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Nfv primer v2

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Presented to Linaro Connect SFO 2016: A high level overview of NFV, why it's important, and why the ARM ecosystem should care.

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Nfv primer v2

  1. 1. An NFV Primer: The Next Generation for Telco Dave Neary dneary@redhat.com / @nearyd Open Source and Standards, Red Hat Sept 24th, 2015
  2. 2. An NFV Primer2 Agenda 1. What is NFV? 2. Why are telcos investing in NFV? 3. Open source for NFV 4. Filling the gaps
  3. 3. An NFV Primer3 1. What is NFV?
  4. 4. An NFV Primer4 What is NFV? Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Functions_Virtualization “NFV is a network architecture concept that proposes using IT virtualization related technologies to virtualize entire classes of network node functions into building blocks that may be connected, or chained, together to create communication services”
  5. 5. An NFV Primer5 What is NFV, in simple terms? Telcos are replacing specialized hardware with VMs running on commodity hardware
  6. 6. An NFV Primer6 2. Why do telcos care?
  7. 7. An NFV Primer7
  8. 8. An NFV Primer8
  9. 9. An NFV Primer9
  10. 10. An NFV Primer10
  11. 11. An NFV Primer11 Telco services - access ● Dial-up ● ISDN ● ADSL ● Cable ● Fibre optic ● 3G/4G ● Satellite
  12. 12. An NFV Primer12 Telco services - applications ● Voice ● Internet/data ● Live TV/streaming ● VOD ● DVR ● TV Guide ● SMS/MMS ● Games ● VoIP ● Voicemail ● Premium services ● ...
  13. 13. An NFV Primer13 Telcos provide more services today than ever before
  14. 14. An NFV Primer14
  15. 15. An NFV Primer15 Telco industry more competitive than ever ● Costs dominated by data usage ● Customers expect more data for less ● Demand for new services increasing
  16. 16. An NFV Primer16 The promise of NFV
  17. 17. An NFV Primer17 Increased agility
  18. 18. An NFV Primer18 Reduced CapEx, OpEx
  19. 19. An NFV Primer19 What is a network node function?
  20. 20. An NFV Primer20 Network functions
  21. 21. An NFV Primer21 “Middleboxes” ● Act on data going through the network ● Examples: Load balancer, gateway, IDS, VPN endpoint, NAT, firewall ● Not just telco
  22. 22. An NFV Primer22
  23. 23. An NFV Primer23 3. Open Source and NFV
  24. 24. An NFV Primer24 Why Open Source?
  25. 25. An NFV Primer25 Cloud
  26. 26. An NFV Primer26 Private cloud
  27. 27. An NFV Primer27 DevOps and agile development
  28. 28. An NFV Primer28 Open source drives the cloud
  29. 29. An NFV Primer29 The Open Source NFV Platform
  30. 30. An NFV Primer30 Virtual compute
  31. 31. An NFV Primer31 QEMU/KVM http://wiki.qemu.org
  32. 32. An NFV Primer32 libvirt http://www.libvirt.org
  33. 33. An NFV Primer33 Virtual storage
  34. 34. An NFV Primer34 Ceph http://www.ceph.com
  35. 35. An NFV Primer35 Virtual network DPDK
  36. 36. An NFV Primer36 OpenDaylight http://www.opendaylight.org
  37. 37. An NFV Primer37 Open vSwitch http://www.openvswitch.org
  38. 38. An NFV Primer38 ODP/DPDK DPDK http://opendataplane.org / http://www.dpdk.org
  39. 39. An NFV Primer39 Virtual Infrastructure Management http://www.openstack.org
  40. 40. An NFV Primer40 All done?
  41. 41. An NFV Primer41 Not quite perfect...
  42. 42. An NFV Primer42 4. Filling the gaps
  43. 43. An NFV Primer43 Virtual CPE
  44. 44. An NFV Primer44 (ETSI #2) VNF as a Service
  45. 45. An NFV Primer45 Virtualized Mobile Base Station (ETSI #4) ● Deterministic latency ● Accelerated dataplane performance ● Federation of multiple clouds ● High performance signal processing ● IPv6 support
  46. 46. An NFV Primer46 Fault management
  47. 47. An NFV Primer47 Open source and NFV http://opnfv.org http://wiki.opnfv.org
  48. 48. An NFV Primer48 Computing Hardware Storage Hardware Network Hardware Hardware resources Virtualisation Layer Virtualised Infrastructure Manager(s) VNF Manager(s) VNF 2 OSS/BSS NFVI VNF 3VNF 1 Virtual Computing Virtual Storage Virtual Network EMS 2 EMS 3EMS 1 Service, VNF and Infrastructure Description Or-Vi Or-Vnfm Vi-Vnfm Os-Ma Se-Ma Ve-Vnfm Nf-Vi Vn-Nf Vl-Ha Orchestrator OpenStack libvirt KVM DPDK Initial scope defined by OPNFV OPNFV Project Scope OpenDaylightCeph
  49. 49. An NFV Primer49 Platinum Members Silver Members Broad industry support
  50. 50. An NFV Primer50 OPNFV http://www.opnfv.org Build and Integration Build and Integration Deployment and Testing Deployment and Testing New Requirements and Features New Requirements and Features Network Virtualization Control Storage Virtualization Control Bootstrap / GetStarted Bootstrap / GetStarted FuncTestFuncTest Compute Virtualization Control ComputeCompute StorageStorage NetworkNetwork OpenStackOpenStack OpenDaylightOpenDaylightKVMKVM OVSOVS Upstream Project Collaboration Infrastructure Pharos Project Compliant Community LabsPharos Project Compliant Community Labs OPNFV Bare Metal LabOPNFV Bare Metal Lab Orchestration and ManagementOrchestration and Management Virtual Network FunctionsVirtual Network Functions CephCeph Octopus / Continuous IntegrationOctopus / Continuous Integration DocumentationDocumentation
  51. 51. An NFV Primer51 Upstream first
  52. 52. An NFV Primer52 Fork-free zone
  53. 53. An NFV Primer53 Getting an NFV platform
  54. 54. An NFV Primer54 Join us at http://www.opnfv.org Thank you!