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Lean at Redbubble

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Presented by Paul Coia at meetup of Agile Product Owners and Business Analysts Group at Redbubble HQ on April 30th 2014.

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Lean at Redbubble

  1. 1. Journey towards being Lean Paul Coia, CTO
  2. 2. Timeline Original Vision 2006 2010 Customer Research
  3. 3. Young company Rapidly growth Sprung leaks Lots of operational “projects”
  4. 4. Running again Lots of energy to builds “feature” Not a lot of retrospection
  5. 5. 2011 Growing awareness of new customers Many possible initiatives How to choose?
  6. 6. Executive prioritisation Minor business cases Planning meeting Often based on very limited information Not a lot of retrospection Reinforced an execution only mindset
  7. 7. Innovation? Were we making the right choices? We had limited resources - it had to count Often encouraged conservative action Focus on what we already knew (optimisation)
  8. 8. 2012 - a new approach Two teams, broad focus: search and destroy Social + Discovery 3 month cycle
  9. 9. Now Multiple cross-functional teams Short iterative cycles Teams present Learnings not project milestones Prioritisation of opportunity areas
  10. 10. Every step is a learning Need a tempo Need a direction (not a project plan) Need good, available information sources Need to understand experimentation Need short cycle times - Agile, Continuous Delivery
  11. 11. Final takeaway Get Build, Measure, Learn right ...but do Customer Development really well