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  1. 1. Arandjelovac
  2. 2. Aranđelovac is a town and a municipalityin Serbia. It lies beneath themountains Bukulja and Venčac, at about 255 mabove sea level, 75 km away from Belgrade. Themunicipality encompasses two town and 18village communities. Bukovička Banja Spa islocated in the town. The town is situated in theŠumadija region with the administrative centerinKragujevac. According to the most recent, 2011census, there are 24,580 inhabitants in the townitself, while the whole municipality has a total of46,079 inhabitants.
  3. 3. The Main Square
  4. 4. Bukulja This mountain is an extinct volcano, which hasbeen proved by presence of granite rocks, whichcontains specific mineral composition. The nameof the mountain originates from the Serbian namefor beech (bukva).
  5. 5. Lake Garasi10 km (6.21 mi) away from Aranđelovac isthe accumulation Lake Garaši, Aranđelovac’ssupply of water. The lake encompasses 65 ha,its deepest point is at 22 m, it is rich in fishand it is the town’s favorite holiday place.
  6. 6. Cave RisovacaIt is one of the most important archeological sitesof paleoliths in Europe.Its been discovered around 1938, but archeologicalexcavations started in 1953. Fossils of cavebears, mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, cavelions, leopard and bison.
  7. 7. OrasacFirst Serbian Uprising against the Turks in 1804 started in thevillage of Orašac (6 km (3.73 mi) from the town). A complexin Marićevića Jaruga in Orašac memorizes the location where therebellion started. February 15, the day of uprising, is celebratedas the day the modern Serbian state is founded.
  8. 8. St. George′s Church knows also as OplenacChurch and Oplenac Mausoleum, is theMausoleum of the Serbian and YugoslavRoyal House of Karađorđević located on top ofthe Hill Oplenac in city Topola, Serbia. TheFoundation in Oplenac is named afterKingPeter I of Yugoslavia.
  9. 9. Hotel Izvor and aqua park
  10. 10. Gimnazija Milos Savkovic