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The 5 advantages of Plone 5

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Plone Poster presented at Europython 2014

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The 5 advantages of Plone 5

  1. 1. THE BEST PYTHON CMS 717 DEVELOPERS contributed 40+ LANGUAGES available 116 COUNTRIES 350+ COMPANIES 50+ EVENTS per YEAR We're proud to announce Plone 5, the latest version of our state-of-the-art open source CMS. It's faster, more powerful and more beautiful than ever before. ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION CAPABILITY Plone is a team player. From SQL-based systems to Single Sign On, Plone can connect with your existing infrastructure. FLEXIBLE WORKFLOWS Use Plone's advanced content workflows to customize content development and sharing. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH SECURITY Plone is the only open source CMS that provides industrial strength security out-of-the-box. ROBUST SCALABILITY Plone will suit your needs: from standard installations up to complex, scalable and robust infrastructures. LIMITLESS EXTENSIBILITY From the design of sub-sites and individual pages to collaborative enterprise intranets, Plone's dynamic customizations will meet all of your business needs. UPGRADE TO PLONE 5 ADVANTAGES OF PLONE 5 COMMUNITY COMMUNITY 2013 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2012 2011 “The conference is the beating heart of the community: everybody who has a stake in Plone is there” see you @ Bristol 2014 Plone Foundation protect & promote Non-profit organization, supports Plone and its community community.plone.org discussion board You may ask for help to people that use Plone as well as for Core Developers that develop Plone itself. And hopefully get an answer ;) Performance fast & furious Plone is faster, more powerful and more beautiful than ever before Plone ♥ Python PHP free ;-) Recipe: 58% Python + 22% XHTML + 13% JS + 5% CSS and some love ... CODE 2000 m ore than PyPI .it .nl .de .es .fr.jp.ro.br.pl .org .org api.plone.org Plone Conference built for humans The plone.api is an elegant and simple API, built for humans wishing to develop with Plone UX & UI new look Enhanced and tested frontend experience, mobile ready by default, easier theming Rock solid powerful Fully tested, with continuous integration... Plone has the best security track record of any major CMS docs.plone.org documentation The community maintained manual for the Plone content management system DOCS TEST SOURCE OPEN API CODE 3 4ROBU ST SCALABILI TY Start small,grow fas t INDUST RIAL STRENGTH SE CURITYSecurity(o ut-of-the-box)is atop priority PLONEENTERPR ISE INTEGR ATION CAPABILITY ~ Plon econnectsandsharesdataacrossenterprise applicationsfromSQLdatabases toCRMSsstem s 1 2 FLEX IBLE WORKFLOWS ~ Yourwork onlineshould mirroryourbusiness process es LIMIT LESS EXTENSIB ILITYMake ityours! 5 1 2 3 4 5 http://www.plone.org 2006 PLONEFOUND ATION DIS COVERTHE5AD VANTAGES OF P LONE5YOUNEED TOKNOW~ POWER SPEED HIGH PERFORMANCE inside PLONE