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Teaching for children

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Teaching for children

  1. 1. Teaching for childrenImplemented by: Le Ngoc AnhClass: 11A2School: Chu Van An High schoolEmail: nazaidbsk@gmail.comPhone: 02803834810
  2. 2. Nowadays, to have a good life, people inm neighborhood has to work a lot. They ywork from early m orning to late evening,so they dont have enough tim to teach etheir children or to study with them S I’d . olike to help their children study.
  3. 3. Goals• To teach children of different ages how to study better and how to do the exam well• To gain more experience• To have fun• To know how tolead the others
  4. 4. Planning• Invite children in my neighborhood to join in my class. It can be in their home or in our the cultural house.• Divide them into different groups to easy to teach.• Check their level of learning to choose the best way to teaching• Give children suitable exercises and then find the more difficult exercises to improve their knowledge.• I’ll teach them at least once a week or if I have much time, I‘ll do this more.
  5. 5. ResultsChildren who are preparing in grade 1, know how to read and how to write fluently.
  6. 6. Children know how to work in team.
  7. 7. Children can do the difficult exercises
  8. 8. Children get good marks
  9. 9. Thanks for your watching!!!