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Nathan Rooney Resume

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Nathan Rooney Resume

  1. 1. n a t h a n R O O N E Y              generate design solutions for store remodels refining my decision-making skills clarify and document As-Builts due to my prompt communication with store reps establish an organized system of record keeping for floor plan updates   demonstrated the ability to recommend products for residential design projects resulting in repeat customers seeking design advice entrusted with complex projects and difficult customer service issues because of strong attention to detail and prompt communication with customers and vendors   initiated exam review sessions for students which sharpened presentation skills and ability to communicate clearly and effectively to an audience of designers   designed and documented remodel projects for healthcare facilities within Mayo Clinic leading to added responsibility in project design created construction documents and schematic planning layouts, updated floor plan database and reviewed red line drawings which increased my attention to detail participated in conference calls and quality review meetings with architects, engineers and project managers to understand their roles in project development       member of the construction crew; laid out paver stones for patio design  member of a team consisting of architects, community planners, engineers, students and Paynesville residents invited to create design recommendations for the city  i had the opportunity to package meals to be sent to countries around the world