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NETN Oakland - Case Studies in Tech for Good

  2. Who is NTEN NTEN envisions a more just and engaged world where all nonprofits use technology skillfully and confidently to meet community needs and fulfill their missions. NTEN supports organizations by convening the nonprofit community, offering professional credentials and training, and facilitating an open exchange of ideas.
  3. Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate In this online program, participants take a 10-week core course and several electives in the area most relevant to their careers. Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) Each year NTEN gathers nearly 2,000 nonprofit professionals to talk about how we can use tech for social change.
  4. Reports & Articles NTEN collaborates with partners worldwide to research reports about important issues in our sector. New community- contributed articles come out each week. Community Programs Ask questions, give advice, or share resources in one of NTEN’s online community groups. Join one of the 20 Nonprofit Tech Clubs—just like this one—across the US and Canada. Learn more at
  5. Where To Start •Become a member: •Subscribe: •Join an online group: •Attend an online or in-person training: •Chat with us:
  6. Oakland Chapter: Started October 2018 Thank you for launching NTEN Oakland with us! Co-organizers: Aparna Kothary Brianna Swartz Lindsay Mamula Natalie Sherman Neil Planchon Mike Fischer YOU?! ABOUT US
  7. Help tell the story: #nptechoakland Don’t be shy: All questions are welcome. We have set aside Q&A time at end of today’s presentation 30-second community event announcements Join us on Slack! November event HOUSEKEEPING & NEWS
  8. Welcome & Introductions Case Studies in Tech for Good Marketing Automation -- Engaging Networks Virtual Reality – Restorative VR Mobile Technology in the Field – Medic Mobile Questions & Answers Wrap Up PROGRAM AGENDA
  9. Eric Rubin Director of Business Development Engaging Networks TODAY’S PRESENTERS Tyler Musgrave Operations Coordinator Mursion Maria Ma MPH Impact Specialist Medic Mobile
  10. ENCC-DC 2019 The Lapsed Shall Be First A Humane Society International Marketing Automation Case Study OCTOBER 16 2019
  11. ENCC-DC 2019 Engaging Networks • Customize • Innovate • Support
  12. ENCC-DC 2019 Some current clients 12 Engaging Networks
  13. ENCC-DC 2019 Case Study
  14. ENCC-DC 2019 Why Automate? • No more manual • Personalize it: demographics, behavior, interests, etc. • Honest, we’re listening! • ALL THE CHANELS (email, SMS, DM, etc)
  15. ENCC-DC 2019 Why Automate? • 1000’s of supporters, 10’s of staff • Diverse segments • Crowded inbox
  16. ENCC-DC 2019 Do you automate? • Segmentation? • Supporters indicate interest? • Automated journey?
  17. ENCC-DC 2019 MA Use Cases • Cultivate Leads(i.e. Care 2, ads) • Upgrade • One-time to monthly • Higher monthly • CC to EFT • CC Recapture • Bdays • Re-engagement
  18. ENCC-DC 2019 Humane Society International (HSI) • 4.5 million records • Sophisticated digital • Strong acquisition • Re-engagement strategy
  19. ENCC-DC 2019 MA for Re-engagement 1. Email Engagement Scoring 2. Survey 3. Marketing Automations
  20. ENCC-DC 2019 Email Engagement Scoring
  21. ENCC-DC 2019 Segmentation (Profiles) <<Clicked/Converted>> • Lapsed 4-6 Months • Lapsed 7-12 Months
  22. ENCC-DC 2019 Survey • Thoughts + Preferences • Data for future targeting • Dynamic fields
  23. ENCC-DC 2019 Surveys • Embed in email + pre-populate • Designed to engage
  24. ENCC-DC 2019 MA Tools • Multi-channel (email, SMS, social) • Wait periods • Decision trees
  25. ENCC-DC 2019 MA Journeys • 2 profiles • Survey response triggers action alert • Follow with fundraising appeal
  26. ENCC-DC 2019 Campaign Results Open Rate: • 23.89% for 4, 5, 6 • 13.95% for 7, 8, 9 Click-through Rates: • 18.51% • 6.72%
  27. ENCC-DC 2019 Campaign Results • 44,000 supporters completed surveys • $518 in donations • 38,000 supporters have since donated to HSI
  28. ENCC-DC 2019 Questions? Eric Rubin - 415-504- 4519 ENCC-DC 2019
  29. XR for Everyone Tyler Musgrave
  30. Today’s Conversation… ➔ Quick Introduction ➔ Basic Terminology ➔ What are the practical applications and use cases within the nonprofit sector ➔ The Future of XR for social good ➔ How to get started ➔ Resources
  31. Let’s check-in!
  32. Introduction: ➔ StoryTeller, Educator, ACtivism ➔ Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Cameroon ➔ Restorative Justice Facilitator ➔ Mozilla XR Studio Fellowship ➔ Restorative VR ➔ Operations at Mursion VR
  33. What is XR: “XR—an umbrella term encompassing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies”
  34. Terminology: - MIxed REality (MR): Virtual objects are integrated into Natural World - Augmented Reality (AR): the visible natural world is overlaid with a layer of digital content - Virtual REality (VR): VR places the experiencer in another location entirely, whether generated by a Computer or Captured by Video - WebVR: Emerging Technology that aims to present VR content in traditional web browsing interfaces - immersive videos or 360 videos: video recordings where a view in multiple directions is recorded simultaneously - Emotional Presence: A state that evokes an emotional response from the experiencer e.g. empathy, joy, sadness - Head Mounted Display (HMD): a set of goggles or helmet with tiny monitors in front of each eye to generate images seen by the wearer as 3-D - Immersion: a psychological sense of being in a virtual environment - Presence: A feeling of being in and of the Virtual World, and the ignoring of physical world Distractions
  35. Practical implications and Use Cases: Enhance Storytelling for a unique and moving experience evoking emotional presence: Healing Justice VR by Dr.Shakti Butler at World Trust // Oakland, California “How can the emerging technology of virtual reality create bridges, expand empathy, and advance justice?” Read about it here:
  36. Practical implications and Use Cases: Virtual Tours for Providing transparency within your organizational structure i.e. A Day in the life: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in 360/VR // Kanab, Utah - The Nonprofit Times article, here
  37. Practical implications and Use Cases: Boost Fundraising + Donorship: - Amnesty international saw a 16% increase in direct debit donations after their VR Campaign Success, read about it here. - nonprofits can put their donors in the virtual shoes of the people that they’ll be helping, Create an immersive experience for your next gala and/or fundraising initiative. - Demands attention and shift focus towards the donor. The British National Health Service (NHS) launched a campaign to get 200,000 new blood donors -->
  38. The Future of XR for social good?
  39. How to get Started: 1. Start by Brainstorming and selecting the story you would like to tell? To whom? 2. What platform will support your campaign? a. WebXR b. VR c. AR 3. Begin to write the story. what imagery should be included and information? a. Experiences should be at max 10-min long if in VR or WebXR 4. Rent -and/or- Purchase equipment a. Ar is less expensive because it can be an app 5. Have Fun !
  40. Resources, How to get Started: - Voices of VR podcast with Kent Bye, here - My interview with Kent bye, here - “The Nonprofit Guide to Augmented Reality”, here - Fundraising trends for non-profit in 2019, here - Mooc for VR, here - Mooc for AR, here PArtnerships+ Fundraising: - Oculus VR for Good: - VR for impact: - Kickstarter, example here; Indiegogo - Self funding, the hardware is getting less expensive - Read here - and- Camera for 360-filmmaking, here
  41. 50% 1% 4%
  42. Our Mission Advance good health and human flourishing for and with the hardest-to-reach communities. Build and apply technology that helps health workers deliver equitable care
  43. Tasks direct health workers to the right homes Actions guide health workers through care Targets show health workers their progress
  44. Integrated Community Case Management Prenatal Care Postnatal Care Immunizations Family Planning Death Reporting Non-Communicable Disease Care Coordination TB and HIV Care Coordination Communication Workflows
  45. Health workers 25,000 People 12 Million Our Scale
  46. We envision a more just world in which health workers are supported as they provide care for their neighbors, universal health coverage is a reality, and health is a secured human right
  47. 90 staff Distributed across 13 countries Nairobi, Dakar, Kathmandu and San Francisco 4 offices The Medic Mobile Team Designers Engineers Community Health Specialists Social Scientists Entrepreneurs
  48. Get Involved DEVELOPERS Dive In To The Developer Sandbox Join The CHT Slack Channel For Developers Review “Help Wanted” Tags In Github Propose Or Build An Integration EVERYONE Sign Up For Demo Account Stay In Touch! Sign Up For The CHT Newsletter m
  49. PS: We’re hiring!
  50. Tools Open source software frameworks and applications Resources Guides to help you design and use the framework Community An active community for collaboration and support WHAT IS THE COMMUNITY HEALTH TOOLKIT? The Community Health Toolkit provides you with resources to design, build, deploy, and monitor digital tools for community health.