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Whatsapp Diaries: User Research in a mobile, connected, bite-sized world

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The deck I used for my talk at UXIndia 2014, Bangalore.

The backstory:
Over the last few years that I have been doing user research, I have seen the practice of user research - more specifically, the methods, tools & techniques that we use - stay pretty much unchanged.

But then look at the way we consume, create and communicate now. It has undergone tremendous shifts. We have become more mobile and more connected than ever before. Our attention spans and consumption patterns are completely bite-sized. Given that user research is about knowing people, its but obvious that as people evolve, the practice should evolve too.

Through this talk, I wanted to explore how user research can evolve in order to best leverage these big 'shifts' and blend with people's everyday lives.

A lot of context is lost without the accompanying 'talk' per se. But I hope the slides give a decent idea. I would love to hear from you about how you have done user research differently, what has worked and what hasn't. Do drop me a line on pg.neelam@gmail.com

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Whatsapp Diaries: User Research in a mobile, connected, bite-sized world

  1. Whatsapp Diaries user research in a mobile, connected, bite-sized world
  2. driving value through customer experience
  3. Customer = User ?
  4. Value for Whom?
  5. Love thy users… But love thy customers too! The tight rope walk
  6. User Customer Sweet Spot
  7. Discover Communicate Create Assess DRIVING VALUE The Value Wheel
  8. Discover Communicate Create Assess DRIVING VALUE The Value Wheel EVALUATIVE GENERATIVE
  9. User research in a mobile, connected, bite-sized world. WHAT’S CHANGING?
  10. Discover. Communicate. Create. Assess.
  11. From ‘long and spaced’… …to ‘short and ongoing’ SHIFT #1  
  12. Everyone moves. Everything moves. towards a mobile world SHIFT #2  
  13. Use the mobile to know people and their worlds: actively (as a tool to capture)
  14. Blend it into their normal scheme of things -short and crisp -simple yet effective -unobtrusive
  15. Narrative Clip
  16. Use the mobile to know people and their worlds: passively (as a resource/channel of data collection)
  17. Shrinking ‘6 degrees of separation’ towards a connected, networked, world SHIFT #3  
  18. from ‘man with a mission’ to ‘groups with a purpose’ SHIFT #4  
  19. social butterfly effect expanding, colliding circles of influence
  20. Consider multiple perspectives - groups, connections, interests and influencers Where one experience tapers off…another one begins! Groups shape identities. Groups shape values.
  21. Access communities of practice
  22. Discover. Communicate. Create. Assess.
  23. Reports. When was the last time you read one?
  24. Instagram | Medium | Pinterest | Facebook | YouTube From words to visuals: thinking with our eyes SHIFT #5  
  25. make it visual. keep it short. keep it interesting.
  26. communicate it back to the people. Feedback Influence
  27. Discover. Communicate. Create. Assess.
  28. From ‘co-located specialists’ to ‘connected & collaborative multi-disciplinary teams’ SHIFT #6  
  29. From waterfalls to iterations SHIFT #7  
  30. When the chaos of creation strikes, hold on to the value! REAL TIGHT!
  31. create value together…
  32. …make it fun
  33. Discover. Communicate. Create. Assess.
  34. remote validation and testing Google Hangout | Usertesting.com | Loop11
  35. SHIFT #8   from computers… …to mobiles
  36. The challenge How do you see what they are seeing and doing?
  37. moving from usability to experience. How do you test an experience? SHIFT #9  
  38. Crowd sourced validation and assessment
  39. Do it the lean way. ‘Pretotype’ it. Hack it.
  40. Be flexible. Mix-media research approach. Iterative research approach. http://mypatientstory.tumblr.com/
  41. Be creative. Be exciting.
  42. Any bite-sized questions? Thanks! Neelam Shetye | pg.neelam@gmail.com