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The Many Faces of Apache Kafka: Leveraging real-time data at scale

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Since it was open sourced, Apache Kafka has been adopted very widely from web companies like Uber, Netflix, LinkedIn to more traditional enterprises like Cerner, Goldman Sachs and Cisco. At these companies, Kafka is used in a variety of ways - as a pipeline for collecting high-volume log data for load into Hadoop, a means for collecting operational metrics to feed monitoring and alerting applications, for low latency messaging use cases and to power near realtime stream processing.

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The Many Faces of Apache Kafka: Leveraging real-time data at scale

  1. 1. The Many Faces of Apache Kafka: Leveraging Real-time Data at Scale Neha Narkhede, Confluent
  2. 2. • Mission: Make Kafka-based stream data platform a practical reality everywhere • Product • Stream processing integration for Kafka • Connectors for streaming data flow for common systems • Monitor end-to-end data flow • Schemas and metadata management • First release - Confluent Platform 1.0 confluent
  3. 3. Thank you @nehanarkhede http://confluent.io/careers