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Death of Inspection : Reincarnation of Testing Community

Transforming Testing Practices

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Death of Inspection : Reincarnation of Testing Community

  1. 1. Death of Inspection: Reincarnation of the Testing community Sachin Natu @natusachin Naresh Jain @nashjain
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  4. 4. Agenda ● What is inspection? ● Challenges ● What we tried ● Transition Exp.
  5. 5. What is Inspection?
  6. 6. Inspection Is it not Testing? Source: http://www.thesba.com/2015/02/09/checklist-forming-an-llc/
  7. 7. Inspection - is synonym for Human Checking! Checking is the process of making evaluations by applying algorithmic decision rules to specific observations of a product. Human Checking Vs Machine Checking Testing is the process of evaluating a product by learning about it through exploration and experimentation, which includes to some degree: questioning, study, modeling, observation, inference, etc. Testing encompasses Checking! Testing Vs. Checking
  8. 8. Inspection Requirement spec is ONLY source of TRUTH. Knowledge of code/model is ignored/not given importance
  9. 9. Inspection Keep doing same thing manually - mistake prone
  10. 10. Finding defect is feather in the cap of Tester - demotivating for developer - war between dev and QA Inspection Source: https://z1703858.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/the-art-of-fencing/
  11. 11. Inspection Quality is QA department’s responsibility, but they are only involved in the end.
  12. 12. Longer regression cycles - not possible to frequent release Inspection (2010)
  13. 13. Let’s automate regression - first thing testers look out for.. Inspection
  14. 14. Team of 2 full time Automation Testers Inspection 2 Yrs
  15. 15. UI automation always keeps playing a catch up game. Late feedback to developers leads to more complications. Inspection
  16. 16. UI driven Automation- tough to maintain Inspection
  17. 17. UI driven Automation- slow to execute Inspection
  18. 18. Manual regression is still bigger portion of regression testing. Manual Checking 45% End- to End UI Tests 40% Integration Tests 10% Unit Tests 5% Inspection (2012)
  19. 19. As time to market keeps shrinking, testing effort is usually the biggest bottleneck. Leading to a burn out on the tester’s side. Inspection
  20. 20. Defects found later in the game - many time on production Inspection
  21. 21. Overall efficiency of this process is very low. Defects are found late in the process, which leads to rework and increased cost Inspection
  22. 22. WAR is not helping - Let’s collaborate! Need of innovation - Emphasis on Defect prevention than detection. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Checking must be automated and efficiently automated
  23. 23. Bug source breakup
  24. 24. Manual Checking End- to End UI Tests 40% Integration Tests 10% Unit Tests 5% Unit Tests 70% Domain Logic Acceptance Tests 10% Integration Tests 9% Workflow API Tests 6% End to End Flow Tests 4% UI 1% Typical test strategies lead to an inverted testing pyramid This is the need of the hour….Courtesy: Naresh Jain @AgileFAQs.com The Test Pyramid
  25. 25. Reincarnated Tgyptian! i. Keep tests pinpointed ii. Put them where they originate iii. Keep tests leaner Domain Logic Acceptance Tests 10% Integration Tests 9% Workflow API Tests 6% End to End Flow Tests 4% UI 1% Unit Tests 70%
  26. 26. Reincarnated Tgyptian Collaborate with developers - test and develop together
  27. 27. Understand coding Develop better understanding of design Reincarnated Tgyptian
  28. 28. Plan for no manual checking Think of regression automation right from day 1 TDD BDD Reincarnated Tgyptian!
  29. 29. Challenges
  30. 30. Mindset - If team owns quality - what is testers role? Challenges
  31. 31. Developing coding competencies Challenges
  32. 32. Slicing tests - identify where they belong within pyramid layers Challenges
  33. 33. Dealing with legacy code Challenges
  34. 34. What have we achieved so far
  35. 35. What have we achieved so far
  36. 36. Business Logic Tests
  37. 37. High level Workflow / Integration Tests
  38. 38. End to End Scenarios
  39. 39. Regression period shrinking What have we achieved so far
  40. 40. Lesser issues going to production What have we achieved so far
  41. 41. Other Impacts
  42. 42. Other Impacts Recruitment strategies
  43. 43. Developers learn more and more on domain. Testers get more insight in programming/ modelling Both are learning and widening their boundaries resulting in better Quality. Other Impacts
  44. 44. Questions ?
  45. 45. References http://www.satisfice.com/blog/archives/856 http://agilefaqs.com/
  46. 46. Naresh Jain @nashjain Sachin Natu @natusachin