mar '13 12 mths 12 mths Professional Receipts 443.41 367.65 Excise Duty 0.00 0.00 Net Receipts 443.41 367.65 Other Income 25.76 22.98 Stock Adjustments 0.00 0.00 Total Income 469.17 390.63 Mar '14 Mar '13 12 mths 12 mths Expenditure 0.00 0.00 Raw Materials 0.00 0.00 Power & Fuel Cost 0.00 0.00 Employee Cost 243.50 199.32 Administrative Expenses 39.90 29.69 Selling and Admin Expenses 0.00 0.00 Miscellaneous Expenses 34.74 28.49 Preoperative Exp Capitalised 0.00 0.00 Total Expenses 318.14 257.50 Operating Profit 125.27 110.15 PBDIT 151.03 133.13 Interest 0.00 0.00 PBDT 151.03 133.13 Depreciation 11.01 9.56 Other Written Off 0.00 0.00 Profit Before Tax 140.02 123.57 Extra-ordinary items 0.00 0.00 PBT (Post Extra-ord Items) 140.02 123.57 Tax 38.08 32.41 Net Profit 101.94 91.16 Profit & Loss account MNNP Pvt. Ltd. Income Expenditure Figures in Lakhs
  35. 35. Thanks Mohd Kazim Abbas Narinder Jit Singh Neha Agrawal Pravin Chandra Singh