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How backlinks can be increased in google

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How backlinks can be increased in google

  1. 1. How Can We Increase Backlinks in Google? Presented By: Raghwendra
  2. 2. Apart from the Activities given below: Directories Articles Blog Press Release Social Bookmarking Two way and three way link exchange
  3. 3. Contents Topic Overview Defining Backlinks Backlinks through Classifieds Forum Posting Getting Links through Social Media Profiles Guest Blogging Testimonial Dead or Broken Link Building Article Exchange Design Galleries Video Creation
  4. 4. Contents WebRing Creation Web 2.0 Activities > Hubpages > Squidoo > Link Wheel Link Baiting eBook Submission Link Through Controversial Topics List Posts Facebook Notes Business Listing Question & Answer
  5. 5. Topic OverviewHow can we get backlinks for Google except these:DirectoryArticleBlogSocial BookmarkingPress ReleaseTwo way & Three way link exchange
  6. 6. Defining Backlinks A “Backlink” is an incoming link to a particular website or web page. In the search engine optimization (SEO), the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page. It creates visibility to the website over the internet. It can be checked with beneath commands: Go to Google.com, then type link:http://www.tangence.com which shows all “Permanent/Authentic” links which have been long time being live on other websites. Or “www.tangence.com” – to check total no. of links(both Permanent and Temporary links) pointing to the website.
  7. 7. Backlinks Through Classifieds: Free classifieds advertising is one the most powerful tool of online advertising over the internet. You can promote your business at thousands of free classifieds websites. You can sell your old stuff or you can advertise your business free of cost by submitting free classifieds advertisements. Also many peoples are will to buy different items. So classifieds adverting is right place to sell online.1) Advantages: You can reach a wider range of people to fill the position you are trying to fill. By posting jobs in the classifieds you can make your business more known to a greater number of people. You do not necessarily have to have a website to be able to make these types of job postings. Provides a valuable backlink to your business website. You can promote your business at thousands of free classifieds websites. You can sell your old and used stuff.
  8. 8. Backlinks Through Classifieds:2) Disadvantages:Difficulty in Attracting CustomersSalespersons and Customers are Isolatedad will expire quicklyThe ad will drop lower and lower in the rankings until it is not generatingany traffic at allThe ads must constantly be replaced.Advertising on one site is not enough to produce great results.
  9. 9. Forum PostingForums are great ways to get traffic, but make sure you are giving helpfuladvice first. Only use your posts when they are relevant, and don’t spam andget yourself kicked out. Forums can be a great source of traffic and links if youuse it correctly.Forum or discussion board is basically a message board which is used todiscuss about any topic by posting your message. But one thing should keep inmind, your post should be relevant to category and topic otherwise you couldbe banned from that forum.Why forum link is effective?You are getting one-way link for free of cost and one way links always blessyour keyword with good ranking in SERP (search engine result pages).Forums are always well cached by search engine.You can control your anchor text from your own user control panel.You can use deep links without any issue.
  10. 10. Things to Keep in MindThings to keep in mind while forum postingAlways post relevant message and should be useful to other users.Don’t try to add link in your post.Don’t put your signature link from first post even if they are providing it willindicate you as spammer.Don’t put Affiliate referral link in your signature because most of the forum’sadmin don’t like it.Always make your real profile on forum and fill the entire required field.Don’t copy and paste from others forum always write your content by yourown.
  11. 11. Getting Links through Social Media ProfilesHave you fully filled out your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg,Delicious and every other social media profile you have? Makesure you include links, bio, and a picture.By filling complete info while creating profiles in these sites canprovide you one profile link each.
  12. 12. Guest BloggingSummary:Is it worth my link building efforts? As I said, one of my favorite methods, this is a mustdo task – whilst it can take time, these can go a long way in terms of exposing yourcompany and gaining highly trusted backlinks.Link building effectiveness: 8/10This has to be one of my favorite methods – simply writing a great piece of contentaround a subject with is either helpful or informative can spread like wildfire – especially ifthey are published on popular and related websites to you. My advice would be to proveyou know your subject well and then approach blogs and news websites and ask (nicely!)if you could provide them a piece of content which links back to you.In simple terms, a guest blog is when you write a blog post and post it on someone else’sblog. Doing this has its advantages like increasing traffic and blog promotion.Personally, the thing I like about guest blogging is that it shows how bloggers nowadaysare willing to help each other out. Indeed, no man is an island, even in the blogging world.Remember the blogs you publish as guest posts have to be unique and notpublished elsewhere.
  13. 13. TestimonialsSummary:Is it worth my link building efforts? I’m on the fence with this approach but fromexperience have seen it work thus the reason for the high score.Link building effectiveness: 7/10Not a widely recognized link building method but it can be very affective. Let’ssay a company you work with has delivered on a certain project, obviously you’llwant to let them know about it by sending them some comments. I’d advise thatyou send a nice paragraph which includes your name, position and link to yourwebsite in a HTML format – that way they can easier add it to their website.
  14. 14. Dead or Broken Link BuildingBroken link building is the process of finding your competitors broken pages (404 pages),discovering which sites are pointing to these pages, and then getting the webmasters ofthe “pointing sites” to link to a relevant page on your site instead of the competitor’sbroken page. Simple, right?Run the following search queries on Google: Go to Google and run the following search queries: “keyword” site:.edu -inurl:pdf -inurl:ppt -inurl:doc “keyword” site:.org -inurl:pdf -inurl:ppt -inurl:doc “keyword” site:.com -inurl:pdf -inurl:ppt -inurl:docFor live example you can visit the following link: http://www.bluefountainmedia.com/blog/a-tactical-guide-to-broken-link-building/
  15. 15. Article ExchangeYou’ve heard about link exchange and guest posting, there is a new method called ArticleExchange. With article exchange you can get new visitors to your blog. First understandwhat actually Article Exchange is?What is Article ExchangeIt is same as link exchange, but the difference is that in link exchange we exchange bloglinks and here we will exchange articles or posts. How? I’ll tell you!First, write some fresh and original articles that you will submit on other blogs.Now, in that article give 1-2 links to your own quality blog posts under proper keywords.Now, create a list of blogs that comes under the same niche of your blog.Email the authors of those blogs and tell them about the concept of Article Exchange.Also tell them about benefits of article exchange.If they accept your request, you will loose one article from your side and get one articlefrom other side. It means nothing to loose but all to gainDo, this for 5-6 blogs.
  16. 16. Design GalleriesSummary:Is it worth my link building efforts? This method is very good as many of the design sitesaccept custom anchor text and the majority of them are very trusted. The down side isthere are no guarantees your site will be included in to the gallery.How do I find these types of websites? Do a Google search for ‘design galleries’,‘website design galleries’ or the above example.Link building effectiveness: 5/10This is very similar to testimonials in terms of a method which isn’t used much but workswell. If you have a very visually pleasing and well designed website, consider submitting itto design galleries such as:http://bestwebgallery.com/http://www.csselite.com/http://www.divinecss.com/http://designshack.co.uk/Doing a simple Google search for ‘css design galleries’ will expose you to many moresites like the above.
  17. 17. Design Galleries
  18. 18. Video CreationSummary:Is it worth my link building efforts? Whilst the effort to create engaging videos is high, Iwould say from an SEO and conversion point of view, they are really effective.How do I find these types of websites? Do a Google search for ‘video websites’.Link building effectiveness: 8/10As yourself this – when was the last time you sat and read a full page of web copy? 99% of the timethe answer to this is “probably never” – using video is a method which is interactive and can hostthese on YouTube, Vimeo, Blip and so on. With this in mind, if the video is helpful, informative orgives free information, these can be embedded on other websites with links back to your own site.Video has become a major part of our online lives, from watching music videos to past sportingevents – nearly every topic imaginable can be watched!Now, video is becoming an ever increasing must have for any website and can be used as a SEOstrategy. Simply uploading a video to YouTube and crossing your fingers for it to rank well in Google isa familiar story and unfortunately won’t work (unless you are targeting an ultra long tail key phrase).
  19. 19. Video Creation Below I have created a 3 step approach to video SEO and the things you must be doing. 1. Creating the video: Once the video has been created there are several things you need to do before it can go online. 1.1: Video filename Firstly, you need to make sure you save the file with a friendly filename. Let’s say we have created a video about ‘video SEO’, an appropriate filename for this would be video-seo.wmv 1.2: Define the video Next, you can give your video further details. Simple, right click on the video file and select properties, once the window has appeared click on details:
  20. 20. Video Creation
  21. 21. Video Creation Now you have this panel open, you fill out the following fields: Title Tags Comments: Year Publisher Author URL Copyright There are many other fields to fill out but I would say the above is the minimum. These work on a similar level to META tags – you define a file with relevant information. 1.3: Filesize Now you have all of the above defined, I would advise that you try and reduce the file size of the video for uploading and buffering reasons. Remember speed matters from a search and usability point-of-view. 2. Launching the video: Now your video file is ready to upload, there are a few things you need to do before releasing it to the world:
  22. 22. Video Creation 2.1: Channel URLWhen setting up your channel, you may have the option to choose the URL name. This can be a great way to include keywords our brand name for reputation management purposes. 2.2: ContentLike link building, having links coming from relevant or themed pages is imperative for any good SEO campaign. My advice with any channel you setup would be to include as much relevant content as possible which looks natural and user focused.Because you have defined elements within the video (see point 1) it’s massively important that this data matches, or is related, to the content surrounding the video. Take a look at the Top Gear YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/TopGear). This is a great example of a well constructed channel with relevant information, branding, and crucially, great keyword placement. 2.3: Video informationAdding a video header, description, category and keywords to support the channel topic and initial information which was added to the video is vital.Notice the header – this includes the artist’s name and song title
  23. 23. Video Creation Now check out these details, the description could be a little longer but perfectly describes the video.
  24. 24. Video Creation
  25. 25. Video Creation 3. Promoting the video: 3.1: Transcript If you decide to include the video on your website, generate a transcript! This could lead to a great page of content which will help with your SEO efforts. 3.2: Video sitemap If you do decide to include the video on your website, create a video sitemap. Here is a great guide written by Google on how these work and how to construct a video sitemap, click here. Here’s the link from the video: http://www.google.com/webmasters/videositemaps/ 3.3: Google places If you’re using a video hosting platform like YouTube, don’t forget to add your videos to your Google Places listing. This can be another great way to distribute your video content to potential customers. 3.4: Share your videos I’ve no doubt that you will have a Twitter or Facebook account – share your videos on these platforms – this can be a great way to get information in front of customers and link to your channel.
  26. 26. Video Creation 3. Promoting the video: 3.1: Transcript If you decide to include the video on your website, generate a transcript! This could lead to a great page of content which will help with your SEO efforts. 3.2: Video sitemap If you do decide to include the video on your website, create a video sitemap. Here is a great guide written by Google on how these work and how to construct a video sitemap, click here. Here’s the link from the video: http://www.google.com/webmasters/videositemaps/ 3.3: Google places If you’re using a video hosting platform like YouTube, don’t forget to add your videos to your Google Places listing. This can be another great way to distribute your video content to potential customers. 3.4: Share your videos I’ve no doubt that you will have a Twitter or Facebook account – share your videos on these platforms – this can be a great way to get information in front of customers and link to your channel.
  27. 27. Video Creation Things to consider: Self hosting vs. external hosting With videos, you have two main options – you can either host the video on your server or host it externally using a video uploading service like YouTube. Personally I would use the external hosting option. With this you will get a smart video player and they are easy to embed onto a website. The only downside would be potential adverts at the end of the video to other related topics and channels. Saying that, there are video sites that have paid options which will remove any ads within the video. Video platforms There are many video hosting services, here are my top recommendations and services to use: Blip.tv Dailymotion Metacafe Vimeo Wistea YouTube So to summarise, using video for SEO purposes is a great strategy, but like most SEO tasks requires time, effort and a little patience.
  28. 28. Web Ring CreationWebRing is one of the best ways to find great sites. Similar sites are grouped together inrings and each site is linked to another by a simple navigation bar. Rings form aconcentration of sites, allowing visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Each ringis created and maintained by an individual web site owner called the ring Manager. RingManager determines the look and feel of the ring, approve and manage member sites,and encourage other sites to join. Ring Manager help to develop virtual communitiesbased on the ring topic. WebRing is free and easy. To find, join, or create a ring, justfollow the links on WebRing Home.As you use WebRing, please keep in mind that most of the pages you see are nothosted by WebRing. As a result, WebRing has no control over or access to most of thepages that are linked together through WebRing.FAQs.http://help.webring.com/h/faq
  29. 29. Web Ring Examples Live Example of Web Ring:
  30. 30. Web Ring Examples WebRing Site: http://dir.webring.com/rw
  31. 31. Web 2.0 Activities Web 2.0 refers to Internet activities, applications, or sites that are interactive, shared, or collaborative. If you think about your own ‘net use over the course of the past five years, you’ll realize that most of it is Web 2.0. Important Activities: 1)Hubpages creations 2)Squidoo Lens creation 3)Link Wheel Creation
  32. 32. Hubpages Creation "Hubpages" a well-known, familiar term & the best website around the world for all types of writers both novice to expert. You can access it through the link "www.hubpages.com". Its the place of writing, publishing & earning. You can write anything as your wish (except adult materials and copied contents). Several affiliate programs are the best reward if you are in hubpages. You can make an account by clicking "sigh in" option at the upper right corner of this page or click here to sigh up. Hubpages is free and best to write, to publish and to earn!! Limitations: Although you can publish articles on almost any topic, there are few things you have to remember before publishing any hub. Those rules are: You are not allowed spamming or gambling or providing gambling links. You cant publish any nudity or explicit content or any links to adult or pornographic sites. Care about your title because it should be matched to your content. Obviously, title must not be descriptive. Dont try to publish unfinished hubs or strictly personal hubs. Never create or publish copied contents. Hubpages hate copied content.
  33. 33. Squidoo LensSquidoo is a community website where people can create pages (lenses)depending on their choice and interest and increase website traffic to their site.You can Get Website Traffic on your page. Squidoo was developed in 2005 bySeth Godin and in just first six months it reached more than 1, 00,000 pages.
  34. 34. Benefits of Squidoo1. Squidoo lenses get indexed very quickly. It is not uncommon to make alense and find it in Google search returns in 48 hours. New websites have beenknown to wait MONTHS to feel some Google love!2. Google LOVES Squidoo. Google places a lot of value in the pages here onSquidoo. Most lenses will climb to the top of the results for their keywords(given that the lens is made properly).3. Squidoo shares revenue from advertisements with its lensmasters.(Yes, you can make money from your Squidoo lenses)4. Uh... Its FREE. Do I have to explain why a free and powerful tool is abenefit? Didnt think so.5. Squidoo and Article Marketing go together like peas n carrots! The"Bum" met the "Squid" and they fell in love (and Google adores them both!)
  35. 35. How to create Squidoo Lens?Basic Steps:1. Click on "Make a new Lens" on the right hand side. This will then ask what isyour Lens about.This can be changed later.2. We suggest leaving the existing selected button for now.3. Select a unique name. This is the same as a normal web page name andmust be unique to Squidoo. Under the menu select a topic, there is a number ofoverall categories, select the best for your Lens. Non-adult Lens will normallyuse the G rating. Squidoo is under taking to remove the possiblity to own adultLens, please check first.4. After your Lens name has been accepted. Enter 3 keywords for your Lens,again you can update this info later.Live Demo Link:http://www.squidoo.com/creating-lenseshttp://www.squidoo.com/squidoo-lens-creation-demo
  36. 36. Link WheelLink wheel is a very effective SEO strategy that can be used by anyone to improve therankings of their sites. Essentially, a link wheel leverages the power of highly ranked Web2.0 sites to build targeted backlinks back to your sites.Link Wheel is a very powerful link building concept because it tries to imitate the naturalinternet pattern and search engines always love natural link building. Rather than gettinglinks from unrelated websites and dubious sources, link wheel tries to get their links fromrelated niches on the internet. Moreover, link wheels have the ability to multiply your linkscount over a period of time.This works because certain Web 2.0 properties like Hubpages, Squidoo, WordPress andothers allow you to publish your own content on these sites AND allow you to add yourown backlinks to this content as well.Google loves these sites and often times your posted content can rank very well on theirown. Getting links to your own site from 5-10 of these types of sites is very powerful, andforms the basis of the link wheel strategy.
  37. 37. How Link Wheel Works?Link wheels are nothing but a group of websites that are interconnected which try toimprove the ranking of a target website by linking to target website. For example if youhave 50 websites in your link wheel and the website you are targeting is"yourdomain.com", then:Site 1 links to Site 2 and back to the "yourdomain.com"Site 2 links to Site 3 and back to the "yourdomain.com"Site 3 links to Site 4 and back to the "yourdomain.com"...Site 13 links to Site 14 and back to the "yourdomain.com"Site 14 links to Site 1 and back to the "yourdomain.com"Graphical Presentation of Link Wheel:
  38. 38. Link Wheel Sites:Here is the short list of sites which can be used for creating a link wheel:Blogger.comtumblr.comwordpress.comquizilla.comsquidoo.comlivejournal.comweebly.comjimbo.comspaces.live.comhubpages.comwetpaint.com
  39. 39. Promoting Link WheelIf you’ve created linkwheel it’s time to promote it so that it’ll help your primary site rankbetter on Google and other search engine.Take RSS feed of every site in your linkwheel and ping it using pingler.com orpingoat.comBookmark your websites in the linkwheel using socialmarker.com or onlywire.comFind wordpress multiuser sites and submit article with links to your one of the site in thelinkwheelPromote your sites in social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Friendster with help of feeds.Promote your link wheel sites on relevant forums without spamming (use signature andforum profiles)
  40. 40. Link from Questions and Answers communities Question-Answer portals such as Naver and Yahoo! Answers are quickly becoming rich sources of knowledge on many topics which are not well served by general web search engines.
  41. 41. Link Baiting Developing linkable content, a term I use loosely, for a site has always been a great way to develop links. Instead of the typical written content Im talking about anything online that people can link to – tools, widgets, cartoons, surveys, statistics, charts, interactive games, etc. To attract organic links, we have to provide something worthy of linking to. So get cracking on creating that next sweet infographic, viral video, informative newsletter, or fantastic blog post! Why Link Bait? People now generally avoids reading articles, blogs and so many contents published on the web. Idea is quite simple we have to attract the community by creating some piece of viral content that people will want to link to and share across the web, typically through forms of social media.
  42. 42. Link Bait Techniques 1) Infographics 2) Videos [Funny, Outside the Box) 3) Top x Lists 4) Controversial Topics 5) Complete Guides and Reports 6) Interesting Polls and Surveys 7) Topic Specific Recaps and Roundups 8) Interviews 9) Free Tools and Software 10) Awards 11) Giveaways, Freebies, and Sweepstakes 12) First to Discuss 13) Widgets 14) First to Cover Breaking News 15) Inside Look/Previews
  43. 43. eBook Submission Write one small ebook on your niche or if you have any then upload to various ebook uploading sites. You can use these below sites: http://www.scribd.com/ http://www.ebook2u.com/ http://www.ebookjungle.com/ http://www.ebookpalace.com/
  44. 44. Links Through Controversial TopicsHave you ever heard of criticizing a movie, a article, a blog, or a bigcelebrity. Well, you will get lots of people with similar interests andthey will love to bitch about these. You can always tell an actualstory of a product that you hate and why is it so that you hate it.Creating a Controversy is not always a good method, but you will beamazed to know that many famous blogs are only made on thistopic. Like Perezhilton, Moejackson you can see how funny andinformative these can be. You will surely get a decent traffic andbacklinks.
  45. 45. List PostsThis is the most effective way to create quality backlinks. You can write list articles, forexample, list of best windows7 wallpapers, Photoshop tutorials, Firefox extensions etc.These are for sure more time consuming in comparison in writing to other articles butsurely paid you with some quality backlinks and loads of traffic.For live Example:http://www.sizledcore.com/2010/04/ultimate-list-of-windows-7-wallpapers/
  46. 46. Getting Links Through Facebook NotesFacebook notes are like a mini blog platform within Facebook. You can create Facebooknotes which link to your blog posts. You can write complete blog posts or you can writea teaser in Facebook notes and tell people to go to your blog or website to learn more.How do I write a new note?To write a note, please take the following steps: Go to the Home Page. Click "Notes" inthe applications menu on the left side of the page. You may have to...To write a note, please take the following steps: Go to the Home Page.Click "Notes" in the applications menu on the left side of the page. You may have toclick "More" to expand the applications menu if you do not immediately see "Notes"listed. Alternatively, type "Notes" into the search box at the top of the page and followthe link that appears.Click the "Write a New Note" button located at the top right side of the page.Follow the on-screen instructions to write your note. To control who can see your note,use the drop-down privacy menu near the bottom of the page.When youre done writing, click "Publish" to generate a story about your note and savethe note in your My Notes section.
  47. 47. Pros & Cons of Facebook NotesPros:We can get links as well as targeted traffic for the website through it.Cons:We get “nofollow” links in notesYou can explore more here:http://www.facebook.com/help/notes/basics
  48. 48. Business ListingBusiness listing is a powerful way for local business owners to be found on the web.Listing your business profile, informations, images and other valuable informationsrelated to any business product.Whether you are a retail business owner who relies on walk-in traffic or you are a localbusiness who wants more customers to call you, it is advisable to list your trademark inboth magazines and business directory listing sites. Although, searching in onlinebusiness directory is becoming more popular compare to searching inmagazines/information books, but by advertising in both ways, you are insured that yougive the opportunity to all kind of customers to come across your trademark. Thus, it isadvisable to list you trademark in more than one online site, because as a matter of factyou will have more visitorHere are few sites which can be used for listing:Hotfrog.comBrownBook.netSupermedia.comSuperpages.comManta.comBrownpages.org (Directory)
  49. 49. Business Listing Pros & ConsPros:1. Reach More Nearby Customers2. More Affordable than Printed Ads3. Local Directory Listings are On-Target4. Easily Consolidate Your Local Listing Efforts5. Extra Features to Boost SalesCons:1. Time taking2. Need complete contact details for verification3. Mostly no Anchor links
  50. 50. Thank you for your attention.