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Researches on Localization

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Researches on Localization

  1. 1. Researches on Localization Z. Nasrollahi
  2. 2. Table of Contents Fazli Universities Mirshekar Kolleili Conclusion
  3. 3. Theses Translation vs. Localization of Advertising Slogans; Kolleili 2005 ATU Localization of Computer Games in Iran; Fazli 2009 ATU Difficulties of Game Localization in Iran; Mirshekar 2010 ATU Norms Governing Localization of Videogames in Iran; Sheikh Baha’i ATU2012? Website localization in iran: a comparative-descriptive approach; Makki IA USR 2011
  4. 4. Kolleili, B. (2005). Translation vs. Localization of Advertising Slogans. Dr. Mollanzar
  5. 5. Purpose Finding Approaches and Strategies Research Questions 1- How are the advertising slogans culturally bound and how can the cultural aspects of advertising slogans be rendered? 2- How does translation deal with advertising slogans? 3- What is localization and how does localization deal with advertising slogans? 4- Which one is more effective for rendering advertising slogans, translation or localization?
  6. 6. Theoretical Framework Skopos Theory, Vermeer Why a ST is to be translated What the function of ST will be Stresses the international pragmatic aspects of Translation
  7. 7. Methodology Descriptive Comparative Conclusion Compared with TT Linguistic and Cultural Classificati on Collecting Slogans Procedure
  8. 8. Strategies Word for Word Newly Created Localization Literal Translation Zero Translation
  9. 9. Word for Word BEEM: The best Choice ‫انتخاب‬‫بهترین‬ SAMSUNG: Irresistible ‫ناپذیر‬ ‫مقاومت‬
  10. 10. Literal Translation Datasheen: A Bridge to Digital Life ‫دیج‬‫ندگی‬‫ز‬ ‫به‬‫پلی‬‫یتال‬ SAMSUNG: Makes life twice colorful ‫نگ‬‫ر‬‫برابر‬ ‫دو‬‫ا‬‫ر‬‫ندگی‬‫ز‬‫می‬ ‫ی‬ ‫د‬‫ز‬‫سا‬
  11. 11. Localization Alfex: Swiss made ‫سويیس‬ ‫ساعت‬ Morphy Richards: 3 in 1 ‫سبد‬ ‫سه‬ ‫کن‬ ‫سرخ‬ Nokia: Serious finds fun ‫تماشا‬ ‫هم‬ ‫و‬ ‫فال‬ ‫هم‬
  12. 12. Newly Created ACER: Empowering People ‫خشید‬‫ر‬‫بد‬ ‫اوج‬ ‫در‬ ‫ایسر‬ ‫با‬ DFI: Design for innovation ‫جهان‬ ‫برد‬‫ر‬‫ماد‬‫سریعترین‬‫با‬ ‫تجهیزات‬‫کاملترین‬
  13. 13. ?‫؟‬ Globalization  Localization Localization for Advertisement Four General Tendencies Conclusion Zero Translation Translated Slogans Localized Slogans Newly Created Slogans
  14. 14. Statistics on Frequencies Corpus Collection Software Classifications of Localization trends Improvements
  15. 15. Mirshekar, A. (2010). Difficulties of Game Localization in Iran. Dr. Seddiqi
  16. 16. Purpose Investigating game localization quality (error analysis) Research Questions 1- Does the present game localization in Iran preserve the linguistic aspect of the gameplay experience of the original version of the game? 2- IF not, then would it be better if the games were left unlocalized
  17. 17. Theoretical Framework Skopos Theory, Vermeer Significance of the “purpose” of translation Deals with source text-based action Constant attention to intended function PURPOSE: Creating the same game play experience Sound natural to TT user
  18. 18. Methodology Corpus-based Case study Comparative Error Analysis Questionn aire 30 students play English and Localized Game: Post Mortem Mock test Procedure 18
  19. 19. Error Analysis (Hurtado, 1995)??? Contresens Addition Nonsens Faux sens Omission Unresolved ER Loss of Meaning Linguistic variation
  20. 20. Contresens It is just I wasn’t expecting anybody ‫فقط‬‫ز‬‫و‬‫ر‬ ‫موقع‬ ‫این‬ ‫ر‬ ‫ی‬ ‫کس‬ ‫دیدن‬‫انتظار‬‫و‬ ‫نداشتم‬
  21. 21. Nonsense I’ll be in touch with you when I’ve made some progress. ‫به‬ ‫کنم‬ ‫می‬ ‫حس‬ ‫کار‬ ‫این‬ ‫شما‬ ‫کمک‬ ‫نباشه‬ ‫سختی‬
  22. 22. Omission I am apainter not a detective, not anymore, sorry. ‫ی‬ ‫نه‬‫نقاشم‬ ‫یه‬‫من‬‫ه‬ ‫آگاه‬‫ر‬‫کا‬.
  23. 23. Extralinguistic References I am from office of WAI (Worldwide American Insurance) ‫دفتر‬ ‫طرف‬ ‫از‬‫من‬‫ا‬ ‫دابلیو‬‫ی‬ ‫آی‬‫اومدم‬ ‫اینجا‬‫آمریکا‬ ‫تو‬.
  24. 24. ?‫؟‬ Faux sens  Unresolved ER  Inaccurate Translation Conclusion Overall unsatisfactory Opt for unlocalized games
  25. 25. Attaching the questionnaire Chapter Four Formatting Improvements Error Analysis Taxonomy
  26. 26. Fazli, P. (2009). Localization of Computer Games in Iran; Dr. Farahzad
  27. 27. Purpose Illustrate Iranian game localizers’ ahievements Research Questions What has been going on and done in the field of computer game localization in Iran in the past decade? (evolution)
  28. 28. Theoretical Framework Translation and Identity, Cronin (2006) Computer games as package of virtual information Transfer a pack of “identity” to “other” Localization to protect target culture Localization = guardian of society’s identity
  29. 29. Methodology Descriptive Farahzad’s Model of translation Criticism 10 games 2001-2009 Conclusion Classificati on of the findings Analyzing the files of the games Playing movies in both versions Procedure
  30. 30. Information General Information Manufacturer Title Localization-related information Original language Year
  31. 31. Corpus classification Micro-level Briefing and debriefing Dubbed Game Action Macro-level Cut scenes Localized graphic design Localized Characters & places Localized Music & Lyrics Crack file Localized CD cover Localized setup Localized ratings
  32. 32. Prince of Persia ‫ند‬‫ز‬ ‫خان‬‫لطفعلی‬ Localization of Macro-level Elements Localized CD Cover Crack or Localized installation Guide Localized Setup Localized Rating + + + + Localization of Micro-level Elements Dubbed Game Action Dubbed Mission Briefing and Debriefing Cut Scenes Graphic design Character s and Places Music and Lyrics + + - - - -
  33. 33. ?‫؟‬ PES 2008 most Localized Prince of Persia Least Localized Cutting for the purpose of replacing by localized versions Macro-level localization more common Conclusion Producing identity friendly game
  34. 34. Field research Strategies for localization at micro- and macro-level Improvements
  35. 35. ?‫؟‬ Strategies of dubbing and subtitling in Game localization Suggestions Genre variation from selection to user Persian to English Localization
  36. 36. Thank You