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Netbiscuits Company Overview May 2014

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Netbiscuits recently made free versions of its Mobile Analytics and Device Detection tools available to businesses of all sizes. The following presentation provides information on the product, its place in the market and examples of specific use cases.

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Netbiscuits Company Overview May 2014

  1. 1. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Company Overview Netbiscuits May 2014
  2. 2. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits The web on mobile is critical to our everyday lives
  3. 3. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Search is #1 activity on mobile Web 90% use Search on their mobile devices daily
  4. 4. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits User expectations 70% of visitors will abandon a site not optimized for mobile
  5. 5. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits We help companies analyse and improve mobile websites – increasing engagement and conversions
  6. 6. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Netbiscuits at every stage in the evolution of the mobile web In April 2014 Netbiscuits introduces FREE Mobile Analytics and Device Detection Netbiscuits launches Mobile Analytics Netbiscuits launches Device Detection Netbiscuits is the 1st mobile web platform to support HTML5 Netbiscuits launches 1st Video Transcoding Engine Netbiscuits implements 1st Mobile Device Profiling Database Netbiscuits creates 1st WAP sites WAP (WML) Proprietary ML (XML) HTML5 (+ CSS3) RWD (RESS and Adaptive)
  7. 7. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Marketing analytics to help you: Identify Bounce Rate Causes Improve website reach Deliver more personalized web content Increase conversions from the mobile channel Enrich desktop analytics with mobile user behavior Enhances responsive web design to: Route web traffic Optimize web testing Adapt site features and technology Improve speed and page load times Extend reach to every device Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics Netbiscuits Device Detection Use Netbiscuits mobile analytics and device detection for creating engaging web experiences
  8. 8. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Our Customers
  9. 9. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 9 Using analytics for insight- driven personalised experiences
  10. 10. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Marketing 101: Understand your customers, identify segments, deliver targeted messages… Keeping your customers’ preferences at the heart of campaigns will be a key trend in 2014 Anthony Wilkey, Business2Community.com A great digital experience is no longer a nice-to- have, it’s a make-or-break point for your business Forrester quoted in Forbes   Marketers will start contextualizing their data, drawing even richer insights Melissa Parrish, Principal Analyst, Forrester Data will be the driver for capturing more customers, up-selling to existing customers and retaining them for the long term... James Gagliardi, Innovation Insights
  11. 11. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 11 Different devices for different scenarios… Context and device vary hugely – track the differences and take advantage
  12. 12. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Create personas based on behaviour and preference Identify how they’re engaging to improve conversion
  13. 13. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Profile visitors based on capabilities Make content and UX decisions to maximise conversion
  14. 14. Copyright © 2013 Netbiscuits 14 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 14 Netbiscuits Dashboards for Mobile Visitor Insights
  15. 15. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Netbiscuits Custom Reports
  16. 16. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Powerful Google Integration : Working with Personas
  17. 17. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Bounce Rate Dashboard using Google API
  18. 18. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Export Sample: Performance varies by operating system 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0 to 26.18 26.19 to 36.09 36.10 to 72.94 72.95 to 106.37 106.38 to 130.05 130.06 to 140.16 140.17 to 164.96 164.97 to 170.16 >170.16 Volume of traffic, proportion by JS Benchmark category BlackberryOS Firefox OS iOS Windows Phone Android
  19. 19. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Export Sample: Performance varies by operating system 0.00% 20.00% 40.00% 60.00% 80.00% 100.00% Distribution of JavaScript Benchmark by Operating System Firefox OS iOS Windows Phone Android
  20. 20. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Summary Knowing and targeting based on variety in context, preferences, behaviour and device means lower abandonment rates and higher conversion and engagement rates Mobile no longer a ‘nice to have’, but rather an essential communications channel to the customer. Expect search to grow significantly   Ever-increasing drive towards personalised content and experience. Start simple, grow with your requirements and understanding. Make mobile web strategy decisions that can adapt accordingly
  21. 21. Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Thank You