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Fortunet Marketing

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Fortunet Marketing

  1. 1. FORTUNET MARKETING PVT. LTD. 2 MAHARAJA NANDA KUMAR ROAD KOLKATA – 700 029 Phone: 033-40061455, Fax: 033-40061252 E-mail: fmpl.customercare@gmail.com Website: fortunetmarketing.com
  2. 2. FORTUNET was founded by a team of entrepreneurs,professional and MLM industry leaders who were trulycommitted to making a difference and has vast and indepth experience in this industry. Fortunet is beinglaunched with a commitment to reach out and create anenvironment of trust and faith in this industry to help allof you to achieve your goals in life and fullfil your dreamto provide a better life style to your family and the oneswho matter most in your life.
  3. 3. WHY FORTUNET MARKETING ? Network Marketing is an ever growing industry throughout theworld in spite of the fact that there are very few Regulatory Bodiesincluding India. In the absence of regulations the Organized NetworkMarketing companies are compared with unorganized and unethicalones. Organized Network companies are very few, may be not even10% of the total companies running in India. In this age of unemployment Network Marketing is by farthe single largest industry providing scope of earning to the youth.Since there is no qualification or experience required to be part ofany company except that you have to be minimum eighteen years ofage. In Fortunet Marketing, it will be our endeavor to provide aplatform, with a level playing field, to each and everyone with properemphasize on quality products and services and transparentmanagement. A group of dedicated and experience NetworkMarketing Leaders and professionals from the field of Finance andManagement will create an atmosphere of Trust and Faith to run thisorganization.
  4. 4. MESSAGE FROM CEOOn behalf of the Management and the staff of Fortunet Marketing, I welcome you to ourmost innovative and growth oriented business plan along with a bundle of attractiveproducts and services. In our journey to success, we introduce the most dynamicTravel, Tourism and Leisure industry as one of the service. This industry is growingfaster than ever in and outside the country. India is a vast reservoir of attractive touristspots. One life time is not sufficient to explore the places of Tourist and Historicalimportance. This is one reason for us to keep this as prime attraction in product segmentand we bring the same for you, your family and business associates.. There are other attractions which will definitely take care of your personalcare, wellness, skin care, beauty care, on line job work and insurance to name a few. Allthese with a range of incentives, promotions and rewards will give every one an equalopportunity to earn a very good income. Lastly I would rather confess that in Network Marketing,the management and associates/consultants are two sides of the samecoin and industry runs only when we work as partners not otherwise.Wish you all a happy Fortune-t Marketing. VINEET JOPAT C.E.O
  5. 5. FORTUNET, is here to change your life forever towards wealth and happiness for generations to comeThe company starts with amission and cause that mirrorstheir slogan :–
  6. 6. Congratulations for taking the Initiative for trying to bring an informed change in your life.May be you are tired of your Job ??? May be you have some unfulfilled Dreams ??? May be you want to spend more time with your family and kids May be you have discovered that you can be financially free.
  7. 7. My dream merchant brothers and sisters. Here we present you a gift, an opportunity thatcomes once in life to the person who dares to dream big but hasn’t got the right vehicle to achieve their dreams.
  8. 8. The Home Based Business Phenomenon• Home Based Business is a $427 Billion an year Industry• Almost 83% of people are exhausted with the daily grind of theCorporate rat race• According to The Success Factory International, "America is inthe midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation.. thehome based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowingdown.“• There are more self made millionaires created, both on andoffline, in the HBB industry than any other.• The use of Technology, the Internet, etc., allows home basedbusinesses to work in concert with other entities without theneed for daily face-to-face interaction
  9. 9. The Home Based Business Phenomenon• Over 60% of new businesses are now started from home - equal toover 1,400 new businesses each week.• Of all the Home Based Businesses available today, Network Marketingis the most dominant Business Model• Network Marketing is a vibrant industry offering employment to over 43million people worldwide with a turnover exceeding $75 billion inworldwide sales• Network marketing is taught at Harvard and Stanford business schoolsand in numerous other leading colleges and universities throughout theworld
  10. 10. Network Marketing Has Come of Age •58 million people are involved in network marketing worldwide1 •The network marketing industry has surpassed $100 billion in retail revenue1 •North American sales have reached over $34 billion dollars2 “I think network marketing has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.” -Dr. Stephen R. Covey Interview in Network marketing Lifestyles
  12. 12. Hongkong & Maccau
  13. 13. Malaysia
  14. 14. Bankok & Pattaya
  15. 15. Bangladesh
  16. 16. International vacations at world’s most exotic locations which include .CRITERIA – A CRITERIA – B* Hong Kong & Macau . * Bangkok & Pattaya .* Malaysia. * Bangladesh. Tour Includes •To and fro Air Fair by economy class •Breakfast and all meals •Stay in the comfort of 3 Star Hotels •Sight seeing and local Tours Tour do not Include •Visa Charges and entry fee for shows etc.
  19. 19. SOUTH INDIA 1) OOTY-MYSORE-BANGALORE 2) TIRUPATI-CHENNAI-RAMESHWARAM-KANYAKUMARI- MADURAI-KODAIKANAL 3) TRIVANDRUM-MUNNAR-PRIYER-ALLEPPY-COCHIN Tour Includes 1. ONE WAY Air Fair by economy class and one way 3 AC train tkt. 2. Breakfast and all meals 3. Stay in the comfort of Deluxe Hotels 4. Sightseeing and local Tours in Deluxe CoachNOTE: THIS TERMS & CONDITIONS HAS TO BE READIN CONJUNCTION TO GTC OF COMPENSATIONPLAIN ANNEXURE – IA.
  20. 20. PRODUCT RANGEProduct Range is a combination of Health and Wellness, Personal Care, Home Care, Cosmetics, Electronics andJewelry.Products : Gifts : •Ozonizer•Suit Length •DVD combo• Saree •Handycam • Digital Camera •Mobile Phone •Mosquito Net (Approved by WHO)About ozonizer •Reebok Combo Pack An ozonizer is a type of air or water purifier which uses ozone to kill bacteria and filter out a wide range of contaminants. Ozone itself is a form of oxygen, though much less stable than the common O2. Ozone is present naturally, mostly in the upper levels of the atmosphere, where it helps deflect ultraviolet radiation. Concentrations of ozone below the atmosphere can be a serious health risk, as ozone is highly toxic to humans and most other forms of life. An ozonizer is also known as an ozone generator, and is sometimes mistakenly thought of as synonymous to an ionizer or ionic air purifier. An ozonizer does produce ionized particles, and an ionizer does produce trace amounts of ozone, but the two are not the same. An ozonizer creates ozone by charging the air with a burst of high negative voltage. An ionizer works under the same principle, but primarily produces ionized forms of molecules other than ozone.NOTE : THIS TERMS & CONDITIONS HAS TO BE READ IN CONJUNCTION TO GTC OF COMPENSATION PLAN ANNEXURE – IB.
  21. 21. Products OR SUIT & LENGTH SAREE GIFTS ( Any one ) Ozonizer Handycam Digital Camera DVD Combo Mobile PhoneMosquito Net * REEBOK COMBO PACK
  22. 22. COMPENSATION PLAN Start up Cost PROFESSIONAL1. Rs 11000 /- : (Will be adjusted in Vacation Package as per conditions mentioned against International & Domestic packages). In case you are not interested to avail Vacation Package you can choose one of the products mentioned in the list of product. OR SMART START2. Rs 6000/- : You can start your business by paying Rs.6000/- subject to condition that the balance amount will be adjusted from your Daily/Weekly/Monthly payout @ 10% against your product payment .You can avail any vacation package only on payment of the remaining amount of Rs.11000/-( i.e. Rs.5000/- ) along with your 3 directs of Rs.11000/- as per conditions mentioned for International & Domestic package. In case you are not interested to avail the Vacation Package you can choose one of the products mentioned in the product catalogue . OR QUICK START3. Rs. 2000 /- : You can enroll yourself by paying Rs.2000/- as a token advance for product / position booking . To get your incentive and product package you have to pay the balance amount ( Rs.4000/- or Rs.9000/-) . Other conditions will be same as given in option 1 & 2 mentioned above .NOTE: THIS TERMS & CONDITIONS HAS TO BE READ IN CONJUNCTION TO GTC OF COMPENSATION PLAN ANNEXURE – IB.
  23. 23. INCOME ZONEFortunet provides 9 types incentives and awards as per list given below :- 1. Level Income 2. Binary Income 3. Direct Bonus 4.Lesser Leg Incentive 5.Spill over Income 6.Unique Spill over binary Income 7. Rewards 8. Loyalty Bonus 9.Team Leadership Bonus •Repurchase – coming up soon
  24. 24. LEVEL INCOME ( Weekly Payout )•No Sponsor required .•* This income is for completing the Matrix of 1-2-4-8-16……………& soon up to 15 levels with fixed rate per joining at different level. You neednot qualify with Direct sponsor by you to earn this income.LEVEL NO.OF JOINING INCOME / JOINING TOTAL INCOME FROM EACH LEVEL X 1 2 50 100/- 2 4 35 140/- 3 8 25 200/- 4 16 15 240/- U 5 32 10 320/- 6 64 30 1920/- 7 128 20 2560/- 8 256 15 3840/- 9 512 10 5120/- C 10 1024 10 10240/- 11 2048 25 51200/- 12 4096 20 81920/- 13 8192 15 122180/- 14 16384 10 163840/- CA CB 15 32768 10 327680/- TOTAL 771500/-
  25. 25. BINARY INCOME ( Daily Payout ) X SINGLE SPONSOR LEFT C (spilled for top) U 1000 When you balance RIGHT A (U directlytwo legs , one on LEFT and sponsor)one on RIGHT in the ratio of C1 : 1, you will get 1000/- per Apair and you can earn up to10 pairs (i.e. Rs 10000/-) ina day. Start getting this CA CB ABincome by just sponsoring AAone Direct in any side. Thestronger leg account willcarry forward. CAB CAA ** C means spill under you.
  26. 26. DIRECT BONUS ( Daily Pay out )• Enroll more people and get paid for every direct. You start getting Rs 1000/- for every direct from your second direct sponsoring. 1000 U A B 1st Direct No 2nd Direct Onward Incentive Incentive
  27. 27. LESSER LEG INCENTIVE ( Weekly pay out ) If you have 2 directs, you can enjoy this incentive for developing your weaker side leg according to a fixed ratio as per table in Fig …..In case of same Ratio , there will not be any incentive and will not carry forward to next week . HEAD RATIO INCENTIVE U (Rs.) 1st 3:2 100.00 2nd 4:3 200.00 A B 3rd 5:4 300.00 4th 6:5 400.00 BA BB 5th 7:6 500.00 AA AB 200 6th 8:7 600.00 7th 9:8 700.00 100 8th 10:9 800.00 9th 11:10 900.00 BAA 10th 12:11 1000.00 300 BABTOTAL 10 5500.00 AAA AAB ABA ABB 400 Continue upto 10th people
  28. 28. SPILL OVER INCOME ( Daily pay out )Every direct after A and B is a spill and you get Rs.1000/- for each spill. Your 3rd and 4thspill i.e.C & D will be placed automatically on extreme left or right of your weaker leg .Any spill after C &D can be placed as per your choice.U SPILL C UNDER Rs.1000YOUR -A AND UGET Rs. 1000/-PER SPILL A B B1 B2 C
  29. 29. UNIQUE SPILL OVER BINARY INCOME (Daily Payout)In addition to direct income from spill you will get incentive of 50% of thebinary income generated by C onwards . That means an additional incomeof 5000/- per day from every spill even if your 2nd leg is not active. U RS.5000 If C makes (Rs 1000 x Rs 5000 10) = Rs 10000 per day , you get 50% of C’s B payout i.e. Rs 5000 per day. A C RS.10000 CA CB
  30. 30. REWARDSAll the Rewards are based on accumulation ratio in two legs. Percentage ratio is givenin the Table shown below. You have to maintain the time schedule to achieve therewards. Accumulated volume on both the legs will carry forward. Reward UNIT Stronger WEEKER Time Rewards worth Rewards 65% 35% Rs. achieved STAR 1 10 7 4 WITH IN 30 DAYS 1,500.00 Dinner in 5 star hotel STAR 2 20 13 7 FROM 3,000.00 I – POD STAR 3 30 19 11 THE DATE 5,000.00 MOBILE STAR 4 50 32 18 OF JOINING. 8,000.00 DIGITAL CAMERA CRYSTAL 1 100 65 35 WITH IN 90 DAYS 15,000.00 HANDY CAM CRYSTAL 2 200 130 70 FROM THE DATE 35,000.00 LATEST LAPTOP OFJOINING RUBY 1 300 195 105 WITH IN 180 50,000.00 BAIK DAYS RUBY 2 500 325 175 FROM THE DATE OF 1,00,000.00 GOLD BAR JOINING. SAFFIRE 1 1000 650 350 WITH IN 270 2,50,000.00 EUROPE TOUR DAYS SAFFIRE 2 2000 1300 700 FROM THE DATE OF 6.00,000.00 MARUTI SUZUKI JOINING. SWIFT Dvi DIAMOND 5000 3250 1750 WITH IN 360 DAYS 10,00,000.00 HONDA CITY FROM THE DATE OF JOINING. SR 10000 6500 3500 WITH IN 450 DAY FROM 20,00,000.00 FLAT DIAMOND THE DATE OF JOINING CROWN 25000 18250 6750 NO TIME LIMIT 40,00,000.00 MERCEDES DIAMOND BENZ SR CROWN 50000 32500 17500 NO TIME LIMIT 1,00,00,000.00 VILLA DIAMOND
  31. 31. LOYALTY BONUS• This is special , guaranted and secured income based on the build up of your team , you will receive a fixed income for six month as per the table No….. as a Loyal Distributor of the company subject to fulfilling the conditions of Monthly repurchase.SL. REWARD UNIT LOYALTY MONTHLYNO (FOR 6TH REPURCHASE MONTH) (Rs.)1 CRYSTAL 1 100 1,250.00 250/-2 CRYSTAL 1 200 2,500.00 500/-3 RUBY 1 300 3,500.00 750/-4 RUBY 2 500 6,000.00 1000/-5 SAFFIRE 1 1000 15,000.00 1500/-6 SAFFIRE 2 2000 25,000.00 2000/-7 DIAMOND 5000 50,000.00 3000/-8 SR. DIAMOND 10000 1,00,000.00 5000/-9 CROWN DIAMOND 25000 2,50,000.00 11000/-10 SR CROWN DIAMOND 50000 4,00,000.00 22000/- NOTE : No PV/ Income is applicable on monthly purchase.
  32. 32. TEAM LEADERSHIP BONUS* When you achieve Ruby2 ,then you are eligible to get Rs.100/- per new joining in your binary tree.* If your down line achieve Ruby 2 then he will get Rs. 100/- as Leadership Bonus and you will get Rs. 100/- from your weaker leg per new joining .* When you achieve Saffire1, then you are eligible to get Rs. 75/- from your Ruby2 achiever leg and Rs. 175/- from your weaker leg .* When you achieve Saffire2, then you are eligible to get Rs.50/- from you Saffire1 achiever leg and Rs. 125/- from your weaker leg.* Similarly you are eligible to get Rs. 25/-from your Saffire2 achiever leg and Rs.75/- from your Weaker leg when you achieve Diamond . SL. REWARD BONUS NO . 1. RUBY2 100/- 2. SAFFIRE 1 75/- 3. SAFFIRE 2 50/- 4. DIAMOND 25/-
  33. 33. ANNEXURE – IGENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE COMPENSATION PLANEnrollment: Any eligible person in accordance with the law of the land & Terms andconditions laid down by the company can enroll in the Fortunet Marketing without anysubscription or fee. There is no renewal fee applicable to start the business.Product Purchase: The purchase of product is not mandatory. However Distributorunderstand that the scope of any incentive starts only on understanding of the product, use ofproducts and sharing the products.A person can join with Three ID s maximum in his own name but with three separate email ids.He / She (here after both being referred as He) can request through a written application to themanagement to credit the payout of all Three IDs in a single bank account.ANNEXURE – I AVACATION POLICY:1. If a distributor joins the business with Four IDs ( Three in his own name and one in his familymembers name ) he is entitled for one single person’s tour in International tour’s Criteria – A or aCOUPLE’s vacation tour in Domestic sector. In this case, this trip equates with products orvacations for all of the other Three IDs of the Four IDs he has joined. Which means his otherThree IDs will not be entitled for further vacation or product issuance from the company.2. In case a person directly sponsors Three IDs, he is qualified for International tour’s Criteria –B or domestic vacation for a single person (not Couple), if he chooses so in lieu of productpurchase of his own ID. In this case, his other three ID’s are open for vacation trip once theyfulfill their individual criteria.3. Schedule itenary of TOURS of the above given destinations will be announced by thecompany in the Website.4. Company reserves the right to reschedule the above given tour package if needed.
  34. 34. ANNEXURE – I B1 PROFESSIONALA distributor who joins with full down payment of Rs 11,000/- (PROFESSIONAL joining mode), he is entitled with allthe benefits available from the compensation plan from day one.2 SMART STARTA distributor who joins with Rs 6000/-(SMART START), can start earning i.e. all types of income. However, he is notentitled for vacation plans neither the product from the company as long as he is not topping up his start up cost ofRs11000/-. The management will deduct 10% from his each payout in order to upgrade him to the PROFESSIONALjoining mode. He may also at his earliest convenience pay to company the balance amount of (Rs 11000 – Rs6000/-)Rs 5000/- to upgrade himself as PROFESSIONAL Joining mode or can request the management to deduct the sameamount in installments from his payouts to quickly reach the PROFESSIONAL joining level. Please note that this is anearly bird pre-launch offer.3 QUICK STARTA distributor joining with Rs2000/- (QUICK START) is only enrolling his name into the system. He is not entitled for anyvacation, payouts, products or any part of the compensation plan. To get his payouts, he has to upgrade himself andcomply with SL-2 as above and to get vacation/product package and other rewards he has to fulfill SL-1 as above.ANNEXURE – I CPAYOUT POLICY1 A distributor is expected to directly sponsor at least his A or B. In the unfortunate event where he is unable to sponsor either of them and the same is spilled from the top, then his Binary income will flush out and he will only receive single leg level income. He will again be entitled to receive Binary income from the day he directly sponsors a distributor in his network and his Binary income will start from the day he has recruited directly.2 Any distributor of all the above three modes are not entitled to get any benefits of the compensation plan on he distributors joining in QUICK START mode. To get the benefit of payouts he has to recruit people at least in SMART START mode.3 Any Distributor enroll himself in QUICK START mode his all types of income will flush out till the date he/she upgrades himself/herself at least in SMART START mode.4 A Distributor must sponsor one direct of PROFESSIONAL mode or SMART START mode for his BINARY INCOME only.5 A Distributor must sponsor two directs of PROFESSIONAL mode or SMART START mode to achieve LESSER LEG INCENTIVE, REWARDS ,LOYALTY BONUS & TEAM LEADERSHIP BONUS .
  35. 35. RULES FOR REWARD CALCULATIONa) 35% units on the weaker leg is must to achieve awards.b) If your down line achieves RUBY1 or RUBY 2 within 90 days, in such case you can achieve the reward up to CRYSTAL 2.c) If your down line achieves CRYSTAL 2 within 90 days , you can also achieve the same reward within90 days.d) The above illustration is applicable for all the higher ranks within the stipulated time.e) The highest award in a block period i.e. 30, 90……days and so on will be applicable, if you achieve more than one award in a block.RULES FOR LOYALTY BONUSa) If you achieve Crystal 2 within 90 days , you will get Loyalty for Crystal 2 only.b) If you upgrade yourself to Ruby 2 within 180 days you will get Loyalty for Ruby 2 only .c) The above illustration is applicable for all the higher ranks within the stipulated time.ANNEXURE – I DTAXES & OTHER COMMERCIAL1) All payments will be made after deduction of Taxes at sources as per regulation of the Govt. of India.2) In case any distributor fails to submit his PAN no. the company will deduct another 10% apart from TDS as per government rules from his payout.3) 5% development charges will be deducted from the payout .