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We're all individuals! #noResources

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Have we lost sight of nurturing the individual in an Agile world?

This presentation will explore the 3 principles of individuality and how that can translate them in agile teams. We will examine the tensions that individuals face in developing their technical skills expertise in cross-functional teams. We will also raise awareness of how people are inadvertently considered as replaceable (#noresources).

This talk is a call to arms to change the language we use when we describing individuals, roles and context in agile teams. By doing this we hope to help individuals achieve their goals & maximise their heartbeats spent at work :-)

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We're all individuals! #noResources

  1. 1. We’re all individuals! #noResources Neil Killick (and get well soon Sue Hogg)
  2. 2. We treat folks as replaceable http://www.liquidleds.com.au/wp/wp- content/uploads/2015/07/replacing-light-bulbs.
  3. 3. Jaggedness Context Pathways
  4. 4. Jaggedness
  5. 5. Context is very important
  6. 6. Context of a role
  7. 7. Java Java Front-end Front-end Facilitation Humility Humility Facilitation Customer Customer Learning Learning Commercial Commercial Accountability Accountability Empathy Empathy LOW AVERAGE HIGH Dazza the Java dev Shazza the Java dev
  8. 8. We all get there our own way
  9. 9. The pace of excellence varies
  10. 10. A team is a group of individuals, but its purpose is greater than any individual